Appendix 1 – Map of Protos
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This map contains the continent of Protos within it.

To read is to gain knowledge of powers that exist within.

To understand its revelations, treat it with caution.

To foresee the future, examine its creation.

But do not tremble out of fear, nay. For Protos is the land of the Blessed, and you are one of them now.

A Protean.

Born of war and strife.

May this tome lay the seeds for peace,

and may the embers of conflict drift upon the winds,

and let the fey blades cull only the fell beings.

I have cautioned you, O' treasure seeker.

Now flip the page and open a new world.

Trace your path and do be bold,

and let fly the Flight of The Draykes!


Map of Protos


Click on the spoiler to open the map!

As you have no doubt realized, this is the map of Protos where 20 of my books will take place. It's a long story, but it's a story that if told well, will Baling knock your socks off.

Look forward to it!

Let me know what you think about the map in the comments. Beastly thing took me close to a day to create and I'm no artist. so hooah for Inkarnate!

Much love to you Horizonators,

Cheers and enjoy the chapters to come!


Horizon out.

P.S - This map is subject to changes as things go along, but the major things are permanent.