Chap.20.Teasing Teacher Lilith and Saving Yui
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"So what do you thing of him Miss Lilith,

I seen you too have pretty close relationship ,

Are you dating by chance and If you are dating,did you kiss yet".Seeing Kosei getting pulled in Yui dream world with flash of light ,Selina fired multiple questions which makes her very curious about it and wanted to ask from miss Lilith for a while.

" W...What are you talking about we are just friend" replied Lilith with flush on her face try to hide with her hands by covering it.

"My scoop senses are tingling,there is definitely great scoop I will find it".Selina said with trembling ahoge on her head.

"Don't mess around Selina Otherwise I..I 

 will get angry" Cried out with still red face.


"Hey,guy did we miss something" suddenly door push open, both Levi and Akio entered through it.

"Wha...what... Are you doing Levi ..

Don't touch there.


Huff ..huff..Levi I .....l ..won't forgive you"

Then Levi came behind Lilith started to grope her amazing F cup size breast are soft and exquisiteness with that make her cry out in suprise then catching her breath .

Lilith started to chase around Levi with big ass gun in her hand.

While they were bantering around three girls sitting around seeing them like some sort of drama and one with camera busy taking pictures of embarrassing photos of Lilith.

After some chasing around some time Both Levi and Lilith catching their breath sitting on the ground.


Light flashed in side of Where Yui is sleeping.Then sometime It became clear standing there Kosei with thoughtful look on his face.

(Mc Pov)

Once I open my eyes I am again standing in previously left place beside the sleeping Princess,

"Hey Levi and Akio you are here then lets get started as you can there princess waiting for her prince wake her up with the kiss". Seeing both of them are here I greeted them and make a joke to lighten the mood before it gets awkward.

" W..what do mean You have to ki...kiss her ,How indecent as teacher I won't allow it" Listening to my joke not understanding it Lilith becomes flustered as whenever you talk this kind subject she has that flush and embarrassed side of her which to me it looks kind sexy and cute want make me tease her more.

"Teacher Lilith don't you know sleeping princess in the story needed their prince to kiss them to wake them up,so it's not that indecent but pure romance .

Or are you jealous that your prince kissing someone else". Seeing Lilith embarrassed and making cute reactions Levi also joins me in teaching her as teasing Lilith and seeing her reactions is amusing for Levi.

" Ok, enough about pervert stuff and If talk more dirty stuff ,I blow you to smithereens by using my magic".

I completely forgot about Mira,the girl who shows much more drastic reactions than Lilith,If left be she might bury us in dungeon once she use her magic.

"Ok...ok..calm down we were just joking ..


So lets get this over with I still have to cook lunch as I promised her let jer eat my best cooking as much as she wants .

Ohh don't worry After this I cook every one on restaurent take as party"

I hurriedly smooch over the Mira to calm down then then clear my throat to change the topic and also didn't forget to inform them about party I will organise and invited to taste my best cooking I will make.


Both Levi,Akio and Selina shouted from excitement ,Lilith also has expression that say I can't waite eat,Arin has stars in her eyes and Mira also has little longing expression bit didn't want to show it.

"Okey every one now get back little It might make you feel uncomfortable when I perform my technique".

Informing everyone to get back so Pressure of pure magic strands won't fall on them.

Once every one got back I ready myself so I won't cause magic exhaustion myself as I need to perform the Normal mode with Strands energy so I need full concentration on her As I will be making permanent changes on her magic channels to becomes solid and refine a little so her magic energy in future will mellow down as she practised it then in near future have near perfect control If she able to accomplish it she might be able to affect reality in short distance in her surrounding that will become Op power.

Thinking like that I also got bit expectation so With full concentration I started to control the strands to enter her body from her chest as I don't need to touch her but just hover my hand over her heart area so energy circulation would much faster and efficient.

The colour of strands is like Ocean and also pressure like waves,gentle like stream .In one look it has lots of contradiction feelings but it will give you soothing feelings like when you look at it you will feel like your spirit has achieved nirvana.

That what the girls are feeling right now with daze look on their faces If Our Mc see them in this state he might start to feel ashamed of himself to even once lusting after them.

As they giving people feeling at moment that treasure needed to protect all cost.



Once he was done with Yui and take back the whatever left of strands energy in his capacity as for first time performing this technique so It caused more drain than necessery but once he get used to it consumption will get non-existent with counting the conversion from normal energy to strands .

After being fully concentration has exhausted him mentaly.

"Damn ,I feel tired now and I want rest If get to rest on some fluffy thigh of beauty It will make my day" That was bullshit as I am only tired little ,If I don't act like it I never get their appreciation. 

As I sitting on the edge of the bed making perfect for act to role so I make my body fall backward towards ground to make it believable.

"Gotcha,You can rest now and leave the rest to us we will get you to your dormitory". Levi arrived swiftly to my back and catch me ,my head in her boobs feels great.As they came back from daze state the moment I take back my energy inside me, so they herd what I said and once I started to fall backward Levi acted and arrived instantly to catch me,let my head on her breast as reward for saving her friend.

" Thank you Levi,it feels nice and relaxing that I want sleep".Then I closed my eyes in few minutes I fell asleep.



"I hope Yui alright after this,we can only waite for her to wake up then check to see If every all right". Lilith voice out her consern for Yui as she might seem like cold from out side but after staying with them she feel like she can be herself now she feels worry for her friends.

" Okey,then let get out this gloomy place I carry kosei on my back ,Levi you can carry Yui on your back" The place has become quite gloomy as Yui magic wore off so Akio carried Kosei and Yui to Levi as she is most agile in the group also she looks more consern so Akio suggested ,getting nod from Lilith and followed by Selina,expressionless Arin also has started following them to return to academy.

" I stay with you all don't misunderstood I only want to make sure she won't cause problem in future that all" seeing that everyone ignoring her,also followed hurriedly as she has fear of darkness from her childhood to hide that said towards Lilith with tsundere mode.

Nobody paid attention to her after that they came back to dormitory and settle both sleeping figures to their respective rooms.

As they don't know that when everyone gone to rest the white silver haired figure slip inside the kosei room and snuggle with him for sometime them rhythmic breathing can be herd from the room.





I only watch the anime so I write according to that so there might little changes what you read or watch but with little bit changes here and there is what made story more interesting.

So enjoy the chapter don't forget leave power stones.

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