Chapter 8 – I have cats
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Chapter 8 – I have cats

“I have cats though. We have nine lives.” Emanuel sipped on his milo drink while watching Attorney Jimaol and his entourage strode towards the school on his monitor.

“What makes a person brave? There are two reasons: tangible and intangible. The tangibles are those dogs, bodyguards, and the people he has. I just need to erase them and none will be the wiser.”

“But the non-tangible is subjective. It can be as easy as eating a pie or as difficult as scaling a steep mountain.” 

“Connections and power. Though these words may be different, they are interlinked with one another. A fragile or a tight connection, depending on who are the players involved. Regardless, any instrument can cut through it as long as you have patience, wit, and dedication.”

“Okay, Guys. The show must start.” Emanuel sneered as he opened a black cage. Smoke wafted and a few silhouettes emerged. Tiny paws and slender legs materialized before dashing away from the secret room. Right in the corner, the sound of gears clanked and a hole appeared from the wall. These small creatures went towards the hole with blazing speed and disappeared from the view.

Emanuel gave a snide remark. “Cats versus dogs, an eternal battle between two top-tier predators.”

The creatures he unleashed were his cats. But unlike any other cats, he trained them not to fight. Instead, he trained them for a specific set of skills! 

From tree climbing to mountain climbing. They also practiced weaving through dense weeds, meandering buildings, and swimming through any bodies of water. This time, they wore a vest and a face mask. As for their weapons, Emanuel equipped them with remote-controlled poison bombs. One part of their training was to kill people by tunneling through vents and tiny spaces of the building using his controlled weaponries.

Emanuel anticipated another successful carnage his cats would perform for him.

“Now, let’s watch the show.”

Rain knew his mission. Killing people. Just a recurring part of his life yet he didn’t feel tired of it. His boss gave him life out of kindness and sincerity. Food was safe from bacteria and parasites, shelter-free of predators and weather, and a loving family shared by Illinois and mistress Cleo. Thus, he gave his best no matter how many times he had to.

His not so slender body tunneled through the attorney’s house. Through the sewers then to the empty hallways. He climbed up the curtains and clawed on the walls and ceiling before landing with a soft poof on a cabinet then to the ground.

Rain looked at the corner where a guard could be seen standing, guarding the nest of those dirty dogs. Unlike others who were equipped only with bombs and other gadgets, he had a long retractable blade on his paw. Moreover, he trained as the best killer cat of them all!

With a swoosh, a human head got decapitated!

The cat jumped and turned the knob of the door. At the same time, a small sphere volleyed to the seams of the ajar door while Rain began escaping.

Soon, sounds of canines’ choking echoed. Their primary defense, the muscular body, became their weakness instead. Their body clogged their only way out. They whimpered waiting for their owner or their owner’s slaves to rescue them. Unfortunately, the people they believed would come… didn’t come!

The entire villa got shrouded with smoke and chaos as sounds of glass breaking, sobbing, and begging for help became an orchestra. Maids, guards, blood relatives - all of them increased the casualty after every second.

While this was happening, the preparators had already escaped!

As an alpha, Rain had to complete his mission whilst not endangering his pride. His boss didn’t like trading lives. For him, every cat was important. And no cats should be left behind! Thus, their entire training regiments always consisted of stealth, protection, and escape!

Though, Rain’s running body paused and he gazed at the creature blocking their path. They saw a dog with froth on its jaw. Despite the visible trembling body due to poison gas, the dog stood tall and stared at Rain with calm eyes. It wasn’t a pit bull but a mighty and proud Doberman!

Rain glimpsed at his companions and knew they were ready to attack with him. But Rain gestured at them to circumvent while he would deal with the dog instead.

The other cats seemed unwilling but a roar from Rain made them shut up and turned around to escape!

Then, the two strongest creatures eyed each other. 

The Doberman’s duty was to protect his home! Die for his owner! Unyielding fidelity till death! Gazing at death with a calm heart! The only reluctance he had was his owner and owner’s child. But for them, he would gladly accept his calling anytime!

But Rain didn’t seem to look underdog either. He couldn’t bear his fangs because of the mask, but he could flash his blade! His boss said to kill everyone, so he would kill everyone! To the smallest ants… even to the mightiest creature on earth! Rain vowed to accomplish his task, and even death won’t scare him! Just like others’ dogma, he also had a ‘catma’: any of the cats could fail but not him! His only worry was to save everyone and that was his duty as the alpha, the leader of the pride!

“A true leader leads by action… that you can even sacrifice yourself when the situation calls!” His boss’s words kept ringing to his ears.

No poofs, no sounds, and no warnings - the two creatures just knew the critical time and struck with their deadliest weapons!

But it was unfortunate. The larger Doberman won’t be able to defeat Rain no matter how he was stronger or wracked his brain. 

All because of the difference of owners!

Rain had Emanuel on his back while Doberman didn’t have any reinforcement. Thus, the moment they clash, multiple shrapnels flew out of Rain’s vest and mutilated the Doberman!

The dog groaned, but he still stood his ground and battled against Rain once again!

But to no avail!

Soon, the ground got wetted by the blood of an indomitable warrior!


“The dogs are now out of the equation.”

“Now, the guards.” 

“And then his entire house.” Emanuel laughed to his heart contents while watching the live show on his monitor. 

“Hmmm. Then, he will come back as fast as he can. How long should I torment him before I let him meet the principal? Two more attacks? Death threats? Blackmail? But blackmail is the easiest. I got tons of mud to smear at him. That’s not fun at all.”

“Anyways, by then, he will be just my puppet and will be coerced by my words. So right now, I had to practice my speech so I won’t embarrass myself later on.”

Emanuel chortled. “A gang of cats a day keeps the politician away.”

“Should I call the piggish police chief? Oh no, this will be so easy I won’t be able to sleep not terrorizing them till insanity! I should make the game more interesting!” Emanuel or ‘he’ grinned.

“I’m sorry, Readers. I’m now in the driving seat. And anyone provoking my family will experience hell!!!”