Chapter 10 – Six-Arm Nua-Sprite Daemon.
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An exit that seems close in a small room, something so simple couldn’t be in a temple such as this yet that’s how it was for the two of us walking towards it. They reach the exit of this room and enter a multi passageway hallway.

I shut my eyes and continue walking forward to not be swayed by the temple, you will become lost if you rely on sense in this sort of place.

Gabi and I continue walking when….

“Where are we?” Gabi asks as we come across a large expanse, a pristine outside environment is surrounding us as though we’re in a luscious ancient forest filled with trees but it’s entirely silent without the hint of other life giving the place a dead feeling.

I walk forward a few steps and look around at the place we have entered, “We have entered an ancient grounds. It might be a training grounds or might be their living grounds, I’m not sure.”

“What do we do?”

“We can just walk to the next.”

“Where are the people here then?”

“They might be treasure hunting, I think I see some on the mountain over there,” I point my finger towards the mountain to our side, Tabi squints her eyes and looks for a moment before turning towards me.

“We should see what they’re up to.”

“They’ll probably be dead shortly.”

II reject her outright to conserve my energy, that act we just did took up a large portion of my energy. Gabi frowns as she looks at me but does not say anything as she looks towards the mountain then in another direction.

A quiet moment happens as I think about things so far, this is the first time I have run into this situation… previously all my attachments were fleeting and they were capable of looking after themselves but here I am with someone that cannot fend for themselves…

A noise comes from nearby, our attentions are drawn in that direction but nothing else happens for a moment.

“Was that close?” Tabi asks.


A loud roar bellows in the forest nearby, Tabi looks towards me while I frown in that direction.

“I don’t know what that is…”

A buzzing sound enters my ears, a distant sound reminding me of something suddenly.

I gather a mass of energy into my fist and grab Tabi with the other, I pull her back while punching forward with the other fist.

A cracking sound happens as the space before us shatters, Tabi opens her mouth but a split moment later.

A bright light comes from where my punch connected, the impossibly bright light comes from before our position for a moment blinding both of us to the sights but the sounds and smells tell us what’s going on.

It only lasts a brief moment yet the impact is apparent immediately as I open my eyes.

A barren landscape surrounds us for thousands of metres, but where we are standing is relatively intact with the ground fine.

A giant space before us is now blackened devoice of trees or soil, any semblance of life has been purged from the space before them with that bright light.

Tabi opens her eyes and gasps, a loud roar comes from the distance drawing both of our attentions.

“What is that?” she asks.

“Some sort of creature.”

“I know that, what sort of creature?”

The creature roars and launches another attack, flashes of colour appear before it in the distance as we watch it. Some people appear to be attacking it that have survived the initial onslaught but they’ll most likely be incredibly weak.

“Six-Arm Nua-sprite Daemon, I guess you can call it a six-armed Nuademon. I only encountered one previously.”

“Could you take care of it previously?”

I recall the previous situation quickly and nod my head, “Yes.”

Gabi grabs my hand and tugs it in the direction of the giant demon, “Let’s go then, you can handle it and then we’ll get the treasure.”

I attempt to say that I don’t care about treasure but she has begun to walk in a hurry. I quieten my mouth and let her lead me before she releases her grip and we walk side by side quickly walking towards the creature now fighting the people.

I have many things to tell her but I cannot for I don’t know how long I’ll be around her, I wish to tell her all about my life before meeting her in the netherworld where I met the previous Nua-sprite Demon that was much bigger than this and helped the owner take control of it.

I wish I could tell her that but it just might get her expecting something that I cannot provide so for now I can give her this much but soon she’ll need to be able to keep up with me on her own instead of being brought along with me…

We arrive on the edge of the battlefield before the several story tall Minotaur demon, a large humanoid bull that has six arms with each one of them launching several colours of energy, the beast seems apart from a bloodied eye as flashes of black, white and grey appear on its skin.

The people on the ground launch their long distance attacks while the melee weaponry people ready their attacks, the creature launches its arm forward to attack with the ball of light as the melee people charge forward.

The two balls make contact with some swordsmen, they fly back like rag dolls as their bodies tumble about on the ground yet there’s more of them that move forward to intercept and stop the arms.

The people launch their attack, their sword and spears jab into the now pinned down arms as the creature roars.

A large explosion happens where the arms are pinned, two giant flashes of colour appear each in the colour of the orb that was in the giant beasts hand.

