003 – Sister-Complex
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September 18, 1998 [11:03am]

Lacking the most basic form of decency, Adrian shoved the door open, violently plunging the classroom into a standstill.

She was nowhere to be found.

As the underclassmen stared at him, Adrian uttered three words:

“Where is she!?”

Provided with no satisfactory response, he stormed out of the room. The beauty waiting outside was quick to hold him lovingly by the hand.

“Chill,” Emily said. “She has to be in school.”

“How are you so sure!?”

Emily smirked with pride.

Making no attempt to be humble, she took a more extravagant posture and explained her plan:

“I suspected something like this might happen, so I told Rita and the rest to patrol critical checkpoints around the school,” she said.

To Adrian, it sounded more like a scheme to get rid of his Harem and keep him all for herself.

“The rooftop, bathroom, dinning area, and both entrances are secure. Which means, your sister has to be hiding in a room,” Emily continued.

“And how come you are the only one with me? Shouldn’t you be patrolling as well?” Adrian asked.

“Because you need someone by your side, and it was decided that it would be me.”

“Who decided that?”

“I did,” she said. “Now praise me,”

Adrian grunted, but could not object the efficiency of the plan.

“Your methods are truly despicable, let’s go.”

With little time in the clock before lunch was over, the two made their way through all the classrooms and then set their attention to the club rooms.

“Jesus Christ, why is it so hard to find her,” Emily said.

Adrian who was at the limit of his patience, did not respond.

There was only two more club rooms to go.

Upon opening the door to the occult club, a brunette stood in his way. Showing his good manners, Adrian pushed her aside. Then peeked into the room.

Two nerdy kids, and a quiet girl reading in the back. Nothing unusual for a niche club. However, something felt deadly wrong.

It felt as if a malicious miasma encroached all over his body. Was this what my father called evil?

“She is not here, let’s go,” Emily said, dragging Adrian by the arm.

“Wait. I don’t care about that right now,” Adrian said.

His hesitation to leave was mistaken as interest.

“What’s the matter, would you like to join the occult club?” One of the nerdy kids said.

Adrian did not respond. His body instead walked almost out of instinct towards the red-eyed girl in the back of the room.

It was a weird sensation. The girl looked so petite and yet something about her felt wrong.

It was not her short, dyed blue, nor the rebellious and yet emotionless look in her face.

“I don’t like you,” Adrian said.

The girl politely closed her book. Then stared at him dead in the eyes. “Do I know you?” She asked.

Before he could answer, the bell rang.


Hunger is one of the greatest calamities to ever befall mankind. Adrian, who had skipped lunch in order to restore his family’s honor, was now lamenting as his stomach made unmanly noises.

But it was not all in vain. Thanks to the power of gossip, the identity of his sister’s love interest was revealed.

This matter had to be settled today. Evil could not be given any chance to propagate.

However, as Adrian waited in ambush. His back tingled. Was someone watching?

No, it was already [6:32PM]

Most of the after-school activities were over by now. At any moment, the scoundrel had to show himself.

As predicted.

Someone slowly approached Adrian. Black messy hair, deep red eyes. Without a doubt, it was him.

Pointing his finger towards his enemy, Adrian introduced himself.

“If you think I will allow a fiend like you to date my beloved sister, then you are dead wrong, asshole.”

The red-eyed fellow only smiled.

“A weakling like you, has no right to say things like that,” the red-eyed fellow responded. “Did your father not tell you who I was? Perhaps he did not recognize me either. I don’t blame him.”

In the blink of an eye, a small fireball appeared in the fellow’s palm.


Adrian had never seen such a thing.

“If you only knew how hard is to obtain mana in this world. But thanks to your sister, that is not a problem for me anymore.”

The fellow smiled smugly.

“What is that supposed to mean, you bastard!” Adrian said.

“Huh? you don’t even know how mana transfer works?”

The red-eyed fellow laughed. “What type of hero are you? Well, suffice to say, that your sister turned out to be a mana powerhouse was also a surprise to me. But after our first kiss all of my mana-deprived skills reactivated.”

Adrian, who could no longer tolerate such insolence, charged head on like a brute.

But after getting blasted with fire, it was clear who had the upper hand. Despite of this, Adrian could not let evil get away with it.

Upon closing the gap, Adrian struck his enemy on the face with a powerful blow. But the cunt only flinched a mere inch before plummeting Adrian to the ground. It was almost as if he was fighting someone who had titanium for skin.

Adrian jumped back up, only to receive a frontal kick that flew him back to the ground.

Then, not even allowing Adrian to breathe, his opponent showered him with a crushing chain of attacks that pinned Adrian to the ground.

“That will be enough!” A girly voice said.

Adrian, who had suffered greatly, finally was allowed to stand up.

“Who are you?” The red-eyed monster said.

“You will pay for murdering my friend, so prepare to die, Reaper.”

“Hmm? if you think I have murdered anyone then you are greatly mistaken, but if you wish to throw your life away then who am I to stop you,” the red-eyed fellow responded.

Adrian could hardly understand what was going on.

“How can I help?” He asked.

But the girl just shut him down. “Leave, you will only get in my way.”

Despite grunting, Adrian was too badly beaten to decline. As such, at the expense of his pride, he fled.

Limping his way home, he ran into a red-eyed girl who was quietly reading underneath a light post.

He had definitely seen this girl before.

As he got closer to her, she closed her book.

“You look like you took a beating. Can I walk you home?” She asked.

Adrian could not help but feel that something was awfully wrong.

Her smile looked as pretty as the moon.