chapter 14
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 In the morning, when he tried to change his clothes as usual, Leorde felt strange.

"My waist is decreasing ......!"

 It wasn't that he had lost weight suddenly. He had been losing weight for some time now. Finally, there was a gap in the custom-made pants  that had made for Leorde.

 The waistband, which had always been so tight that it looked like it was about to tear at any moment, now had a gap just the size of a finger.

 How could  ge  not be pleased?

 He uncharacteristically let out a roar of joy from the bottom of my stomach.


 It was a small progress, but it was a big progress for Leoldo.

 Needless to say, Gilbert came running into the room in a panic after hearing Leorde's roar.

 After breakfast, Leoldo went out to the garden and started stretching for his daily match with Gilbert.

 Just as he finished stretching, Gilbert came out.

"Hmm? Is Barbaroth not here today?""

"Yes, he has some work to do today."

"Oh. Is the work so important that Barbaroth has to be summoned? Does Gil know about this?"

"Of course I do Apparently, the Fang of the Hungry Wolf has appeared in the neighborhood and he's on his way to defeat  them.

"The Fang of the Hungry Wolf?'

 The reason why Leoldo is surprised is because he knows what the Fang of the Hungry Wolf is.

(Fang of the hungry wolf, a righteous bandit who only takes money from bad people,  they are losers  the  destiny 48.)

 Siegfried, whom he  lost to the first time, is an important event boss who awakens after the second battle.

 But why defeat him now?

 Oh, this isn't a game. It's real life. But so far, the world is progressing according to the game's scenario.

 If that's the case, wouldn't the defeat be a failure?

 No, I remembered something more important than that. The Fang of the Hungry Wolf has a revival item, of which there are only three in the game!

 (I have to get this one at all costs!)

 In Destiny 48, the Fang of the Hungry Wolf is a righteous bandits who only takes money and goods from evil people, so some of his victims are nobles who have done evil things. In the game, the protagonist, Siegfried, is the only one who can get away with it.

 In the game,  they fought Siegfried, the main character, once and won. I. In the second battle, he is a stepping stone enemy who is defeated by the awakened Siegfried.

 And just like Leorde,  they are is present in all heroines' routes and they always an enamy . As a stepping stone, it is natural, but the item that the Hungry Wolf's Fang possesses is even more important.

 There are other items that exist, but the only one that Leordo can get his hands on is the phoenix tail feather. The other two are obtained by Siegfried through special events in one of the heroine routes.

 However, if you take the harem route, you can get all three resurrection items.

 In the world of Destiny 48, there is no such thing as revival magic. However, there is a way to revive. That way is to use special items.

 So, in Destiny 48, when a friendly character dies in battle, a death event occurs and you can watch a scene .

 If you want to complete the game, you have to save it beforehand. If you don't save your game, the dead character will not be resurrected and you will get hurt badly. If the heroine in the game dies, it's a bad ending.

 In short, this is an item that Leorde must acquire to avoid death.

"Gil. I also want to  participated in the defeat of the Hungry Wolf's Fang..."

"You can't ."

"What? ......!"

Gilbert rushed to. Leold, who loses his hips with too much force, screams a littl

The knights are already on their way, and the  naster's presence will only hinder the operation.

"That's a terrible thing to say."

"You've been able to move around a bit lately, but don't you think you're getting ahead of yourself?

"No, I'm not! I'm just..."

"Just? What i"

He was frightened by Gilbert's cold gaze, and in the end and  could not say anything back.

 At the end of the day, Leordo is reading a book of magic in his room and wonders if he can somehow obtain the phoenix's tail feathers.

 To begin with, the phoenix feather is the one and only item in destiny 48. However, that was only in the game.

 Right now, Leoldo is in the real world of destiny 48. Maybe the phoenix exists and the tail feather can be easily obtained.

"Okay! Let's find out right away!"

 Once that was decided, it was quick. Leorde decided to look into phoenixes as soon as possible. Fortunately, as a nobleman, he had a good amount of expensive books in his possession. However, he was not sure if there were any books related to the phoenix.

 Incidentally, even Leoldo, who has knowledge of destiny 48, does not know much about phoenixes. All he knows is that it is a legendary  item . That's why he had to do his best to find out.

"I don't have any books on phoenixes, ...... so I have no choice. I'll ask Gilbert tomorrow."

 There were no books about phoenixes in Leolde's room. So he lay down on his bed and went to sleep, planning to look into it tomorrow.