Tabi turns away while I continue to watch the fight, the creature pulls its arms back while the people regroup.

The spell casters and long range weapon holders attack the creature but it seems to not use as they do no damage, many of them aim for the creatures eye but it does nothing as it sits there regenerating the orb.

Tabi tugs on my shirt, “Can’t you kill it?”

“Why would I? I can just let the creature kill the people and we can collect everything after.”

Tabi steps forward and presses her body into mine, “Well I’d like you to do it.”

I frown at this manipulation, I’m about to push her away when a noise comes from nearby… it sounds like a voice.


I look at the noise and spot a person nearby, Tabi replies with a shout, “WE CAN–

I hold my hand over Gabi’s mouth to stop her from saying too much but it’s too late, I hold Gabi tightly and kick my feet launching us both into the the air.

A large beam of light appears where we were standing destroying the entire landscape below, we land near the person that was running towards us, a young pink haired woman but I don’t say anything quickly grabbing her by the waist bringing the three of us into a hug and kicking off the ground again.

Another beam of light appears on the ground where we were, I click my tongue.

“Sorry about this.”

“Huh?” Tabi says while the newcomer doesn’t react.

I push the two of them down while I force myself upwards, a beam of light appears and narrowly misses me as part of the body suit is burnt away.

I twist my body to look at the creature, it’s preparing another shot and I have little option so I gather my energy causing everything to darken when a giant white skull flashes on the surface of the beast suddenly in a puff of smoke.

It roars in agony but gives me enough time to adjust my body and cut through the air and collecting the two people I threw through the air just before we impact the ground.

My legs stop our fall with a loud crack, Tabi looks on at me in concern while the pink-haired person doesn’t react as I let the two of them on the ground.

“We can’t stay here” Tabi says.

“No shit… give me a second,” I turn towards the pink-haired person, “thanks for warning us, what’s your name?”

They snap out of their daze as they’re looking at me, “Umm sorry miss, I’m Razia….”

“Razia? What are you doing in here then?”

“We are looking for treasure, the master forced us to open the treasure caves but they’re all booby trapped… this one was too strong. We’re all dying so I thought we could escape but only I made it then saw you two.”

“Who’s fighting then?” I ask.

Razia looks at me, her eyes almost look starry as I peer in them.

I feel my face becoming slightly hot as I look at her yet I cannot hold it and look at her mouth, I watch her as she licks her lips and feel a strange sensation come over my spine and close my eyes.

‘Concentrate, I am an ancient being. I cannot be swayed by the emotions of this flesh of meat.’

I open them and return to the present suppressing the desires, a stoic expression on my face.

“… he has some darkness spells but he cannot control them very well then there’s Jacob who…”

Tabi speaks up interrupting the young woman speak, “Can they hold on for long?”

A large roar comes across the horizon, Razia shakes her head.

“No, they couldn’t hold out before we opened it. This is a threat outside our league… the master knew that.”

“Who is your master?”

“Count Maxillian Vultzin.”

Tabi blinks a few times in recognition of this name, I stew and ponder through the memories I have acquired to find this name but cannot find anything, Tabi recovers and speaks up.

“The dark nefilin count of the interior west? He’s here?”

Razia nods, her expression crestfallen while Tabi walks forward and pats her shoulder.

“It’s fine, we understand.”

I raise an eyebrow but walk forward and give her shoulder a pat too.

Razia’s looks down for a moment before she looks up again, this time tears have developed in her eyes as she reaches forward to hug both me and Tabi.

“They’re were my family.. They were all I had and they told them to die… and they did…” Razia sobs between breaths between us.

A bright flash of light nearby catches my attention, I look to Tabi who seems to understand my intention and interrupts Razia with a few taps on the back. Razia looks up at me and Tabi.

Tabi wipes the eyes of Razia while I hold her tightly, my eyes not leaving the beast that seems to have slowed down its actions. This doesn’t bode well for the people beside it but Tabi speaks to Razia.

“Stick with us and we’ll be your new family then, isn’t that right K?”

“K?” Razia says and looks to me.

A strange feeling comes over my body, I unconsciously nod my head while thinking about how to respond. The two girls hugging me react at the same time and make the hug tighter but this is quickly broken by the reminder of the beast nearby.

“Tabi, you should take care of Razia while I take care of the beast.”

Tabi nods her head while Razia looks on concerned, Tabi holds Razia in the hug while she lets go of me. Razia holds onto me but I work my way out as she looks on in concern.

