Chapter 1: What’s this?
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Before you start reading the story I would just like to remind everyone that English is not my first language and I'm a new aspiring writer so forgive me if there would be some error in my grammar but I'll do my best so that all of you can enjoy reading my work

Chapter 1: What's This?

They say that every legend had its own story.

That's why I'm here to tell you about my own.

All of it happens in the snap of a finger.

One moment I'm on Earth and the next thing I know.

I was here.

In a world where fantasy has become a reality.

And my story had all started that day.

It was just supposed to be a normal sleep but after I woke up from my slumber I just find myself inside a strange room.

The first time that I open my eyes. I immediately knew that there was something wrong.

Because what appears in front of me is an unfamiliar sight.

As far as I remember.... my ceiling doesn't look like this, nor it doesn't have elegant art and elaborate carving of unknown origin. It's supposed to be just a plain slab of cement.

I am lost as I don't know how did I end up in this place.

I have no recollection of what happened last night, for me to get in this place.

I also can't recall the last thing I do before falling asleep.

But I'm sure that I don't have the money to rent an expensive room like this in a hotel.

So I blinked my eyes several times hoping that this is still within my dream.

But no matter how many times I blink.

Nothing has changed at all and everything stays the same.

This means that everything that I'm seeing around me is real.

It took me a few minutes of thinking and gazing at nothingness before I accept my fate and decided to slowly sit on my bed. To check the place around me, and I was stunned by what I saw.

Inside this lavish room is a sight to behold as most of the furniture is made out of wood that has a luxurious design.

The heck, everything within my sight could be considered as antique already and probably expensive at the same time, all the pieces in this room have a great similarity to the design of the Victorian era and from this, I know that there was something wrong.

I was about to wipe my eyes with my hands to check if I was just seeing things like a hallucination of some sort.

But, "What is this?" I ask as I looked into my hands.

I didn't pay attention at first, but now that I'm standing, why did it seems like I have become smaller.

The heck, what happened to my hands? "Did they shrink?" I said as I take my hands in front of my face with a great feeling of surprise.

"Is this my hands? How did they become like this?" I said in a childish voice.

"Wait my voice, what happens to my voice?" I whispered in a confused tone.

"What the heck is going on?" I asked with bewilderment.

And after asking those questions to myself I immediately decided to take a look around this room. To see if I could find anything that I could use to help me recognize something from this place but what I found is far more ridiculous than I thought.

Beside my bed is a small mirror, and it shows the reflection of a young boy with soft silver hair, a high nose, and plump cheeks with a pale complexion, together with piercing red eyes.

"Eh?" I said as I tilted my head while touching my face and the boy in the mirror also did the same thing.

"Eeeeeeh!" Is that me? Is what I thought when I saw my reflection.

Ho-How is this even possible? How did I become like this? I don't even remember having any surgery to have this kind of look and even if I underwent surgery without my knowledge it's should be impossible to make me look this young.

"What the hell is going on here?" I said in a confused voice.

This is obviously not my room. Where's my laptop, my TV, and my closet of manga collections, they're all gone.

The most important question is,

"Where am I?" I ask, as the scene around me gradually sinks in into my mind.

Okay, don't panic, I need to calm down and take a deep breath… let's… be logical and think of a possible reason.

"Aha! Maybe, this is just a dream, like lucid dreaming, but this is so strange" I said as I laid back to my bed.

"Why do I even feel so tired all of a sudden I didn't even do anything at all and is it even possible to feel tired inside a dream?" I whispered in the air as my mind is still comprehending everything that happens this night.

Maybe this is just the result of too much stress from work.

Yeah, that might be it.

"I should just go back to sleep," I said to myself, convinced that everything here is just a dream.

I closed my eyes once again and drifted back to slumber.

I thought that everything would return to normal the next time I woke up but I was wrong.

Because in the middle of my sleep I suddenly felt uncomfortable and even if I tried to forcibly wake myself up something seems to be stopping me from doing it.

So I spend the entire night being tortured by the terrible pain that suddenly appears in my body and I thought it would eventually pass if I just let it happen.

But instead, it got more intense, it feels like someone has set my body on fire and there was too much pain in my body. Eventually, the pain got so intense that it caused me to lose consciousness.

*knock knock*

Once again I find myself awake after hearing the continuous knock on the door, and to my surprise, everything that I experience last night wasn't just a dream but all the pain from that time was gone like a bubble.

"Young Master, it is morning now. Breakfast is served in the dining room"- said an unknown female voice outside the door.

I wanted to ask her a question about my situation but suddenly a severe pain have struck my head but it also vanished as fast as it came and, with that, all the memory of this body have merged into me.

I don't know what kind of reaction should I show or what kind of question should I even ask, but I transmigrated. I don't know how or why it just happen.

