Chapter 2
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Before long it had become night. Tony was alone, leaving him with nothing but a stomachache and a headache. If he was lucky, he could duck past the city patrol. Considering homeless people were undesirables and most often got euthanized like street dogs, he didn't have much choice. Maybe if he left Yuthwick he could find some food and a place to sleep. At least in his house, there was a roof over his head and the bare minimum for food.

Unfortunately, while Tony thought to himself, a tall and lean figure snuck behind him.

"Look at this! A street dog littering this fine city." A cold feminine voice whispered gently behind him, leading his body to a false sense of comfort.

Due to his cautious nature, Tony spun around and saw a tall woman with silver hair. Her hourglass figure was accentuated by the dark leather she wore, clinging tightly to her skin. The two medals atop her breast indicated a high position of power. Maybe a general.

Before he could leap to his feet, his body stopped, and he slowly came off the ground. The woman held her hand higher and Tony flew into the air. "The cleaners won't have much trouble cleaning paste off the ground." she stopped for a second and smiled. "Not if they love their families" and without a moment of hesitation Tony's body was released. He barreled towards the earth at staggering speeds, he looked desperately, but the woman was long gone. She had lost interest.

Flailing around in the air, Tony moved enough to land atop a roof. His arms absorbed the impact and nearly shattered. Before he slipped down and fell anymore he managed to snag his finger onto a tile and pull himself up. His arms stung as he struggled to gather air. Luckily for Tony, the woman had left for one reason or another. Tony laid there staring to the sky, it was black with nothing else in sight. For anyone fortunate, beautiful stars would shine but, for Tony, his sky was empty. 

The stinging in his arms lowered as his eyes did.




[An hour prior]

A man with strangely spiked red hair pushed a cloak off his body. A smile adorned his face as he pulled out a bizarre sword. The surrounding soldiers held guns to him, yet he never flinched. They fired and the man disappeared. His body weaved gracefully past every bullet. His body moved to the absolute necessity. Every move was the bare minimum needed to perfectly evade. He let out steam from his mouth as he sliced into the soldiers, avoiding anything lethal.

"Rex, get on with it!" A woman screamed from behind cover. She shot back at the soldiers, but unlike her partner, her shots were to kill.

The man raced against the woman to take as many out to avoid anymore deaths. The duo dispatched the soldiers in time to meet face to face with a tall silver haired woman. She smiled and lazily tug at the tight leather on her ass. Rex's smile disappeared and his partner ran.

"Just you?" She shot to Rex.

Rex shifted uncomfortably. "I'm all you need baby"

The woman tilted her head slightly.

"When I beat your ass, I WILL publically hang you for a special town event." She tugged at the leather again. "A nice glass of wine to accompany it"




The girl RAN, she could already tell with her powers. Rex had no chance whatsoever of beating that woman. He was either captured or dead. She huffed air and hoped for anything but death. Maybe, if she was lucky, she would find another to help Rex while she still had time. Rex had potential, maybe even enough to liberate a city or two. She could only hope he wasn't dead yet, maybe if she stuck around they could have repelled the woman and escaped together. She lamented her choice and ran faster as adrenaline fueled her.