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Slowly the horse made its way through the Noble’s district mechanically taking one step after another. Curiously looking around Servin his Neural Computer making a map. Each turn was recorded and each trader stall was being marked.

“Curiosity is nice you know.”

“I will uncle as soon as I find something that peaks it.”

Calmly the man smiled and concentrated on directing their ride. Crossing the principal streets the son was still in the eastern horizon and so, Servin asked, “Is it fine for us to look around?” to which Cory smiled and replied, “I am mostly free today.”

“This is daylight robbery, the prices were 20 and toady 22!” He saw a fairly plum lady shout a vendor of fruits.

“That will be 2 Ajru.” Another vendor addressed his customer.

“Oh look! It’s cheaper here.”

But even with all this commotion what caught his interest the most was a wooden, it was bigger than most around it and it had men with pikes and swords around it, all grabbing a seat in the shade provided by the overhanging balconies.

Servin not even putting any resistance to his curiosity, pointed his finger to the structure. “It’s called a bank, well you will learn everything about it in due time.”

Simply nodding Servin pointed at buildings one after another and Cory answered to all of them. By the time the sun had taken the peak of its rotation across the sky the horse came to a stop. In front of them stood a Stone building with paint clinging to its walls, it looked old yet its sturdiness was enviable.

Getting down from the best guards who bowed and opened up the way for them to enter the modest garden through with a paved path ushered in them. The garden looked more like a natural glade than it did an artificial garden.

There was silence for the length of the path and at the gate Cory said, “Don’t disappoint.” Servin didn’t know how this would go, meeting his new family was something difficult for him.


Soon the doors of the lumbering gate creaked away revealing a woman and a girl both with blond hair and dainty figures on their side stood a stick like man with the same hair, “These will be your first family.”

“Yes.” Servin strode forward and “It’s my pleasure to make your acquaintance, I am Servin.” Bowing Servin said.

“Yes, I am Koil Mori, I will be your mother from now on.” Said the older woman with a slight smile.

“Mari, sister.” Lukewarm, her response was if it was conveying her disappointment, her cheerful movement oriented clothing stood in stark contrast from him.

“Don’t mind her, she is a bit perplexed on getting a new brother, I am Gaiy your new father.” His build was massive looking more as if it were of a warrior rather than that of a noble or well Servin perception of a noble didn’t align with him.

“Well, son get yourself cleaned up, the bath is up the stairs to the right and next to it is your room, I will ask your father to have some clothes prepared for you.” Koil said, alluding to his tattered cloth.

Servin inched forward to his room up the stairs, loudly opening and closing the single flapped gate, however rather than heading to his bath as he was told to do so, rather he removed his unwieldy and heavy shoes and slowly opened the door, looking down the halls and spotting no one, he creeped one step at a time to where he could make out the conversation downstairs.

Only able to hear their voices, Servin stood attentively to listen in.

“Cory why bring such a frail child?”

“Banking work relates to physical strength now does it sister?”

“But with his body no one would believe him noble, he probably can’t even lift up a horse…”

“Brother in law don’t worry and concentrate on your competition.”

“Brother thank you for all this but this kid, well looks unique…”

“I said, I was gonna help sister, anyway I will work on getting him a proper education.”

“Anyway I have work, I will be back by evening.” Said Cory.

Servin was making and spontaneously scrapping many guesses and speculation about this house at this point, even though this was a branch family of Mori there were no servants here other than the guards, that or they were hiding somewhere, yet this big villa was sparkling clean.

Sliding back into his room, he fell back on his bed. A sense of tiredness washed over him and he shuts his eyelids and soon his consciousness gives in.

Even though it was a bright afternoon, soon the sun was finding it difficult to penetrate the clouds. Pounding rain, clashing thunder of aggressive intensity then razor winds began to hit the walls.

Servin tossed and turned in his bed, sweating and shivering.

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