The Thoughts of A Father
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Sacred Heaven Immortal World - Bai Clan Household

The skies above the Bai Clan household were completely covered in thick, black clouds. From them came the rain and the loud sound of thunder. The heavens seemed to particularly angry today. Bai Changming, the clan chief of the Sacred Bai Clan, found it to be quite poetic, giving his current mood, so he allowed it.

His personal quarters were nothing special, only a few tapestries presenting past victories or tragedies, and simple desk and chair which would be filled with great amounts of paperwork that couldn't be handled by local officials because the matters they pertained would be too great for their authority, but he put in one of his spatial rings. He didn't want to do paperwork now.

"When I sent you to be the consort of the Crown Prince, I gave you a simple order: have a son with him, so the Bai Clan can have a shot at the crown," Bai Changming said to his eldest daughter Bai Fenfeng.

"Father I-" Bai Fenfang tried to explain herself, but the look her Father gave her made her shut up faster than those times she had rejected those Young Masters that came to her door to ask for her hand.

"Do you know what is the worst about this debacle?" Bai Fengfang grimaced. "Ah, you know, but don't want to say it, so let me expel it out for you. Feng Wei attacked the Ninth Prince, intending to kill him. Loudly, might I say, he wouldn't stop shouting about it. Now I want you to explain to me, with all the details, why that was an enormous, stupid decision"

Bai Fenfang didn't want to admit it, but the look her Father gave her made her open her mouth. "It was a... stupid decision, because the Ninth Prince is the only son the Heavenly Emperor had with the Heavenly Empress"

Her Father nodded. "Go on, explain to me why that single fact makes the Ninth Prince so special in the Emperor's eyes"

"It is because... the Empress is the woman he will ever truly love, and so the son that came from the Emperor's union with the Empress will be his most cherished son" Bai Fenfang said with a defeated tone, she was hating every second of this conversation and it was very obvious. Bai Changming didn't care, he was too busy dealing with the fallout of Feng Wei's actions to care about the emotional state of his daughter.

"Indeed, which is why me and the other Clan Leaders gave up on the rush towards the Crown after we heard about his birth"

Bai Fenfang looked at her father with visible before she showed a shocked face. "Wait, so the position of the Crown Prince-!"

"Was filled the moment the Ninth Prince was born? Yes, it was," Bai Changming answered like it was something obvious. In his heart, it disappointed him that his daughter didn't notice something so obvious. "If there was still some flicker of ambition within me, it died the moment Feng Wei killed those servants. Of course, no one could prove that it wasn't an accident, not even I there was no need for a surveillance, we weren't at war after all. Then Feng Wei killed another servant, and another, and another, and there was no way to hide it anymore."

"I-I know my son has made some mistakes-"

"Correction, your son, has made many mistakes. We are talking about his main ones, let's see.," Bai Changming raised a finger. "Attacking the Fourth Prince in broad daylight for a woman that didn't care for him and was only using him to gain resources and kill all she didn't like a classic trap, and one that proves how idiotic he is," He raised another finger. "Challenging the Emperor's favourite son to a duel and then saying that he is going to kill him, in the Heaven Arena might I say which makes his stupidity higher than I thought, and then thinking that he is going to get away with it"

He closed his first, his bones made an audible crack, and even then he still looked serene. "By the attacking the Fourth Prince, he earned the enmity of the Luo Clan, but by attacking the Ninth Prince he earned the enmity of both the Emperor and the Empress, he was lucky to just be exiled and not executed, after all men were, and are killed, for much less than that"

Bai Fenfang remained silent. She knew her son had put the Bai Clan in a very unfortunate position. That their operations in the Imperial Capital had taken a hit, and they were being forced to take a step back, spoke of it. This never had happened before, as the relations between the Feng Clan and the Bai Clan had been, if not stellar, at least neutral.

"By your face, I see you are finally understanding the position we are in." Her father's voice brought her out of her thoughts. "Our operations in the capital have been pushed back by the other clans and our own servants flocked to them. Retaliating against them would incite conflict with the other clans, something we don't want, at least for now."

Bai Fenfeng nodded. "What should I do then, Father?"

"You will return to the capital. Make sure that we at least have some sort of foothold in it. If you find any traitors, kill them, having false servants would only further weaken our position"

Bai Fenfang nodded. His orders were logical. "What about my son?"

"Feng Wei will stay in the Clan Household, he may cultivate, but his every action will monitored by at least ten of our Nascent Soul servants"

Bai Fenfeng nodded. This was more merciful than she expected. Feng Wei being thrown into a cold, damp cell in the deepest parts of the Bai Clan dungeons had been a possibility in her mind. And seeing that her father had nothing left to say, she left his office and made way to the capital. To fix the mess her son made.

Which would not be easy, but at least she would try.

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