Chapter 3: From Bad to Worse
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This is becoming way more complicated than it needs to be! Samira thought, staring at her sister. At least I like this sister.

Luna was standing, still smiling with the sword over her shoulder. Her red book dangling from the belt around her waist. Andreas' jaw was on the floor. This was the girl from his class. The same girl who was taking notes for a story about the professor's past.

Samira readied herself. She knows her sister too well.

Luna dashed in, knocking her through the back wall and into Andreas' spacious backyard. Andreas peaked through the hole as the two girls began to clash.

Luna would dash in, swinging that sword like it was nothing more than a toy. The ground cracked as Samira blocked the blows with a magical shield. It was almost like the two of them were dancing.

At this rate these two are gonna destroy my entire yard! Andreas thought.

Samira fired a beam of purple energy that sent Luna, who blocked with her sword, flying back into the house. Before she could get up, Samira teleported in front of her, holding her purple flames to her head.

"Haven't lost your edge in all these millennia!" Luna said, huffing from the fight. "Why come down here to this rock anyway? I'm sure it wasn't just to have a spar with your favorite sister?"

Her favorite sister? I can't imagine what she would do to her least favorite sister! Andreas thought

"I came to get my book back." Samira replied, helping Luna to her feet. "This human has it." Samira pointed to Andreas who was trying to shift his view between the two girls.

Luna closely examined Andreas. Her eyebrows raised in curiosity. She had the look of concentration almost like she had in the classroom.

"Hey don't I know you?" She asked, looking Andreas up and down.

"We-we're in the same class together." Andreas stammered out.

Luna stopped walking and stretched, moving that sword around like it was nothing.

"Oh yea, that's right." She said. "Smart guy. Aren't you supposed to be my helper or something?"

"Yea, w-we were supposed to be doing a project together." Andreas answered, still gripping Samira's book for dear life.


Luna, and Andreas turned their attention back to Samira who was huffing with anger. Andreas snapped out of his shock, and remembered the offer he gave before.

"Not until you accept my offer." He said. "Become my girlfriend, or no deal."

Luna dissipated her sword, and curled over laughing. Soon, she was rolling on the floor holding her gut.

"It's not funny, Luna!" Samira snipped.

"I don't see how this ain't funny." Luna said through the laughs. "The pathetic human wants you to be his girlfriend."

Andreas turned around, trying not to show his pain at her "pathetic" comment. Samira charged another ball of purple fire and threw it at Luna. Luna dodged and got agitated.

"What the hell was that for?" Luna snapped.

Samira smirked, and folded her arms. She turned her attention back to Andreas. He still had a grip on the book, holding his ground.

"You gotta admit, the guy's holding strong, even after our little fight." Luna said, placing one of her hands on her hip. "Maybe you should give him a chance."

Samira shot her little sister a dirty look, then turned back to Andreas, and sighed.

I can't kill him, he'll just put my book in the way. Samira thought. This is really turning out to be a big pain in my ass! I could just play along. Wait until he's sleeping, then take the book. Yea! That's what I'll do.

"Fine." Samira said. "I'll play along for a couple of days, but after that, the book is mine."

Little does this prick know! Samira snickered to herself.

Andreas smiled triumphantly. His crazy idea worked. Even if it's fake, he had a girlfriend he could show off. Before he could really celebrate, he realized the state of his house.

"So about my house..." Andreas started, scratching his head.

Samira rolled her eyes and knelt down, placing her palm to the ground. She closed her eyes, and focused magic to her hand. Soon, the house began to repair itself. It's Samira's Reverse Chaos ability. After a short moment of things flying all over the place, Andreas' house was good as new. Andreas was in awe. His new "girlfriend" is a Goddess. He was just hoping this whole thing wasn't one big dream.

"Show me where I'll be sleeping." Samira ordered.

Like I need it.

"I'll just bunk with her." Luna chimed in. Andreas and Samira both looked at her.

Of course she is! Samira thought, frustrated.

"Wait, I can't have you stay here." Andreas said. "In college or not, my parents would kill me if I let girls spend the night here."

"I'm not leaving my book here with you alone." Samira insisted. "I'm staying! Unless you want to just abandon this whole idea and give me the book now"

"I haven't spent quality time with big sis in a while either." Luna said, placing her arm around Samira. "Looks like you're stuck with both of us."

Luna winked, and Samira crossed her arms in annoyance.

I guess my parents won't be home for a while. Andreas thought. The girls will be gone before they even get back.

Andreas sighed, and signaled the girls to follow him. He led them out of his room, and to the room immediately to his right.

"There's only one bed, so you'll have to share." Andreas said.

"That won't be a problem." Luna said, jumping onto the queen sized bed. "Come join me Sami!"

"Don't call me that!" Samira demanded, and walked into the room. She shoved Andreas out. "I'll see you in the morning."

Samira slammed the door in Andreas' face. Andreas headed back to his room, exhausted from trying to play it cool.

I have two Goddesses in the next room. He thought. They blew up my house and fixed it all in the same day. This has to be a dream. I'm almost certain of it.

Andreas laid down in his bed, and pulled the covers up over his chin. He placed the book under his pillow, and started to doze off.

This has to be a dream. He thought as he drifted off to sleep.


Samira sat on the bed next to Luna, wondering how she was going to get her book back. Luna was laying down with her arms behind her head. Her eyes were closed.

Good, she might be asleep. Samira thought.

Now all Samira had to do was wait for Andreas to fall asleep. Then the book would be hers, and she could feel like herself again.

Samira slowly got up, careful not to wake her sister.

"Let me guess." Luna said, startling Samira. "You're gonna sneak in there, steal the book and leave."

Damn! She knows me too well. Samira thought.

Samira stopped at the door, one hand on the knob. She turned to her sister, who had one eye open.

"I think it's best you wait." Luna said.

"Why the hell would I do that?" Samira asked, somewhat annoyed.

"Just how did your book fall into his hands in the first place?" Luna hinted. "Tell me this don't sound like Pracille."

Exactly what I was thinking before. Samira thought. If someone as dim as Luna is thinking this, then it must be true.

"What could it hurt to let it play out a couple of days." Luna suggested. "I'm willing to bet she's gonna try something."

Samira thought about it for a second. She had her suspicions about Pracille, but never put much thought into it. She was just excited to have her book back.

Pracille would do something so manipulative. Samira thought, sighing.

"I really can't stand that bitch." Samira said, sitting back on the bed. "What makes you think she's trying something?"

Luna adjusted herself, sitting up. Her face looked serious.

"As you know, I feel malicious presences when they're near me." Luna reminded. "It's part of my Divine Rite. Other than you, I sensed three more presences enter the area."

Samira could tell Luna was uneasy about who else she felt. She waited for her to continue.

"I sensed those three bozos our sister Thalia keeps around, and you know she's Pracille's little lap dog." Luna warned. "Slumber, Demise, and Acolyte showed up around the same time I sensed you."

Shit! Samira thought. I really didn't want to deal with Death's Devout.