CHAPTER 37.5- Two new partners.
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CHAPTER 37.5- Two new partners.

Okay, I accept it, I'm an idiot ... A fucking idiot.

My behavior is somewhat childish ... I'm a cliché protagonist... My harem is cliché. My story is cliché ... Cliché things happen to me... I murder people without remorse. I am a murderer.

But, despite my flaws, I am a good person.

If it was not necessary to have a harem, I would not have it. I only wanted to fall in love with one person only ... Only one.

I wanted to have a good and intelligent girl as a girlfriend ... I like girls with glasses and flat chests. Honestly, I don't like big breasts ... Although they are soft.

Unfortunately, I must have harem ... And I hate that ... I am another generic protagonist with harem ... At least I want to have an interesting harem. Having a monster girl would be great. Honestly, I am attracted to beast girls. I liked a spider girl who is in my class. She is pretty, smart and kind ... But I'm not a pedophile! I have the memories of my past life, so I am an adult with the body of a child. I fell in love with Grisia because she has potential, but I will never kiss her until she is 15 years old.

I am a failure as a man ... I wish I had a normal life ... But in this world, that will not be possible.

"O-our special service satisfies you, master?"

"We are working hard, master."

I honestly… I hate my skill.

Treka and Mia were in my room ... They were having sex with me.

I, in my adult form, penetrated Treka, while Mia was sitting on my face. They both wore their maid uniforms.

"M-my skill got out of control ... What's happening?!!"- I thought nervous.

How did this happen? Well... It is a short story.

A few minutes earlier.

"I don't think they talk, master."

"Should we torture her more?"

Two B-class adventurers tried to attack us. Fortunately, Treka and Mia reacted quickly and defeated them.

They attacked us when we left the capital ... They are idiots ... Did they really think they could kill us? A demon is behind this ... I’m sure.

We interrogated them to get information from them, but they did not speak ... The torture didn't work either ... I only have one option left.

"Beautiful, won't they really tell us anything? Please, it's important to me. Why did they attack us? Did someone hire them?"- I said smiling.

The adventurers turned a little red ... And, for some reason, my body started to heat up ... Literally... They could cook an egg on my back.


I started vomiting blood ... Too much blood… I felt very sleepy ... I couldn't stay awake.


"What is... wrong with me?"

I fell to the ground unconscious and the maids quickly helped me.

They took me home and my father checked my body. Fortunately, it was only magical exhaustion. I used too much magic power ... And that's weird ... I'm sure I still had a lot left.

The maids put me to bed and I woke up ... When I woke up, my skill activated ... The maids began to feel excited and horny.... Me too. My damn skill got out of control.

They tried to control themselves, but failed.

And so began my romantic story with 2 maids. They are 25-year-old girls. They are young and pretty ... Besides, both are flat ... And Mia wears glasses.

"M-master, if it continues like this, soon I ..."

Treka unbuttoned her blouse and I could appreciate her small breasts ... She has a mole on her left nipple ... It's cute.

No wait, that's not important! I'm doing NTR to Drin and Eris! I hate NTR! When they come back, I will ask them to beat me up and leave me almost dead!


Loud moans come out of them.

How good that I put a soundproofing barrier ... Their moans are similar to porn videos ... In my world, I never watched pornography. Honestly, I was never interested.

Is this how it feels to satisfy a woman and end up satisfied? When I do it with Drin and Eris, I never have orgasms ... I only have orgasms with oral sex ... When we have sex, they ask me to stop when they can't take it anymore. Yes, they have orgasms when we have sex, but I don't ... I think it's because of my skill "Seduce women". Women get too excited ... That is why they orgasm easily ... And my duration increased.

As expected, Mia was a virgin, but Treka wasn't ... Wait... Treka had a boyfriend!

“Shit! Treka, you have a boyfriend, right ?! This is bad!! You cheated on your boyfriend! What will we do?!!"

Treka watched me for a few seconds. Her face was red and she had sweat. She was clearly tired.

She was agitated and her breathing sounded exciting ... No, Kei, this is not the time to get excited about that!

"Don't worry, master. I broke up with my boyfriend 3 months ago."

"And I'm single too, master."

I sighed in relief upon hearing that ... Well, I gave NTR to Drin and Eris... What punishment will they give me? Will my penis and testicles be cut off? Are they going to hit me? Whatever it is, I'll accept it ... But it's not my fault, my skill is out of control! I tried to disable it, but it was too late, the skill affected me too ... My life is getting worse.

… "Treka, Mia, would you be interested in joining me?"


"I'm... a hero."

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