Chapter 35 – The Child Of The World
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As one of the five empires of the Raoina Continent, Croye Empire didn't lose out to the Varmon empire. Their population numbered in the millions. Their magic technology also was a sight to behold. The weather was mostly humid and was largely dominated by mountains and seas.

Some mountains had embedded houses, enforcing the fact that the Croyeans loved their mountains. Because of the high humidity and surrounding seas, the water element was aplenty and those with water affinity had natural home advantage.

Although Croye was mostly humid, today however it made way for the bright rays of the sun. Right now it was dusk, the sun was beginning to dim and lose its brightness to the dark of the night. Nevertheless, the bright golden rays still washed over most parts of the empire.

In a certain meadow, which had beautiful and tall tawny beige coloured trees that shone magnificently under the setting sun. An ordinary house situated itself just in the middle. The sweet scent of flowers of varying warm colours mixed with the sunset as they made for a picturesque scene.  A tall and white mountain that pierced the orange sky stood grandly and was visible from each angle.

However what stole the spotlight was the horse-like creature in front of the ordinary house. It had the color of cream. Its eyes were like orbs of crystals, a clear and bright amber. Its mane looked smooth and clean as if it knew not the meaning of dirt. But the most striking feature were the two horns on both sides of its head. They were greyish in colour and slanted slightly upwards making for a 'V' shape from a frontal view.

It just stood there in all its magnificence with its head slightly bowed as if waiting for its master. But maybe that was the case, as inside the house a young man sat in a lotus position. His eyes were closed tight and a jug filled with water was just right in front of him.

His long hair was light cyan in colour and draped around his shoulders like a shawl. His skin had the color of bronze and his facial structure was chiseled with a quaint stubble beard. His expression was serious and his face a little crumpled as if struggling with something.

He stayed that way for some time and then slowly opened his silver coloured eyes and exhaled lightly. His expression eased a bit and then he diverted his gaze to the jug in front of him.

He clapped his palm and steadied his breath and then muttered,

"Ie llac nopu eth ginpeels sretaw..."

The jug shook slightly when he spoke in this strange language

"...Iwstt dna morf..."

The trembling of the jug increased and seemed like it was going to explode any minute. But it didn't, instead the water inside the jug rose up and separated itself from the jug clean. It was suspended in the air and took the shape of the jug but it kept twisting into different shapes as if it was unstable.

"...Cuscumb ot yim lortnoc."

This twisting ceased as he finished speaking. He stretched out his palm and immediately, the water morphed into the shape of a long rope as it approached his arm and slithered on it like a snake. It travelled upwards to his right shoulder and then to his left. It kept twisting and turning as if it was alive — which it wasn't.

He observed this and smiled. There were little beads of sweat on his forehead but it mattered not. He had achieved his objective. After observing some more, he willed the rope-shaped water back into the jug with a little control from his hand.

It looked smooth and looked effortless but it was far from that. The control needed for such an act was something that wasn't easy to execute but he did.

He stood up from his position and made his way towards a room. The house was 'L' shaped and his current location was at the base, just close to the entrance. He walked down the dimly lit corridor and then arrived at the room which was at the very end. He opened the wooden door gradually as it creaked, signifying old age.

Inside the room was simple, just a twin sized bed on the right and what looked like a desk with a headlamp to the left. North of the room was a window with little cracks on it but that didn't prevent the sun from piercing its light through it, adding an orange hue to the room.

A woman was asleep on the bed. She had a brown skin with warm orange-red undertones that shone beautifully under the sunlight. Her wooly hair was braided into a silky rope, the colour of cherries. She laid on her right side and wore what looked like a loose satin lingerie nightwear.

The man tiptoed and reached her, careful not to alert her of his presence. He hunched and planted a gentle kiss on her forehead. Feeling the touch of soft lips on her head, she woke up groggily. Her eyes were like obsidian, dark and glasslike. She was a beautiful woman, she looked like the rarest of paintings and the man looked extremely pleased as his gaze was trained on her.

