Year 2 to 4. (1940-1942)
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Year 2 to 4. (1940-1942)

When I woke up, I was sweaty, weak and panting for air. Bounded using a Full body bind curse to a chair that felt it would break any moment- "WAHH AHHH" screaming out. 

"Mucus ad Nauseam!" Tom fired a cursed hitting me right face first.

Apparently, it was something related to ice because I felt in a butchering chamber not that I'm already not, being standing in Room of Requirements with him is not pleasant especially when he wants something from you. 

Man... I wanted to prepare for my O.W.L.S of my fifth year, how did I even end up here? when I wanted to be the very best like no one ever was~ *sigh*


Year 2...

Relatively nothing happened other then me taking studying under prof.Dumbledore other than this.

I took my two elective subjects which were Study of Ancient Runes and study of magical creatures mainly the first I am taking full advantage of being a pupil of one the best ancient runes masters, the latter was motivated by my greed of making money and farming my own selected materials.

Being adept at transfiguration classes which lead me to a competitive Minerva demanding to show how I studied which obviously lead us to study in the library for the subject, I could say we're friends now. Being lonely sucks though her friends doesn't like me.

Other than traditional charms elemental magic which accomplished nothing, I was stuck. I mean fire charm is just a fire cracker and its water counterpart lets me summon a puddle what am I supposed to do splash it people eyes?

Silent casting was being improved on alot but still not what I call battle ready, when I do it'll be game over for my opponents while occlumency is came together nicely with the book and being taught. I could talk to people efficiently, but I still like to used self-writing pen. 

With no harassment from my fellow house mates, but it has been going on around the school with people ending up cursed, prof.Dumbledore did reprimand Tom since his gang used to actively show they did commit such acts. I suspect he's starting to go incognito.

With the year ending my report card came.

CHARMS... Acceptable


POTIONS ...Outstanding

HISTORY....Exceeds Expectations 

ASTRONOMY...Exceeds Expectations 



With occlumency memorizing wasn't much of an issue, I though learned a neat trick which lets me morphs my face bit younger or older while mesmerizing people with my rapidly changing colours of my eyes.

I am connected to the Black, but the question is how? Looks like I would need to search it next year. 

With that the peaceful year came to a close.


The years were a massive success and same old, unlike great adventures of Mr.Potter, other than being closer to Minerva no one else came close Abraxas Malfoy suddenly stopped mid year last year to intimidate me which had surprised but a surprise that is a welcomed one.

Icarus being sassy cat she is still kept out on the look for his goons and warned me if a group of people approached, feels like she has sixth sense magic world have their cats just made differently.

I had improved astonishingly this year with completely done with that damn fools guide and beginners guide for occlumency and got intermediate ones from N.S. who I still didn't know. Finishing my static (non-living transfiguration) I went on with dynamic (non-living to living) which is work in progress.

My silent casting finally was on the level to demolish people in duels rather than waiting for lady luck to help me win most of mine. Which was praised by pros.Dumbledore which he attributed to my high mental ability.

My water element improved from summoning a puddle to water shot which to my dismay was a heavy splash of water to the noggin though learning mist charm was worth it bet I could layer it in illusions.

Turns out runes aren't really my strong suit and its theory goes in too deep I want something practical like combat magic or I heavily focused on potions which I could turn into a business.

At the end of third year my report was,



POTIONS ...Exceeds Expectations



HERBOLOGY...Exceeds Expectations


ANCIENT RUNES...Acceptable


Fourth year was basically like last but more in depth in my intermediate studies and bordering on advanced studies which made this my last year under prof.Dumbledore as soon it would be look like he's favouring on a single student than helping with my disability.

N.S. guy sent a suit for my date this year and said that we will soon meet. While giving me a legilimency a beginners and intermediate guide and said to hide it, he says I can master this skill to masters level and beyond. The main question is how he knows?. Now I had to develop my ability more to delve further in the minds then ever before.

With Vanishing spell I finally found my talent in illusions with the name phantasmagoria of my wand I should've known better.

This was chaotic year for my magic as it had a maturation, with puberty thrown in there it was not good for me.

Other than spending time with some of the house mates and Minerva it was obvious who was I going to ask since we did go to Hogsmeade couple of times together and I was first one to ask her. At first I think she was embarrassed and instantly shot me down, but I still asked her some days after like it never happened before and it ...worked?. Yea, of course it worked.

As the years go on by the curses went on extreme side and rumours which made Slytherins name notorious but with no concrete evidence and Tom winning the house cups everytime with unparalleled lead. No one could point fingers.

My report came like this,

CHARMS... Outstanding


POTIONS ...Outstanding

HISTORY.... Acceptable 

ASTRONOMY... Acceptable 


DAD.... Outstanding

Ancient Runes... Acceptable


This year I've failed in Animagus transformation but spend time in RoR to find elemental spells and master their silent casting versions that were harder than your average spells which are already hard, while my wand helps with illusions.

Water spells:

Airy water: turns normal water (or watery solutions) into a frothy substance that is as breathable as air.Moving through airy water is easier than moving through normal water using it on solid substance can cause a smog of dusk or smoke.

Animate Water: turns water into living substances (I like to shoot shark on target needs combat ability) Turns out water is very hard to transmute than solids.

Cloud Chariot: casting on any willing creatures you touch lift into the air on a magic chariot formed of cloud, then fly away in the direction you desire.

You can bring one Medium or smaller creature. When the spell is dismissed, the cloud settles gently to the ground and dissipates. Should the spell duration expire while a cloud chariot is still aloft, the magic fails slowly, with cloud and riders floating downward.

(This was for Icarus as usual scouts the area for Tom before I go in RoR and made me learn for her)

Control Water: The control water spell raises or lowers water.On extremely large and deep bodies of water, such as a deep ocean, the spell creates a whirlpool that sweeps ships and similar craft downward, putting them at risk and rendering them unable to leave.

Soap Bubble: Versatile form of magic. Create bubbles with an explosive composition that can be manipulated to attack the enemy. These bubbles can either burst on their own or on command. Can be combined with acid, smoke, mist or sticky slime to capture and drown enemy.


VANISHING CHARM: can used  disappear an object or person by coating it in magic, effects depends on the mastery of the user. Moving quickly or flaring magic power can expose user.

Phantom Confusion: The user is able to treat physical, magical etc, conditions as if they are different without actually altering them. (Like I do to appear to move faster by leaving flashes of my self behind when dueling or cast a spell, and have it deal damage as if the opponents magical resistance is weaker than it actually is)

Misty Mirage: casting a spell to mirror/have a mirage of oneself using mist blending in mana. Can make multiple presence at once but does not have physical form.

Special thanks for Darkcricket to motivate me to post this chapter. I didn't know time skipping over slow life would be fine since there's barely info about school year this far back in timeline. 

Mc is slowly starting to gear up combat abilities, the reason he doesn't find his lineage is he doesn't actively searches and tends to forget because he wants the goblins to verify him with previous lineage ritual.