Chapter 210
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Lucky 210

The whole day passed and Nikki and Calix did nothing but procreation mindlessly, all using their genitals to think. Sometimes Nikki would "sit" on his lap while bouncing her supple ass as his cock was appearing and disappearing in her wet pussy and the sound of sloppy claps reverberated. Sometimes, they would cuddle in the bed spooning so close that their sweat would mix. 

In just one night, they traveled all around the house, fucking like rabbits. They did it in the hallway, the gym, and even on the balcony on the second floor. Calix was not surprised that he could last a day, especially if the woman was beautiful, sexy, and tall. 

He liked it whenever Nikki's humming moan would turn into a full cry, whenever he was thrusting his huge rod inside her hot sloppy cunt. He knew that he came a lot of times in her, in different styles and positions. 

When their arduous sexercise was over, the two decided to lay down on the couch in the sala with a sheet over them, while watching Notflix. They were naked, at one time, Calix's hand unconsciously squeezed Nikki's ample breasts and she sweetly moaned... Then they did it again because Calix became horny when he heard her voice. 

While laying on the couch, Calix was fucking her from behind while they were facing the large television. Watching the lead characters fucking. 


Then, Calix lifted her ass so the insertion would be much easier. 

"M- more!"

As the day went on, Nikki's embarrassment slowly disappeared as her desire to be ravaged grew. Now that she experienced something big like Calix, she didn't care anymore. 

They were not even watching the movie, they were just fucking. It was a great coincidence that they were watching Euphoria, it depends on you which one, the animation or the western series. 

Nikki's moaning and the moaning from the movie were echoing at the same time. 

"C- Calix!! Nngghh aaaahhhh, I'm going to cum!"

"Let's do it together with them."

Calix made sure that his climax would be at the exact same time as the movie. When he came, the male character in the movie came too. 


Nikki's little voice became that of the grunting of a lady who was getting crazy over a cock, she screamed as her legs spasmed and her eyes rolled up. Even her ass twitched like she was electrocuted. 

"Haahh haaahhh..."

They were both panting as they closed their eyes. They didn't have the time to go to their respective room to sleep. Instead, they slept on the couch hugging, knowing the warmth. 




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When Calix opened his eyes, he found that Nikki was sleeping close to him. Unlike the other girls who would sleep on his shoulder, Calix was the one sleeping on Nikki's shoulder, as if he was the woman in the relationship. Well, he was much smaller and his shoulder was smaller than Nikki's too.

"Fucking adorable."

Not that it matters, because Nikki is cute. Calix smiled as he watched Nikki's calm sleeping. She is not ugly in his opinion, she is cute. Calix accepted her because he was already attracted in the beginning. 

"From the moment I saw those tits, I know that I will have to squeeze them."

He didn't just squeeze them, he bit them and his bite marks were still on her breasts, he even slapped them while they were having sex. Her breasts were flapping left and right at that time and Nikki had an orgasm. 

Calix gently stood up, making sure that Nikki won't wake up. He wanted to give her a proper rest because what they did yesterday was too tiring, but not that he hated it. In fact, he was thinking of making it rougher and more fun. 

"That's why I don't want to disturb her sleep because she won't get a rest later on."

He chuckled. He remembered that he was still naked and his clothes were in his room. 

"But first, let's have a coffee."

Calix used a 3-in-1 mix and went to his room, sipping on his coffee. When he entered the room, he checked his wardrobe and took a t-shirt and a boxer brief. However, his keen sense triggered and he immediately activated Mento. 

He dropped his coffee and the small gun of his necklace glowed and transformed into a handgun, Calix grabbed the gun and aimed it at the blunt weapon that was coming to him. He pulled the trigger and the attacker was forced to jump backward. 

Controlled energy escaped from the gun and destroyed a portion of the wall, it was smaller than usual because Calix did not have the intention to kill the attacker. 

"As expected from a man who trained at a such young age, you know how to handle this situation."

Athena glanced at the punctured wall, she understood that her body would have a hole if she did not dodge it. 

"Athena, what are you doing here? Scarlett returned to the Clan so you don't have anything to do here."

His gaze was cold and dark, aiming his gun at her and ready to pull a shot. 

"I'm not her maid anymore."

She was actually disappointed at that. Scarlett didn't want Athena to serve her now that Scarlett was 19 years old. She was forced to obey her will. 

"Eh, I didn't know that. But still, you can't just show up and attack me."

"I have a reason."

She was doing this for her Master. She raised her metal bat, and she was ready to cast her spell and cut this whole room to pieces if she wanted to. 

"Is this about me and Nikki?"

Calix had a hunch. 

"Yes, I was waiting for the right moment to interrogate you about the island incident, I was curious why you stripped her pants and did it. Yet, you didn't have an ounce of shame and had sex with her even after what you did."

Athena found it disgusting. After he took advantage of Nikki, he still had the guts to have sex with her. 

"You cheated on Lady Scarlett and hurt her and Nikki. You're a heartless person."

"Wait, I can explain it okay, I assume that you didn't hear our conversation and you just saw what we did but I will say to you that--"

"Enough with that useless excuse, you cheated on Lady Scarlett and raped a woman! That's the gist of it!"

The silver-haired woman roared and swung her metal bat. 

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