I walk away with my back turned and think about these feeling that have come across me as I hear Tabi speak to Razia.

“Don’t worry about K, you’ll find out that it’s actually… God K…”

“God… K?” Razia softly mutters.

I smirk as I leave ear range, that was just a joke I was playing on that first man yet it seems right.

I walk towards the giant Minotaur creature before me, it’s munching on something that I won’t describe as there’s no need to. There’s no more attacks on it so something major has happened.

I walk through the charred and battle-scarred landscape without incident and approach the beast the seems settled somehow, I get to only a hundred metres of the beast when it stands up.

I pause my step and look at the large beast, it’s towering over me with multiple arms but it doesn’t look so menacing with its back turned. I continue my steps wondering what sort of treasure is inside when the beast turns around.

I look at the beast that has now turned around, our eyes look for a moment.

It roars loudly and launches its arms forward, I watch the arms fly towards me.

Luckily they don’t have any orbs so this is simple, I watch the fists fly towards me and time my hand while I gather my energy.

I click my fingers as the fists are about the collide with my body, the space collapses around us as the beasts fists hit the elongated bubbles created by my moving fingers.

The beast’s fists fly backwards repelled by my counter attack, I look at it’s Minotaur like figure with jet red eyes. I notice something else in particular too, a thing between its legs that appears to be standing out.

I look at the ground behind the Minotaur and spot the tell-tale sight of why that thing would be like that, I frown at the creature that doesn’t seem to care that is exposed.

It roars again and launches another attack, this time two orbs have been partially created.

A red orb and blue orb, the most common elements fire and water.

I smirk as these fly towards me, I kick off the ground launching myself into the air.

It seems ready as two more fists launch towards me, two more orbs created.

I gather energy into one of my hands, the creature’s fists stops near me as the ball launches its energy.

A burst of energy is emitted from my hand as the energy from the creature’s orb is converted to my own, the second orb with an opposite energy collides with the newly converted energy and my own.

A huge wave of pain comes over my body but I grit it, the physical impact hits me causing my body to fly upwards upon being struck by the beast.

It’s not possible to stop all bad effect and unfortunately the beast seems ready for this as it has two more arms ready, this time with the deadly colours.

A black and white orb are on its arms as it looks at me flying up in the air, I have no way to control where I fall and no easy way to negate that energy…

Luckily it doesn’t seem able to launch these ones either so I think about this for a moment before sighing, I can’t seem to avoid using netherworld energy after all.

I gather my energy into my hands, two black and red orbs gather.

They’re small at first but quickly gain in size, I begin to fall down to the ground and look at the creature. It hasn’t noticed my change so I prepare myself while the creature does too as it leaps up in the air just as I’m about to land on the ground.

This disrupts my plans, I thought it would hit me just as I land on the ground.

Two giant orbs travel towards me, their energies gathered in an uncontrollable amount now.

I grit my teeth, I might not have had enough time yet but I launch my hands towards.

The black and red orbs on my hands travel toward.

They make contact with the black and white orbs from the giant creature.

The two orbs make contact with my body causing it to fly back but luckily they’re affect by my orbs allowing me to survive.

My body is tossed about many times into the distance before slamming onto a tree causing it to fall down, I cough out blood but force myself to look at the creature in the distance as a dark red light emits from its body.

It’s trashing about wildly as this thing spreads from its arm and onto its torso, its other arm and legs then its head.

My body feels an incredible amount of pain as I force myself up off the ground.

My efforts negated nearly all of the force in those balls but it seems to have done something to my body, the beast dies while I’m stuck laying on the ground. Several minutes later Tabi shows up in the area.

“K, are you here? Are you here?”

“K, are you here?” Razia also says quietly before further asking, “are you sure she’s alive? All my family were when we looked at them…”

“Shush, she’s here I can feel it…”

“Here,” I shout with all my might but somewhat confused at the voice that comes out my mouth.

“Did you hear that?” Razia asks.

“Over here,” Tabi says as I notice some shrubs nearby rustles.

“Yes.” I say as I spot the bushes parting, allowing Tabi and Razia to see myself for the first time since the impact.

“Oh… K?”

I nod my head before darkness comes over my vision, I pass out as this weak body succumbs to the injury of hitting a tree at high velocity.

Next chapter's kinda weird, it'll have a bit of a skip. This arc ends on chapter 16.