Chapter 2: Paladin’s pilgrimage
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sh*t! I almost got killed. A crater appears where I used to be if I haven't dodge I would definitely be squashed. My close combat is not bad but I would definitely lose from this guy. I need distance from the crazy guy. 

[Haste]  Wind started to gather around me. I started to climb a tree to get a high ground 

[Divine beings, please grant me speed to-

"Brat I never saw someone have so much Divine Mana. you should probably avoid this fight" he's right even I can't feel Divine Mana I can feel the pressure from the redhead. 

I was already at the top of a tree before he can finish his divine casting. he takes a long time to cast a blessing on himself but the new compound spell takes too long to set up. It would be nice to use the other spirit's passive skill to keep up the [Haste] but I need to think of another way to lessen the casting time.

I pointed one finger at him 

[create water] a small water sphere started to appear on the tip of my finger

[freeze] the sphere the size of marble started to freeze

[gust of wind] It would be hard to hit a target with this. but there one thing I am confident about myself is accuracy especially a still target.

Unlike what I expected the frozen sphere melt before even reach his head. I try and try again. but not once reached him. don't tell me that he has a fire attribute. what a sh*t luck!

-capture up to evil so I can enact justice] 
Embers started to gather around the red hair's feet. sh*t!

he jumps from the ground to the tree before I can react he grab my collar. sh*t!

"you will never escape from the grace of gods" Before I can think of an escape plan.

"grr grr," His grip suddenly loosens. then he falls to his knees


I started to start a fire using the bow drill method. ⌈ Brat, you contain a slight qualification to be my master. ⌋ he started talking into my head, how annoying.  

"Do you have any allergies?" I took a pot from my magic bag. I start to forage mushrooms and herbs nearby

"none" such a weak voice. He must be barely hanging on. 

"I'm gonna make a veggie soup so just wait for five minutes" He's making the same face when Amedeo heard that I was gonna cook for him instead of mom, My brother was quite adorable back then. He must dislike vegetables, well too bad I can't eat meat.

"Thanks" I handed him a bowl. His face lit up when he put the spoon in his mouth. His eyes sparkle too but  If observe more closely his whole face would be shining. ⌈Brat, Don't worry the demon would still choose you as his master even if you're not that handsome⌋ 

"This is unexpectedly good, I never have vegetables this good" he took at least 10 bowls of soup. I'm surprised he can eat this much.

"so sleepy" He lay down, finally took long enough. the sleeping powder should be able to put an elephant to sleep in a second but he ate 10 bowls. He should be asleep for 2 days, but taking into account he ate 10 bowls with no sign of stopping. ⌈Brat, I didn't notice you put the sleeping powder when did you put it?⌋ 

"..." I should escape for now.