Short lived Battle
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YEAR FIFTH (1943): 

'It was early October also known as spooktober. I was sitting in the great hall, using self-writing pen I wrote, 'Minerva you wanna see a trick… Trust me, it'll be pretty good'

She replied with a charming smile, "Well sure I'm not occupied right now"

"Bet the gonna show how he sneaks in the girl's bathroom, quite a lot of people show him furiously using the vanishing charm last year" Agusta snarked to the side.

"Hey, come Agusta let least hear him out, he's pretty good with tricks of his it's entertaining. Why do have to belittle him every time?"
"Because I don't like Him"
"Really, is that it?"
"Well no one knows where he's runs to that hole his" a red head from a far commented to which I shot a furious gaze as it attract other student who were here early.
With the banter going on, I said, 'Shall I get on with it?'
Getting a nod for Minerva, I waved my wand first in a circular fashion and shot a small luminous ball of light and waved left gently which caused bubbles to spread in the air.

"Not impressive I can probably... Do that too" Agusta remained unimpressed.

Controlling the bubbles to orbit the ball of light with a single snap they brust out leaving glitter behind.

Why choose glitter? Well teenage girls, don't believe me? then, ask the glittering vampires.

With the dim lighting of spooktober, it looked liked a disco club. Which clearly did impressed the girls around the hall who arrived early.

"Well that was enjoyable, did it impressed you ?" Minerva asked her friend. "N- not really .... I've been, this is nothing compared to the ballrooms I've been to" her expression betraying her words.

"Everyone go to your seats!" Headmaster  Dippet announced after he came after quite some time and everyone started arriving with that another day started.

 Few days later-

After finishing my Astronomy class, Icarus told me RoR is occupied by Him so I did the next best thing a person with invisibility spell did, that was to spy- uh I mean appreciate the womanly charms that I've so heard about... Yup.

With no mage could mentally scout me nor was I so stupid to not erase my ordure, using potions to cover up both smell and my heart rate as no one could hear my  breathing if it's too loud. My preparation combining with a tunnel I found after years of planning. The PERFECT plan was concocted except during my first few runs I underestimated how much mana it would require hence the spell over me started flickering when I ran late night someone might have seen me or thought so. But with all the stuff Slytherin house been doing it was not enough to get attention.

Today was ravenclaws turn to bath, they never wore anything eye catching but what hid underneath was all but underwhelming alright hehehe~

Huh? From afar I could hear moaning and groaning (not that kind pervs ) looks like I arrived too early slowly walking near it was loud ass crying who was a victim this time? I started wondering no matter the world bulling is always prevalent.

"Go away I don't want you here!!!" A feminine voice yelled. 

"Sassssrrrrriii siii SAR" another voice return.

"Uhghh Ahh-" the crying stopped and what I say left me motionless.

In the secret entrance  exit I was left stunned, as Tom stood there and close his eyes and started muttering in parseltoungue and then voiced.

"A new arrival, let me give my guest a warm welcome. Don't try running I KNOW  you're there"

I did the only things I could ran back, wanted to hide till Myrtls body is found out. How could I forget this incident. Let me wait till this gathers attention pros.Dumbledore definitely would strengthen his scrutiny over him. He won't do something so brash to me... Right?



"Sassssrrrrriii sii SAR"

After killing that filthy mudblood and doing the first step to spread Salazar Slytherins heritage but first I should make sure no one was around me.

"Si sarrr siiiir isss rrssssa" 

Closing my eyes to check any magical presence, after all who could escape Slytherins heir.

Hmmm so he accessed the secret tunnels of the school to think we would meet like this, has Dumbledore told him to spy on me? Well let's not keeping him waiting

"A new arrival, let me give my guest a warm welcome. Don't try running I KNOW  you're there"

The moment I stopped speaking he turned and sprinted, looks like he is not so mentally disabled as much as I thought.

Looking over to the filthy girls body, "Let's gets the hocrux done first then I'll Deal with him after all these years he thinks I didn't know where he hides to practice magic".


'Man RoR is really the best place to hide, what do say Icarus?' 

"MEAOOOOWW"she tried to pull me over  'whats gotten into you girl?' 

Bang- Wah my heart almost leapt out.

"Run Run Run... Alll You want but You Can't Hide from me.." Deeply and slowly Tom came with his entrance. 

'Icarus you go hide in another spot' "purrrrr" ' Don't worry I'll be fine.

