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Cherry wood: This very rare wand wood creates a wand of strange power, most highly prized by the wizarding students of the school of Mahoutokoro in Japan, where those who own cherry wands have special prestige. The Western wand-purchaser should dispel from their minds any notion that the pink blossom of the living tree makes for a frivolous or merely ornamental wand, for cherry wood often makes a wand that possesses truly lethal power, whatever the core, but if teamed with dragon heartstring, the wand ought never to be teamed with a wizard without exceptional self-control and strength of mind.

Wampus cat: Native to USA. They have the power of both hypnosis and Legilimency. The Wampus cat is fast, strong, and almost impossible to kill. Known to be tricksters.

• Unyielding (wand flexibility)— A wand of this flexibility finely tunes itself to its original owner’s preferences and doesn’t stray from those preferences, even in the hands of a new owner; the new owner will just have to get used to it. It is particularly good for combative and healing magic. Unyielding wand owners tend to be very confident in themselves and/or in the things they believe in. They tend to be intelligent, somewhat cynical, and usually have well-defined principles that they will not stray from ever. Sometimes, this combination can lead to arrogance because of them insisting on how right they are without considering other points of view or whether or not they might be wrong.

• The prophecy that Newt saw was if they took him in and removed ……? When he was child will all the resources he would known as genius across Europe like every other transmigrator and as entry Hogwarts causes Tom Riddle to feel fear and envy others him which in turn causes him to find chamber of secrets a year or two earlier, which the first victim of the basaliks turns out to be mc as mc relaying on his meta knowledge which completely caught him by surprise.

Damn, those fanfic really made take HP world for granted even in the 1900s it’s so beautiful. Lights floating around, moving walls products appearing and disappearing while all so vibrant and colourful and not in a distasteful way.

Stopping In front of a shop which a large banner.


Makers of the finest wands since 382.B.C”

‘Ah, my path to world domination starts from here’.

The Bell rang as I entered the door, nobody is here? But the door was – “Hello” ‘Sweet Moses what the’ “Sorry of giving you a fright” a white haired man appeared from behind me.

‘fright, fright? I should call Chris Hansen on your ass, after taking deep breaths claiming myself.

‘why aren’t you speaking boy?’ the man said, I froze up.

‘don’t be alarmed, you weren’t speaking so I thought you got a heat attack, oh! That wouldn’t be good for me absolutely no’

‘He’s reading my mind?’ instantly he countered.

‘No boy, I’m read just your surface thoughts although I don’t know who this Chris Hansen but he does sounds intimidating’ he tried to lighten the air.

‘Firstly I’m mute, secondly can I just get a wand please..’ almost begging this man was a chatterbox.

‘oh really…, Oh right the wand. I’m Garrick Ollivander owner of this shop’ looking towards my letter.

'Remember this Mr.Chrome the wand chooses the wizard’ he grabbed my and measured the length of which I don’t even know and gave a wand.

‘flick this’ floosh the wand went and nothing happened.

‘Oh dear’ snatching the want from my hands and handing me another and it too went woosh and a couple of sparks turned up ‘is this-' ‘Noo’ he snatches that one as well and started to look distressed. As his eyes light up he ran back and I was left standing there for a few minutes.

He came back with old tattered box. ‘peculiar one aren’t you neither Phoenix nor dragon heart strings wands reply to you?’ opening an accent looking wand with purplish-pinkish hue with designs that looked mesmerizing sat there.

‘Amazed right, this as the record say once belong to a phantasmagoria mage during the time of Merlin having dual cores of wampus cat hair and a dementors index finger bone. During that era all sorts of abnormal wands were made of exceptionally rare or impossible materials, ¾ of those faded away because they wouldn’t accept another owner and time is cruel, it never stops, this one was collected by my ancestor is supported with Cherry wood , length 12 ½ inches, type: unyielding’

One thing in particular hit me just wrong ‘Dementors bone?’

He took his eyes off the wand, ‘those are very notorious dark creatures impossible to physically hurt and deathless, how does the wand has it I have no idea, in my entire life I haven’t seen such a material let alone made a wand from it’

Carefully picking the wand up, fog came up and swirled all around and went back inside through the tip of the wand.

“Knew it” Garrick looked breathless. ‘How?’ my mouth moved before my thoughts caught up.

‘Well, the demontors known trait is to completely ignore the physical plane and attack the mind and damage the soul while wampus cat is for maters of mind your talent in this domain is nothing like I’ve seen, the average child can’t maintain a proper mental link for a minute, they tend to have very violent reactions especially their first time attempting it, let alone instinctively hiding their memories and deeper thoughts’ For a brief moment he looked impressed.

‘though for a master of a mind arts it’s like making a paper wall but it’s beyond impressive you managed without first making mental shields’ I questioned, ‘what stopped you from invading'

‘well I didn’t want my shop to be closed and sent to Azkaban, if proven in ministry of magic that someone used legitimancy on their customers it tends of be a very dangerous play…….

150 galleons’

‘what?’ that was sudden. ‘ the wand Mr.Chrome the wand chooses the wizard but it doesn’t diminish it’s value when it does that, also since you’re a student after you complete your studies 10% interest will be charged every year’

‘Deal’ well I got time to figure get pay him back, 'Dumbledore is rich right? Maybe I can ask him to pay if he sees worth in investing in me' maybe I could get away with this and not be in crippling debt, not again. Student debt is never fun.

‘ hope you achieve great things Mr.Chrome ' I didn’t bother replying and got the hell out of doge.


One last thing left is a pet.

I was never good at keeping those. All I can hope is that it won't die out of hunger and my transmigrator luck might activate getting a pet
turned waifu. I wonder a frog would turn into tusu girl from my hero….

Nah I’ll probably go with a cat. Going inside to the cat
section, the litter box was filled with all kinds of cats some snow white, some
brown and some mixed among others.

‘ I’ll take the white one ' “meow “ “Ahhhh” that little shit
clawed my hand.

“Careful the kid some of these are temperamental” advised
the shop keeper.

A small black kitten that looked like new born waddled over
towards me, licked drops of blood that came from my clawed up hand and look me
with those pretty, glittering vile green and azure  blue eyes.

“Purrrr~” ‘heheheh~ boi it reminds me of that shmexy cat
turning captain from bleach’

‘hey man is a bit or a girl’ good thing I kept some paper
and pen on me while pointing towards the cat.

“A girl” ' I’m sold’ it took her
in my arms and it nuzzled  against my
chest and left for the train.

A  woman in witches
robes and stood In front of the keep that sold the cat to Damien.

“So, he took one of the kittens ..” voice that felt like silk

“Yes, Miss” the keeper was nervous.

“ well you aren’t equipped to take
care this littler, I’m taking them back you will paid handsomely for your
services” with that she opened a briefcase and the litter box whooshed inside
and walked the way with elegance of only an aristocrat could posses.


“Dear, of out them all he took the one whose blood tied to
back to a wampus cat” the same woman could seen talking to man in his 50s.

“Not surprising considering his talents” he replied.

“Why didn’t took her boy in our family especially since She
asked you to look out for him?”the lady posed a question.

“It’s not that I didn’t want to it’s because when I got the
letter, I had a prophecy made and it said something along the lines of him would
have grown up shaking the magical world but it would garner too many eyes of
envy and fear which would lead to his demise, well his heritage made me have
absolute belief that would happen…” he stated grimly.

“Well, it’s a good thing you had tracking ward  on him or I would have wasted hours finding
him in Diagon alley”