"Had enough sleep?" He said with a smile. His voice was deep but a little rough.

The woman heard this and first yawned before stretching a little, "Well of course not, someone just had to cut my sleep short." She sighed a little and continued. "I was having a nice dream mind you."

He just ignored her little complaint and sat on the soft bed as he shrugged, "If the dream isn't about me then it wasn't nice."

She just rolled her eyes at his remark, she was a little tired for his antics. However she approached and hugged him from behind.

"You think too highly of yourself." She said jokingly. "But I love that part of you, Jay"

The man — Jay — heard this and smiled. He always loved when she called him 'Jay', it was short for Jayraul. He always felt like a kid whenever she spoke to him. Although she was just a commoner, he loved her. He wouldn't go to the extent of doing anything for her but he cared for her nonetheless.

She kissed him on the cheek and stroked his soft and lush hair. It became silent as they basked in it for a few seconds before the man spoke.

"Bri, I'll have to leave soon." He also gave her a nickname which was a shortened from Brielle. But she certainly didn't feel like appreciating her nickname right now. She knew why he had to go. It wasn't because of his noble status or anything but because of the meeting.

Jayraul was greeted by silence to his previous statement so he turned to face her and  continued, "I am quite confident for this meeting and it won't last for an eternity afterall, so just come and watch me in action as I make quick work of those greenhorns."

Brielle was already used to his confidence and slight narcissism. Her expression relaxed a little as she sighed.

"I know, silly. I'm just gonna miss you a bit."

He raised a brow, "A bit?"

She rolled her eyes again and sighed in exasperation, "Fine, a lot."

He just chuckled at her expression but he became a little serious, "Make sure you come. I already placed an exclusive invite card on the tabletop for you."

She nodded lightly. It was something she wouldn't miss and since he went out of his way to give her an exclusive card, why refuse?!

They spoke more about mundane things and then proceeded to have sex before Jayraul finally left the house. The horse creature in front neighed at his arrival and approached him. He saw the horse creature and smiled, it was a Rank 1 Magical Beast from the horse family.

Sepions was the name of its species, a type of horse which were known for their alarming speed. They were calm natured and very friendly which is why they were not suited for battle. Their speed only aided them in their escape.

Jayraul stroked its smooth mane and mounted the horse. There was no rein, bridle or saddle. He always rode without none. He bent forward a little and gave it a light tap with his foot, signalling it to run as it immediately sped off. Its speed easily surpassed 200km/h and kept rising.

As his surroundings blurred, he was thinking of the meeting. Although he trusted in his strength he couldn't help but think of his possible opponents. He was a Rank 1 Peak stage Wizard and the only people of concern were those with bloodlines. However, he had his own secret. He had two elements — Luck and Water.

Luck element was one of the rarest and mysterious elements in existence. Its spells were extremely rare, almost non-existent. But what made it a very powerful element was that, it didn't solely depend on spells. It could operate passively...what this meant was, it was akin to an innate ability.

People with luck affinities were also given another name — the children of the world — and they were as scarce as a hen's teeth. This is why he was confident. Although he was a little concerned of bloodmages, his luck element made up for it.

But, like the 'child of the world' that he was, he found a luck spellbook and a magic tongue book by chance. He remembered finding it in the 'Forbidden Forest' which was eastward, just close to the famous 'Weeping Sea'. He stumbled into the forest mistakenly and somehow found himself in a cave.

In a lucky twist, the cave was home to an ancient wizard who delved deep into Luck. He managed to create various spells up to the third rank but died not long after. The proof of his death was the skeleton which held the book.

Jayraul had always been lucky but this encounter was his greatest. It was a luck spellbook, something that was so hard to find and even if he did, it was so expensive. He was from a Baron family, although they were nobles they were just slightly better than commoners.

He found the spellbook before he became a rank 1 mage which is what made him become a wizard.

Right now he couldn't wait for the meeting. He was certain that he would sweep the rest with his strength and his confidence was reasonable.

As the sepion galloped through the streets of the empire, he had a cunning smirk plastered on his face.