Chapter 25 – Slaves and Wild Fantasies
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After having his meal Cain proceeded to make his way back to his residence, leaving the infatuated Tara back at the restaurant. He of course could guess what was going through her head but he certainly wasn't interested. He wasn't interested in indulging in carnal pleasures or chase after women, he had a goal to achieve and he won't be letting some random woman hinder him.

He didn't hate women neither did he love them but he definitely wouldn't let himself to be swayed by one. They were nothing more than sacks of flesh. Love? Lust? Nonsense, only immature fools would lose themselves in the feeling of wanting to have their way with any woman.

He knew all this because he was once a fool in love, he had a wife and he had children but from his experience he realised something very important. Love is fickle, extremely fickle and it is one of the most powerful weapons one can wield. It is both a strength and a weakness. Strength for those who know how to use the tool called love efficiently and a weakness for those who allow themselves to be used by it.

A tool is meant to be used and not the other way round. Once a person allows themselves to be used by a tool they become nothing more than a slave. This same notion applied to love, he regarded those who were used by love as slaves, slaves to their own stupidity and slaves to the very fickle thing called love.

To him most people fall under the slave category. The need to protect another at the cost of their happiness, the need to sacrifice their lives for the sake of another, the need to always put another above oneself, always letting go of your benefits just because you had to cater for another. In fact to him that wasn't just slavery anymore, that was pure foolishness and idiocy, afterall slaves do not have a choice unlike love and lust stricken idiots.

All these thoughts continued in his mind as he sauntered through the beautiful hallway, old habits couldn't die easily after all. He was a philosopher and a thinker so oftentimes he would find himself lost in his thoughts.

Right now all that he wanted to do was try and enter the peak rank, that was his short term goal for now. Nothing else mattered.


Meanwhile back the restaurant Tara bulldozed through her meal, seeing such a meal that was free was extremely rare to her so she made sure to enjoy it properly. She wasn't too bothered about Cain, now that she was allowed in the top section she would have enough time to meet him, after all the trip to Croye empire took sixty days.

After she finished her meal, she decided to go see her new place. Already impressed by what she saw, the place itself had to be top of the class. The residential areas were divided into two sectors, the main sector and the sub sectors.

The main sector was only occupied by the royal and archduke families while the sub sectors had the rest of the noble families. Her destination was the sub sector, she obviously couldn't live among the royals and the archdukes, even being in the sub sector was already a huge fortune for her.

She eventually arrived at the sub sector, in her view were tall and dark metallic walls as an artificial sky and sun shone over the whole sector. The walls stretched far and wide, more than her eyes could possibly see. There were also numerous entrances to the sector, each having a gate separating the outside from the inside

Reaching a certain gate which was grey with a yellowish tint, she took out a white card which had the royal family emblem on it and placed it on a rectangular compartment. Immediately, the gate opened but not before projecting a [Residence G] in the air, informing her of where she had to go.

Once she entered the sector, she was stunned. Birds of all types could be seen flying over the very tall buildings of different styles and colors as it gave vibrance to the whole area. The floors were extremely smooth, small stalls and shops could be seen littered about. Various magerides were also plentiful as they moved about in a quick but organised manner

Magerides were also lined in front of the entrances, she saw people boarding the magerides before speeding off in different directions. She followed suit and entered a mageride after which she gave the driver the white card containing the map.

As they were on the move she kept thinking about her encounter today, everything happened so quickly. Although she attended the Vespertine academy of mages, the higher nobles were people she could only look up to but never come in contact with but somehow she came in contact with not just one but two high nobles.

She thought about the offer from Ellen, it was quite a simple but confusing offer. She was required to come in contact with a certain boy, he was from the Ashel family and went by the name Cain. At first she was worried but when she thought about it, wasn't this a chance for her to network with powerful nobilities.

The request from Ellen was for her to try and seduce Cain and if he succumbed she was to make reports to her, in other words spy on him. At this she was confident in herself and her charm afterall she had many boys always ogling and confessing to her. In return she was given a rank four sound element spell book, it was too sweet a deal for her.

She knew she was being used but what choice did she have, she could refuse but she was certain that Ellen would make her life miserable in the academy. So she agreed, this was a win-win situation for her, at least on the surface.

But never would she have thought that the incredibly handsome boy who she fell for at first sight in the restaurant would be her target. When he told her his name she just passed it off as a coincidence, after all anyone else could bear the name but when she heard his surname she couldn't hide her shock.

Still, it only made her want him more, it was then she understood what Ellen meant when she said that there were no downsides for her. So it came as a surprise to her when her man didn't even show any slight interest in her. But a little thing like that wasn't going to stop her, in fact it only increased her attraction towards him

She had a type, she was only attracted to boys who paid no heed to her. The calm and cold ones, she loved them but so far no one fulfilled her criteria so imagine her surprise when she found one who was tall, extremely handsome, muscular and had a cold visage. She felt that the world eventually smiled on her, she already regarded him as hers and she wanted to even give Ellen a big hug.

The mageride eventually reached her place of residence, snapping her out of her fantasies. It was free as well, she couldn't stop sighing about the luxurious and rich lives of the nobles. But when she saw her residence she froze, she thought that maybe she came to the wrong place but the plaque on the brown gate which read [G] assured her that she was right were she was meant to be.

Her residence could well and truly be called a small mansion, it was extremely tall and huge. The exterior looked like it was made of glass as it reflected the beautiful scenery of the sub sector. Such a building naturally had her frozen in place, the beauty and extravagance was otherworldly and she wondered just what Ellen was up to for favoring her as such.

She placed the white card on the plaque as the gate opened and everything felt so surreal to her. Despite her talent and fantasies, she was still a commoner at the end of the day. Although her academy was extremely beautiful, it was something meant not just for her but for the populace. But this, it was hers alone, even if it was just temporary it still belonged to her.

Once she entered inside the little mansion she was stunned again, her mouth constantly in the 'O' shape as her eyes kept darting around the place. Everything was automatic, there were no servants or guards. The whole building was self sufficient, governed by magic technology. She only needed to place her white card on a rectangular compartment and that was it. Everything was taken care of from there.

After admiring the whole house which took a while for her, she grabbed a chilled drink and sat on one of the sofas as she breathed out happily. She was truly living the life, this ignited her flames of passion once more. Now she wanted Cain more than ever, she couldn't even begin to imagine the sort of wealth his family possessed. She wanted him and nothing was going to stop her.

She stood up with eyes full of determination,

"I must make plans, I have to know his whereabouts, what he likes and what he dislikes, I must know everything if I have to win my man. As for other females, the archduke families won't interfere so all that's left is the remaining nobles." She gulped her drink and placed it on a table. "I have the backing of a royal so that alone is a deterrence, I'm confident I can nail him, he is mine!"

After speaking crazily to herself, she showed a crazed smile on her face before bursting into laughter.