Chapter 59
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Chapter 59

Two weeks have passed since we found the remains of the church of Agatha inside of that frozen cave.

It's also been two weeks since my father called for a meeting due to the discovery of the existence of corrupted creatures.

And since then, the entire Florentine city was put on the highest alert, and strict curfews were also implemented every night, to make sure that everyone is safe and following the security protocol, especially now that we are facing an unknown enemy.

Once the curfew have started a platoon of soldiers can be seen patrolling every nook and corner of the city, to make sure that no corrupted creatures have entered or hiding inside the city.

And it's been three weeks since the fog have appeared and trapped us all inside the wall of our city, and due to the growing danger outside. I was forced to teach our people to do an emergency drill, to keep them all safe in case of an attack from the corrupted creatures, and the results are gratifying.

The drills that I taught them are composed of lessons on what to do during an attack, where to go, How to keep yourself safe, and what are the things that they need to bring during the evacuation.

I conducted this drill in the city for an entire week, and every citizen of the city is required to participate.

I also dedicated several buildings in different parts of the city into an evacuation area, and I forced most of our powerful knights to become a temporary construction workers to dig a huge underground place that could hold a lot of people in case of an attack.

We are short on time, okay. If I would use normal soldiers to dig up this massive underground shelter, then it might take us months to finish it, but if I used the knights and utilizes their aura in digging the ground then our speed would be groundbreaking.

And at the same time, although it might sound absurd to prepare all of this things, for something that didn't happen. It's still much better to be ready than not.

To be honest I just don't want to die again at a very young age of 1, besides I still haven't seen enough of this world. So, dying is not an option especially, now that I have a bright future waiting for me.

Aside from that, there are still a lot of things that I want to do out there in this world. I can't just be contented on this place, even though our territory is big there's still nothing can compare to an entire world.

At the same time, I still want to see the things that I only heard from the stories of people in the tavern and I also want to explore a lot of interesting place.

I also want to build an empire of my own.

I guess that's one of my dreams in the future, and I think everyone who transmigrated would also do the same thing that I did.

I mean, I also want to quickly modernize this medieval world and bring a lot of technological innovations into this place.

Not just because I'm missing the comfort that a modern life can bring to me but also because I wanted all of this people to experience the convenient life of a modern world.

But before all of that, I know for a fact, that we are now our own. And it would not be easy for us to defend the entire city against the siege of corrupted creatures, especially now that our connection with the Turox kingdom is cut off. It's impossible to expect for any reinforcement coming in.

As long as we remain trapped inside of this fog, none of us can relax as we please.

In addition, during the past few weeks, a lot of unusual things were reported to us by our patrolling soldiers inside the fog.

That includes the report about some huge parts of the forest that suddenly died down for unknown reasons but immediately came back to life in just a matter of days.

At first, we thought that our soldiers were just suffering from hallucinations brought by the fog.

Since every time we inspected the place that they have reported, we didn't find the dead forest that they claim but as more and more reports come in, the official knights of the territory finally get involved.

And finally, after several days of waiting, we finally confirmed that all the reports of our soldiers are true.

Somehow, there seems to be something that's sucking out all the vitality of the forest. Corrupting everything within its reach, but there's also a strange power that's stopping the corruption from spreading further as it always restores the forestry around the territory to its former glory.

Aside from this unusual phenomenon my father also allows Sandra to further investigate the magic rune hidden underneath the city. At first, Sandra was really happy because of this. Still, just after 3 days she immediately give up and reported to my father that it was impossible for her to uncover anything useful from the ancient ruin.

Because she can only make assumptions about what are those runes are for, but she can't really test it out, since she is only a scholar, not a magician.

Sandra said that in order for her to have a progress in the research of the ancient runes we must first, find a magician who can test out all the rune inscriptions that can describe the capability and power of each rune.

It's also been two weeks since I started to practice and create my own skills using the technique of the Stratnan family. They can easily construct a barrier anywhere around them without having any physical contact which I can use on my own advantage.

Well, at first, I thought it would be easy but It took me two weeks to succeed in creating my very own long-range attack.

It's a sword made up of pure aura covered in the power of lightning element since it is the main element of my family's cultivation technique.

I didn't even realize that it took me this long to create this skill of mine. I was so engrossed in learning that I lost track of time.

But that's not what important right now, although I successfully created an original skill, I can't still use it as I like. I can only use it as a hidden trump card since it takes a great toll on my body every time I used it.

A massive amount of mental strength is needed just to condense one lightning blade, and with my current strength I can only condense one lightning blade before I run out of mental energy but that is already enough to ensure my safety if I used it wisely as the damages that it can do surpassed any skill of the same rank.

I named this skill of mine as the blade of destruction. I know it sounds grand but this is what my skill really do. It destroys everything around it as its hit anything.

I still remember the first time that I used this skill outside of the city as I want to test out the power of this attack.

I still remember what happen on that day, when I finally realized how I can finally release this skill of mine.

*Flashback 3 days ago*

"Master Lucas, are you sure about this?" Michael asks apprehensively as he follows me outside the wall of the city.

"How many times do I have to tell you that this time, I am sure that I can finally show you this awesome skill that I created."

"But have you already forgotten what happen to you last time when you tried to do this?" He said worriedly as he put both of his hands on his head.

Michael is pertaining to the things that happen to me this past two weeks every time I tried to use this skill.

Since I still haven't completed my skill sword of destruction at that time, I always suffer from some kind of minor backlash due to the failure of my skill.

Every time I failed on casting my skill I would always suffer from some kind of mana backlash that affected my body like a mana blockage on my veins or a small mana explosion inside my body though it sounds simple, but the pain I felt every time it happens is terrible.

I even need to force Michael to hide this secret from my father as I know that once he found out about it he would immediately stop me from experimenting on creating my own skill.

"Don't worry Michael I already learn my lessons and this time I'm sure that I would definitely succeed." I said with determination as We decided to go a little further from the wall enough to be face to face with the sickening fog.

"But this is also the 4th time you told me about this Master Lucas, we can even consider ourselves lucky that we were able to hide this from your father, and Ethan still managed to heal you despite the situation you were in during those times." Michael said worriedly as he also take a defensive stance to guard me.

"I know what you are worried about Michael, but as long as Ethan is with us then I'll be fine." I said in a calm manner as I started to focus my mind on releasing my skill.

"You are fine because Ethan uses those precious potions to your body, and didn't he also warn you about the danger of creating your own skill?" Michael said in frustration.

It's been a while since I last updated this story and I would like to say sorry to those people who have waited for so long. 

There's just a personal problem that I need to handle that's why I wasn't able to create new chapter.