Chapter 154: Mother And Daughter (Part-3)
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Arora pulls me in for another kiss, her hips moving up and down my cock in a rhythmic manner. Being buried inside her soft vagina and getting firmly gripped by its walls, an inexplicable sense of pleasure rises within me.  

As Rose was riding me before this, my penis was already sensitive enough. And now, with this sort of stimulation, it won’t be long before I cum.  

Sensing this, perhaps, Rose intervenes again— this time, a bit more strongly.  

“That’s enough!” She says loudly, tapping on Arora’s shoulder, urging her to stop moving. “I only did this much with him and you followed it perfectly. Now, get away from him and let me show you what to do next.”  

Oh… so, she’s really planning to teach her…   

[Nah, she’s just trying to interfere.]  

Arora clicks her tongue, looking at her mother with an annoyed face.   

“But I am not done yet. Let me cum once, at least,” she says.  

“Nope, I didn’t get to cum, so you won’t, either,” Rose replies resolutely.  


Arora looks away, trying to ignore her again, but Rose doesn’t shy away from being physical this time. She gets up from the sofa, grabs Arora around the waist, and pulls her away from me.  

“Hey!” Arora protests as my dick plop out of her vagina.  

“Now, I will show you how to suck a cock,” Rose says nonchalantly as if she’s done nothing wrong.  

Releasing Arora, she gets between my legs and moves her hands towards my cock— though she stops midway, a frown appearing on her face.  

“There’s no blood…? I thought you were a virgin,” she says in confusion, looking back at Arora.  

“… A-About that, eh, I tried gymnastics a while back… so, you know…” Arora answers while fidgeting.  


[Yeah… she did try gymnastics. On your cock.]  

I force myself not to crack up.  

“Oh, great. I just thought I will have to clean up first,” Rose says with a shrug before facing me again.  

“Anyway, Jacob, you can cum in my mouth anytime you want. I want to swallow your semen. So, please don’t hold back,” she says with a wink.  

Placing her hands on my thighs, she focuses on my cock again— lowering her head to lick it from top to bottom before gobbling it up.   


Her mouth feels incredible, and the way she rolls her tongue around the head of my cock; it almost makes me shiver from pleasure. Being an experienced woman, Rose is better at giving blowjob than most of the women I’ve had sex with— only Riley and the prostitutes outshines her.  

As I enjoy the feeling of her mouth, Arora starts pouting again, her hand folded. Though in just a few seconds, her pout changes into a sly smile and she crawls up right next to her mother, staring at her as she blows me.  

Ah, she’s up to something…   

After a minute or two of getting stimulated like this, the pleasure reaches its peak again. Semen starts to rise up my cock and I feel the pressure building at its base.   

Noticing that my dick is starting to twitch, Rose immediately takes my cock out of her mouth and starts sucking on my balls— trying to make them release as much semen as possible before she goes back to my cock to suck it out.  

But well, this was a big mistake.  

The moment she gets engrossed in sucking my balls, Arora pounces on my cock as if she was waiting for something like this to happen, taking it inside her small mouth. Unable to hold back anymore, I roughly grab her blond hair and force her face down even further— blowing a huge load and painting the insides of her mouth white.  

*cough* *cough*  

Arora actually coughs a little from the semen getting into her throat, and I quickly release her hair in case she’s choking, but she stubbornly keeps her lips around my cock until my ejaculation stops. Then finally, she carefully opens her mouth to show me the white liquid that’s filled to the brim inside before swallowing it all. She even licks her lips while giving me a victory sign.  


Well, someone’s been watching porn, I see…  

Meanwhile, Rose has been staring at Arora with a dazed look. She worked so hard to milk me, only for her daughter to swoop in at the last moment and steal the reward. It all happened so fast that she looks more confused than angry at the moment.  

“Oh, you’re still hard! Let me practice riding you again,” Arora says happily.  

She lightly pushes on my chest, making me lay down flat on the sofa, before climbing on top of my dick and taking it inside her pussy again. She then starts moving her waist, fucking me.  

Rose, on the other hand, slowly stands up with a dark look. Without saying a word, she gets on top of the sofa as well and sits on my face.  

“Lick me, Jacob,” she says quietly, presenting her drenched snatch.  

And well, I oblige. At this point, I’ve decided to let these two women do whatever they want and just enjoy the show.  

[You’re a sinful man, buddy. I like it.]  


I spread Rose’s asscheeks and properly stuff my face in her crotch— licking the love juices off her cunt and playing with her clit.  


Suddenly, I hear Arora’s surprised voice.  

“This is just a small revenge for what you just did to me,” Rose says in a cold voice.  

“But… No, don’t touch there… Nnhg! S-Stop it…”  

Arora leaks an erotic moan. I can feel her pussy tightening around my cock and her body quivering above mine.   

I think I can guess what’s happening… and I admit, it’s kinda turning me on.  

This continues for a while before all of a sudden, Arora’s body starts jerking violently and she stops moving. A second later, Rose stands up again, giving me the view of what happened.   

Her body swaying and her face flushed from the after-glow of an intense orgasm, Arora is sitting with my dick still inside of her— though she’s no longer moving her hips.  

Just like the last time, Rose grabs her from behind and drags her away from me like a rag doll. Then, with a satisfied smile, she takes her daughter’s place and starts riding my cock.   

“I cannot let her get your semen twice now, can I? It’s my time to steal from her,” she says with a grin.  

Sure, whatever you say…  


A few minutes later, Rose’s wish gets fulfilled as she receives a nice creampie from me. But by then, Arora regains her strength and starts a silent war with her mother over my cock. In the end, both of them managed to make me cum four times in total— once in both of their mouths and pussies— before laying down in my arms, utterly exhausted.  

Hah~ fucking a mother and daughter together… I never thought I will get experience something like this.   

[Hehehe… thank me, your system. Anyway, you need to ask them about the trip, remember? That’s why you came here.]  

Oh, yeah…  

“Hey, Arora, Rose…”  


Feeling something soft and plump pressed against my lips, my eyes flutter open. I look up, only to find an extremely beautiful woman staring at me with an urgent expression.  

“Wake up, Jacob,” Layla says, ruffling my hair before walking up to the closet.  

“I let you sleep in because you looked really tired yesterday, but you need to quickly take a bath and freshen up. We are leaving in 30 minutes,” she says, taking out my clothes for me.  

“On it…” I reply, yawning loudly.  

I lazily get up from the bed and make my way to the washroom. It’s eight in the morning, and we have to reach Hotel Laucala, where Naomi and the princess are staying, by 9:30 AM. The rest of my women will be meeting up with us there as well, and then, together, we will leave for the Elf Kingdom.   

Sigh… I hope Arora and Rose get there on time. Well, they will, as long as they don’t start arguing again.  


As I enter take off my clothes and get into the shower, pink light flashes before my eyes.  

[Hey, buddy! Feeling excited?]  

Of course. I know my situation is fucked, but I am really looking forward to experiencing the Elven culture.  

[Hehe, I know what kind of “culture” you want to experience.]  


[By the way, if I may suggest something, why don’t you buy the last skill on the system skill list before you leave?]  

Oh, that unnamed 01 skill? But doesn’t that cost 50,000 points?   

[Yup, but I think you should check your life points. Here—]  


Life Points: [54,346]  



H-Holy shit!   

[You earned most of it by fucking the virgins at the brothel, but yeah, you have enough life points to buy the skill.]   

Well, what the hell are we waiting for then!? Let’s buy it! 


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