"How stupid do you thought I am? You started to use Room of Requirements before me and I wouldn't noticed and changes over the years, Laughable attempt" he slowly on purpose drag on each word.

"Tell me how long you've been spying on Me and I'll make it painless.."

Oh, Oh nooo looks like I won't get outta this without a fight time to show how protagonists always wins.

I drank two mana boost potions which temporarily boost magic power tough aftereffects basically makes you a vegetable.

Slowly breathing out I spread out mist with the mist laces with my mana.

I started running around and spreading bubbles all the while.

"Is this the best you could do ? Confringo" he blasted a curse.

 'Shi-' ducking down I avoided it. Almost lost my head with the blasting curse but, how did he know where I am? 

'Thats not the best I could do Tom' I used telepathy to say.

"Occlumency.. so your not a useless mute after all" he seemed to be spitting sarcasm which is the most emotion I've gotten from him.

I too returned the blasting curse in kind while surrounding him with sticky filled bubbled to drown him.

"procella" sending a wave of mana around him he destroyed the bubbles.

While running we were throwing objects around everywhere using telekinesis.

Using transfiguration to make birds from the remains of sticky bubbles attacking him.


Did he made a shield ..! 

"Your silent casting won't give you edge here like your duels" walking simple and cutting me off from a corner.

"Out of moves?" hinting bit at curiosity.

' can't we talk this through, we've known each other for so long.... Uh we're ...uh like Brothers'

".....Hahaha haha brothers he says! But still you definitely Know me more than anyone else that is true, But brother of a heir of Slytherin is just haha" he looked to me filled with humour .... No it's just wants to get his hand me me I felt a chill up my spine.

Slowly gathering water around using Control Water near his feet.

'Tom come on think this through will do this for pretty old me?'

"Heh~ you can't even begun to repay me for all I have done for you, why did you think no one ever used Cruses on a outcast like you while everother person was getting the back end of the stick"

My eyes widened at this revelation in a snap I pointed my and shot out silent cast of the spell,Aguamentis lamina which created a jet water sharp tipped water which went towards in great perssure.

Which was instantly countered with Bombarda taking advantage of this I immediately created a water prison using all my magic power, while from above Icarus attacked with something jumping down from the cloud which appears to cause him a migraine which stalled him enough to trap him.

'Not tough now are we Tommy boy!'

His face inside went through colours and his eyes bloodshot he yelled in anger.

"UGH-!!" Damn potions time has ended I tried to run away before the spell end-

BOOOM... the shock wave threw me on a pile of metal objects which hurts.

 "Incarcerous" shit a locking curse.

"That's the most damage someone ever done to ME!" he gasping heavily yet other than being wet and blue from suffocation he was spotless yet he says damage.

"Have you ever heard of the Unforgivable spells?" 

'You wouldn't dare!' 

" I'll take that as a yes, now one of them is called torture curse I wonder what it does...hmm?" He smiled wickedly.

'Tom you don't have to do this the Ministry tracks all wands with every spell they make'

"Does this look my wand to you?" He showed a bit elongated torny wand. 

"Those idiots who call themselves could gift me their wand if they wanted to, it's simple to have them hand me a illegal wand and trust me these aren't tracked, ever"

'No No no Tom listen please' I begged.


"Aahhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhh" 

All I heard was villain laugh before I out moment later 


*Sigh*   That's how I ended up binded to a chair all fucking cold maybe I could salavage this with a bargain if I'm still alive.  


  • Icarus has the ability to stay completely off radar of any mental probe.
  • Tom can use snake sensory abilities to detect people/mana presence.
  • There was a behind the scenes mind battle which Riddle tried to reverse the telepathic path to get inside mc's head but his attempts at a solid shields properly taught by a grandwizard prove to be a grave mistake.
  • Both Damien's and Riddles abilities far out strips their peers as students are only taught text book spells and non of the nobles are taught their noble houses yet as students as spells could be leaked from the kids.
  • The students of this generation aren't weak by any means as their parents were tutored were survivors of Grindelwald's invasion and strong enough to not die.
  • After being a student the title apprentice is given for those mages before the become full fled magicians.
  • Powerful elemental charms aren't taught by school as it could leave property damage if used unrestrainedly by 
  •  RoR can replicate most books which are brought in the school. Unless one has rune locks on it.
  • Toms magic with wand is faster than Damien's wandless one, especially with the magic he's using.
  • Tom has a stable mana after his 2nd maturation and is more experienced with text book magic with battles outside the school.