CHAPTER 38- Crisfa, the God.
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CHAPTER 38- Crisfa, the God.

Crisfa, the ancient God of games.

He was a fun and kind boy. But he was also annoying and unbearable.... Well, he was considered annoying because he always bothered the supreme God. He did not treat him with respect and always tried to play with him. The Gods considered him disrespectful.

"How can he talk to him like that?" "Is he an idiot?" "Does he want to be eliminated?"

The Gods thought Crisfa was an idiot ... But the truth is that Crisfa was very intelligent.

He invented thousands of games and entertainment objects.

His philosophy was: "Everyone deserves to have fun in their lives. A life without fun is boring and slow ... And also painful."

He wanted humans to be happy, at least a little bit.

He invented video games, comics, manga, anime, board games, the internet, and even pornography ... Although the latter enraged the Goddesses and they brutally beat him when he showed off his invention.

He created all of that for humans to have fun.

In the worlds, those inventions were created by other people, but it is because the power of a God of games is to give inspiration to other people so that they can create something.

Thank the God of games, writers can create incredible stories. Cartoonists can create beautiful and cool drawings.

Thank God supreme, humans have fun.

His most important invention was called: "The imaginary worlds".

Basically, he created artificial worlds so that people can have an adventure. If a person died and their life was boring and sad, that person was reincarnated in an artificial world and they were given unique and incredible powers, so that they would have an adventure. Obviously, only good people had that chance at life.

That great invention attracted too much attention. Why does a God try so hard for humans?

When asked: "Why did you create that, Crisfa?" He replied: "The answer is simple. I want everyone to be happy. Everyone deserves to have fun in their lives. A life without fun is boring and slow ... And also painful ... My dream is to live a great adventure ... And I want others like me to be able to fulfill that dream ... I want everyone to be happy. " He said it with a touching smile.

Crisfa's dream was to have a great adventure. He admired adventurers and wanted to be like them ... Unfortunately, he was never able to fulfill his dream ... A God killed him.

Nirfa, Crisfa's wife, was the Goddess of love. They were a perfect match. They loved each other and had fun together ... Crisfa and Nirfa died together ... When the God of Hell named "Markarc" attacked Crisfa, Nirfa tried to protect him and died ... Crisfa exploded in anger ... He killed Markarc and committed suicide ... His last words were: "I never had the great adventure I dreamed of ... But I had a good life ... Nirfa, I hope we meet again ... I love you."

Why did Markarc attack Crisfa?

He loved Nirfa ... And as Nirfa fell in love with Crisfa, he enraged ... At that time, there were 179 parallel or alternate worlds ... In most of these worlds there was very advanced technology and humans lived happily, as Crisfa gave them entertainment. He created television, video games, the internet, videos, and so on.... Crisfa was proud of what he did ... He worked very hard... And Markarc ruined his dream ... Destroyed most of the worlds ... That is why there are only 63 worlds currently.

Crisfa died a long time ago ... And when he died, his soul disappeared.

The God in charge of souls did not know why Crisfa's soul disappeared.

Who stole your soul? Why did his soul disappear?

The answer is simple... The supreme God.

He stole his soul. Why? Because Crisfa was his best friend ... His only friend ... And he wanted his dream to come true.

Crisfa reincarnated thousands of years later ... And their adventure began.

Where is Crisfa? How is your body? Has he already had his adventure?

Well... Maybe he will.

"How relaxing!"

Kei was taking a hot shower.

Kei was bathing in a huge pool. The bathroom is elegant and huge. A typical bath of rich people from a world of magic.

"Well, after I shower, I'll go to sleep. I'm not hungry, so I won't have dinner."

[Darling! Take care, darling!]

Drin was using "Thought Communication". A great way to communicate from afar.

[Is a demon trying to kill me?]

[No… I heard that the heroes are here ... All... I have a bad feeling. Maybe they discovered you.]

[I see... Don't worry, I'll think of something ... Luna, "the hero of the bow", can detect the attributes of magic. If you come, she will realize that you are a demon. Don't come back and do what I told you to do, please.]

