Chapter 24. Bamboo Training
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“These all remind me of something.” I looked over a bunch more of the spells and saw that a lot of them bore a striking resemblance to ghost and dark type moves in Pokémon. “Did Pokémon just use spells? Well I guess that makes a lot of sense. They just had to use their Aura to use their moves. Otherwise how was a tiny Cyndaquil throwing out flames larger than her own body.” I chuckled a bit while thinking about how this changes a lot for me. 


“I still need to practice much more.” I had a path to follow and train to. I knew I could get much stronger with the help of this book. I was about to study the book more, before I heard a knock on the door. I was so immersed with what I was researching that I noticed someone head towards me. I could tell it was Zoro, but wondered why he wasn't barging in like last time. I turned the book back into me, and opened the door. Zoro was carrying a bunch of training equipment and looked like he could hardly knock on the door, let alone walk in.


I chuckled at the sight for a bit before leading the way. He followed behind me, and we made it back out to the field. Turns out all of the guys were out here as well. I was confused why they were training until they came rushing towards Zoro and I. “Hey Calvin! Zoro told me you were going to make him stronger than me! As if this moss head could train better than me at what you’re doing!” Sanji yelled as he came over and Zoro spit out some of the equipment hanging from a rope in his mouth to slam his head to counter Sanji. “What did you say curly brows!?”

As they were fighting Luffy came over with his big goofy grin. “Shi Shi Shi, I heard you beat up Zoro and I wanna see it!” I let out a surprised laugh, but stopped when I felt Zoro’s anger turn to me. Usopp was around, feeling left out without the rest of the guys. Chopper was also here, but he just kept an eye on me. He seemed dead set to check my condition. I smiled at them all, and began to set up Zoro’s training.


I tied the rope on the branches at different heights, and different lengths. I then attached small bamboo sticks on each one. After I was done, I went over to the guys. “Zoro! It’s ready!” Zoro paused from his fight with Sanji and looked over at what I made. Everyone else followed and made their way over. They all seemed confused at what I just made, but I could feel Zoro had an idea of what I was going to do. 


I stepped in the center with a wooden pole and a blindfold. “Think of it as a game. Try to not get hit as long as you can with this blindfold on.” I smiled a bit evilly at them, as Zoro walked up to take the staff and blindfold. He put on the blindfold and I yelled out to him. “Alright! I’ll get it started!” I took one of the bamboo sticks and threw it at more. It all caused a chain reaction, making all of the sticks swing around randomly. 


Zoro was getting pummeled, much to the chagrin of Luffy, and Sanji watching, but Zoro was focused. He didn’t seem to notice them at all. He only felt the area around him. He would sometimes swing and hit a stick randomly, and be able to dodge every 10th attack just about. He kept practicing for a bit before Luffy yelled he wanted a turn.


“Zoro! I wanna try that! It looks fun!” Zoro stopped hitting the bamboo sticks to get them to move, and the whole training system slowly stopped. He undid his blindfold and looked at me. I could tell he felt this was doing something, but he just wasn’t sure how to improve faster or better. I nodded at him with a smile to let him know he was doing a good job. “I don’t know how long it takes to teach or learn to feel Aura, but I think you are making great progress, probably the best out of the whole crew.” 


It was that little seed that caused Sanji to yell he was next. “Hey! I could do way better than this moss head! Luffy I’m next!” Luffy laughed while putting on his blindfold. “Shi Shi Shi. Sure! But I still get to play first!” Luffy sat in the center and we began again. Luffy was way worse, getting hit from all angles, and whenever he tried to dodge, he would just smack into another stick. 


I could feel his emotions of how boring it was getting so I had to make it more fun for him. “Duck!” He did almost instantly as one flew over his head. “Left!” He held his left hand out to block and stopped a stick from hitting his chest. I kept giving him tips on where they were coming from, but slowed my input the longer we continued.

Luffy was another natural. Without my input, he could sometimes think about dodging, but half of the time it would be wrong. So of the times that he could sense it coming, only half of the time he would be right from where it was coming from. It was also in its infancy, but he was getting better nonetheless. After a bit Luffy was done while chuckling at how cool it felt to dodge something with a blindfold. He gave the blindfold to Sanji.


Sanji stood in the center with his hands in his pockets. I smiled seeing how cool he looked like that. ‘Too bad it all goes away when he sees a girl.’ I then started the training again. Sanji was actually scary good already. All of us were really confused at why he was already way better than Zoro and Luffy. He would still get hit most of the time, but he was still better than either of the others at their best.


Sanji did the training for less time than the other two before he decided to stop. He took off his blindfold and walked out of the training area, as we all stared at him with amazement. He smiled, especially at Zoro. “In the kitchen, you have to move past obstacles that you can’t see all the time.” He then lit up a cigarette and took a drag. “That is the power of a chef.” I smiled at his awesomeness, as did Luffy and Usopp.


Zoro wanted to keep training harder now. Seeing Sanji be better than him, lit a fire that could not be quenched.