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(Author notes) This is the first novel series I ever made. It's just for fun, and it doesn't have any scheduled releases. English isn't my native language, so please have mercy on my mistakes.

Peep peep

The sound of alarm rang loudly in the small room, yet its owner didn’t seem to wake up. Why? He already died an hour ago, and his soul is now in heaven in front of an angel and a god.

"Congratulations. You died of a heart attack before your big day," Said a giant floating white bearded bald old man carrying a wizard stick. Yeah, right. I must still be in dreamland or have eaten a weird mushroom. Apparently, I died and was offered a chance to reincarnate to a new species.

"No, you are not in dreamland, and yes, I can hear your thoughts, so stop monologuing yourself," Said the giant old man.

So I died. What a shock.

"So...this is all real and not some human or alien experiment?" I asked.

"Yep, yep.”

"So, does this mean you going to send me back to live a new life as a completely new created creature?"

"Yes, yes. You're a special one. Now that you ended your hundred human year lifecycle. You exceeded the cycle of life and death that would be to most species. Now I must put you into a new different creature that you didn't live as before, or your soul will be sucked away by the void,” He explained.

I definitely don't want that, I thought.

"Can I ask a question? What kind of creature will I become?" I asked.

I hope it's not one of these weird creatures he might create.

"Don't worry too much about it. If any soul has exceeded their life cycle and reincarnate into a different creature: they can choose their own race, looks, and  specific details, and even keep their memories of their past life."

"So if I want the new body to be as close to a human as possible, I can do that?"

"Yes, you can but don't make it too similar. Make a mark so it’s different. Think of an Elf or a Dwarf." 

I'm starting to get the general idea of this new life, but one thing still bugged me.

"You said I will have my memories from my past life with me, is that correct?"

"Oh yeah, you will have your memories with your next life. Generally, all powerful souls will have some sort of hazy memories of their past life but they will lose it after their first year in early childhood."

So does that mean l had have these memories of unknown past life but I lost it as I grow up?

"I have another concern with what you said before. I can be as human as possible for my next life, but does that mean a new human species will be created on Earth? Wouldn't that be a big problem?"

"No, there will be no problem because you will be reborn to a fantasy world of sword and magic. So you will most likely be wired looking human or an elf," Said the GOD how lets someone how is special like me Deceived him into being a demons.

"Does that mean I could have a cheat power like a large pool of magic along with a strong and sturdy body," I asked carefully. 

I'm starting to like this new life thing even more now. What a foolish GOD! Oh, don't think any thoughts or he might notice. I need to make sure to seem nice and docile.

"Of course. You're a new creature with no one else like you alone in the new world so you'll need to these powers in order to survive," He answered. 

Yes! He didn't notice because of his own excitement. Muahahaha!

"Ok, I am ready." 

After I said that, a blue screen popped out. [Welcome to the system!] It greeted me with a mechanical voice. There are a few options available to choose from the [menu].

On the screen, there were [status] [equipment] [skills and ability] [screen setting]

“Status and equipment are self-explanatory but what does setting do?” I asked.

"It's for your system U.I and notification display etc..."

"OK, I get it." He is really excited like a child.

"So how do I create my new body? Or do you make the new me and control what race I will be?" 

I might be a nice and good guy but that because my life shaped me to be this way wich is sucks to live it I always have these wicked thoughts and emotions of jealousy and hatred of their blessed and comfortable life compared to me.

"Oh, I will send you a message for that," As he spoke, that a new golden colored screen appeared to say [Excess Granted]. After a short while, the system voice said [starting the process of character creation].

I appeared on the golden screen like a game character. I am 1.90m tall with short black hair. I have a long thick beard along with brown eyes. So, a typical 24 years old adult male man with big muscular physique but with cold dead gaze in piercing sharp eyes along with thin and narrow eyebrows. 

Yep. I know it's me but that definitely looks like someone who was a criminal.


At least my new look will be better than this thing and I have an idea how it would look like. Now let's change how I look.

"I am going to sleep. Have fun~" He said to me with a carefree attitude. He really is like a child. I can see why he’s gotten deceived by someone like me. if i chose to be a demon and become hated naturally I chose the opposed. I chuckle at the sound of this. I wish I could be like that when I was alive.

Hmm. It appears that there is a slider here. Probably this is the tool to how I can change myself. Let's see here. It says gender...hmm to be or not to be. That's the question. 

Why not. I’ve always played a female character in most video games and some games have a very Realistic sense of touch or smell that's the power science, of course, they reduce the level of realism as to not to confuse the players, but it is still real enough. so that in mind i have a pretty good time to get used to have a female body.

The avatar changed to become a tall slender, sharp, and beautiful woman but I didn't stop to admire the change. I still have a lot of work to put in here.

After hours consumed on making myself. I look like a beautiful 20-year-old golden blonde. I have emerald green tender eyes along with an adult yet childish face filled with excitement and wonder. I'm about 1.70m tall with an hourglass figure and moderate D size busts. The complete definition of a cute cheerleader.

But she has two thick metallic horns coming from either side of her head,  behind and above her ears. It becomes thinner the more it continues its shaped upwards in circular motions toward above her head. It's golden colored by the tip’s curve to make a sharp pointy end. So the shape of the horns look like a circle but has a sharp curve at the end.

On her back, she has four wings: two large wings and two that are just a little smaller but not by a lot. The larger ones have a sharp thick spike at the middle joints. But what makes her look different than an angel is her ears. She appears to have one feathery ear but it is more than just that it like that because it's now in it's  compact form but if it's not it will spreads out and becomes like small fatherly finn.

With this, I will appear like I’m a sweet and pure angel.

"I think I am done here, so what next?" I asked as I looked toward the god.


"Ahem!" I cleared my throat.

"What... yes what?" The god looked startled and blinks a few times before he’s back into reality, "Oh, you're done. Goodness, you take your time— huh?! Why are you a female??”

"To be honest, it always makes me click to play a female character in video games." 

Complete bullshit, I thought.

"I am not here to judge you, but are you sure about that?" The god asked. 

"I was a little hesitant at first but now I am certain of my decision, " I answered. 

Let's get with it already.

"Ok, I understand," He said, "So the next step is to establish your power and ability, as well your racial skill."