[But it's very dangerous!]

[Don't you trust me?]

[I trust you, but ... I don't want to lose you, darling ... I love you… I do not want to lose you.]

Kei remembered what happened between him and the maids.

He had sex with them ... He cheated Drin and Eris. He felt too guilty about it.

He started to cry... He really feels guilty.

[Drin ... Trust me... And another thing. A friend of mine cheated on his girlfriend. He slept with another girl ... Drin, you have experience torturing people ... I want to torture him. His girlfriend cried ... I was sad to see her like this ... I want to punish him for what he did.]

[Do you want me to torture him ?! Thank you! It will be a pleasure to torture an unfaithful boy.]

Drin loved torturing humans. Kei knew that, but didn't care how painful it was going to be.

[Yes... Unfaithful... Goodbye, Drin.]

[Please be careful... Bye-bye, darling.]

The communication ended and Kei wiped away his tears.

"Even though she's a demon, she can't know I'm lying because she's my familiar. Being their master is a great advantage. I can lie to her without fear, she will never realize ... I will receive my punishment ... But my skill got out of control ... It wasn’t my fault... But I cheated on them ... I must receive my punishment.- He thought.

The bathroom door opened and his grandmother entered the bathroom, along with two other women.

The three of them used only towels and Kei turned completely red.

"Huh?! G-grandmother?! What are you doing?! The bathroom is occupied!"

"There is my cute grandson!"

The two women were 20 years old ... Kei knew them ... Reima Molfer's adoptive daughters.

Twin sisters They were both identical. They had blood red hair, red eyes and were beautiful. They had huge breasts and beautiful legs.

"Shit, the crazy sisters."- He thought nervously.

He was almost forced to marry them, but he always refused.

Why? They look down on people. They treat them like objects and garbage.

When he met them, they were using two old men as chairs.

Seeing that, Kei decided to stay away from them.

"Oh Kei, you're still just as cute."- They all said at the same time.

They both took off their towels and Kei turned completely red.


"Do you like it?"- They said while playing with their breasts.

"I-I'll give you the bathroom! I-I must go now!"

He tried to get out of the bathroom, but his grandmother took him by the arm.

"Kei, we'll have important guests tomorrow. Be careful."


"We have a mission. We will not be here to protect you ... Be careful and don't talk too much. Heroes will come. They want to talk to your mother ... I've heard rumors about them. Don't look them in the eye. Ask permission to speak. You must kneel before them. If they ask you to do something, do it ... You must treat them as if they were Goddesses."

For Kei, hearing that infuriated him. He knew Near felt superior, but that was too much.

"Goddesses? Yes, of course... I will do what you say ... Good bye."

Kei came out of the bathroom and clenched his fists in anger.

"Goddesses?! Shit, I knew that power changes people! Would I have changed too? Would I be the typical powerful character who sleeps with a lot of girls? Or the typical character who thinks he is superior? I don't know... Thanks to the supreme God, I am a cliché, but kind character. I am grateful for that ... Although I like to think that I am the protagonist ... Yes, I am the protagonist ... I hope so."- He thought.

Kei was so focused on his thoughts, he didn't realize he was walking naked. He did not put on a towel when he came out of the bathroom.

“AHHH! Kei!"

Mei's scream startled him.


Mei was completely red and was shaking.

Kei became concerned and approached her.

"What's happening?! Did they attack you again ?!"

Kei put his hand on her forehead.

"You have fever? You are a little hot."


She hit Kei in the face and he went flying.

He broke through a wall and destroyed it.

"S-shit, that hurt!"

He started crying and got up off the ground quickly.

"Why did you hit me?! My nose is very sensitive!"

"P-put some clothes on, you idiot brother!"


Kei realized he was naked and turned completely red.

"S-shit ... Shit!"

He quickly entered his room.

"I'm an idiot!"

"Kei's body is amazing."- Mei thought blushing.

Mei had impure thoughts all night and Kei prepared for the heroes visit.

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