However, only one thing has come to my mind and that is one of my unrealistic dreams has come true.

This is it. I have finally become the protagonist of my own life. The unthinkable has happened, and the impossible has become possible.

Transmigration is real this- "yeah this is childish." I said but then I was cut off by the voice outside my door and I remember that I still haven't answered her question.

"Young Master? Are you awake" said the lady outside while knocking.

"Yeah, I'm awake already, so stop knocking on my door. It's annoying" The heck was that. It's not me, that's not what I'm thinking about saying at all.

"Young Master. Do you need some assistance in changing your clothes?" I finally recognized the voice outside the door. It was Melissa, my maid. She's been working for our family for more than 25 years starting from the time of my parents.

"No need, I can do it by myself, and besides, I don't feel good right now just bring my breakfast here in my room" An order has come out automatically from my lips. It seems like even the personality of the original owner of this body has been engraved on my own.

"Do you want me to call a priest to help you, Young Master?" said by Melissa as she opened the door and looked at me with a little bit of concern in her eyes.

"You don't have to Melissa, I just need to take a rest, just give me a day to recover. This is just the same illness that I have every year." I said immediately as I retorted her suggestion, since bringing a priest means that we need to spend money and what does he gonna do anyway, pray for my illness to go away?

I accidentally possessed the body of this child by sheer luck and based on the memory left on me, this body always has an illness every year and it always happens during the night. Every time it happens the house of Beaufort would be thrown into a mess and they always call for the assistance of a priest in hopes of curing my illness.

Due to the huge information and knowledge that I suddenly gain, I will need to take a couple of days to digest all of it since I also need to adjust to my new environment as I need to familiarize myself with this new world.

Especially now that I possess this body, I can't let anyone know this secret, since one small mistake can lead to a huge disaster.

"Are you sure, Young Master? You don't feel uncomfortable or unwell, Do you? We can still call a priest to help you." insisted by Melissa this time with obvious concern in her eyes.

"You don't need to be worried about my condition. I know my own body better than you. Aside from that, Do you want to call a priest? We all know that their blessings don't have a great effect on my body so I call it a sham. All the healing arts did on my body have just lessened the pain to tolerable levels. But as long as they stop using their healing arts it would immediately come back. All they want from us is our wealth and nothing more." I said to her and besides, I don't feel that much pain now so why would I need to call them.


"Young Master, you mustn't say those words out loud. The people from the church wouldn't like it," said Melissa with a shocked expression.

"I don't care about them it's the truth anyway and all the nobility on this continent knows about that. The church uses their so-called healing prayers as a front to make money from the people and because they are proficient in healing they became popular with the masses and other parts of the kingdom."

The Church in this world is run by wizards. They established this religion for the mortal kingdom to have an order. Their intention at first was clean, but as time passed by, the church has become one of the rotten organizations in this era.

"We know that Young Master, but the lord has forbidden us from spreading that knowledge nor to talk about anything that has something to do with the church."

Father must have noticed it too. That the church had become more powerful and corrupt than before.

"Well, I know that especially now that the church has become more aggressive about purging those people who bad-mouth them. Anyway, I don't need a priest, just bring my breakfast here in my room." I said in a calm manner.

"Young Master, I'll make sure to deliver all your meals to your room today, aside from that, Do you have any other requests, young master?"

"No, you can go", I waved my hands to Melissa as an indication of refusal and as the door of my room closed. I immediately focused on learning everything about this world.

Somehow, I managed to recall the basic information about the church without breaking a sweat, but as I try to go deeper, everything becomes a little bit blurry in my memory.

And based on what I can recall It turns out that I was the only heir of the Beaufort House. My mother had passed away when I was young due to complications of childbirth and my father is always busy and unavailable.

Despite this, my father is still popular with the ladies, especially single women, as most of them have taken an interest in becoming the second wife of my father.

Many of them are attracted to the title of Viscount. Which is a hereditary title bestowed on us, aside from this my father is also a good-looking man and at the peak of his career.

But he is a loyal man to his wife and never bothers to take an interest in other women nor look for a replacement for my mother. Even though some of them offered him a lot of benefits, he strongly disagrees and, with that, all the talks about remarriage have died down.

My father's name is Hubert Francis Beaufort. Other people considered him as a fool for only taking one woman in his life and denying the benefits of remarrying.

But for the original owner of this body, Lucas, his father is a great man. He might not have a close relationship with his father but he truly respect and admired him. He is not a perfect father, but he has done his best.

Also, The Beaufort family has a large territory for a viscount but it also has a small number of inhabitants since it is located at the very corner of the kingdom.

Most of its population is located in the city named Florentine City, which was under the rule of our family.