Chapter 37: Smile.
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Kein's POV

"Urgh my head..." 

I groaned feeling like my back was being stabbed by a thousand needles and my head feels like its been hit by a bat. 

Did I drink too much again?

"Young miss, you're awake." 

I looked up calmly recognizing the voice. Alfred was sitting quietly holding a book somehow reading it fondly. My body was slowly relaxing as I stretched and yawned.

"Alfred what time is it?" I asked standing up from the bed realizing my armor has already been taken out yesterday and polished into one of the stands. 

My armor was customized by father just for me having a dove carrying a rose on its beak for my armor crest. It was silly but... I really can't forget about her and I wanted to honor my family at the same time. 

I kept my promise that day like I said. 

I look to the side, my two swords were also safe and in display. I breathed a sigh of relief. I was thankful that Natasha and Vincent were with me when I got drunk or else.

"Roughly nine in the morning, young miss. Master Hills didn't want you to be deprived of sleep so he asked me to just inform you of the events when you wake up."
 (Alfred) responded timely closing the book. 

He stands from his seat and bows. "I shall await for you outside when you have changed to guide you for today's schedule."

"Alright I'll have a quick bath and then head out."
 I nod having listened to everything as I take off yesterday's clothes. 

Alfred walks away quickly towards the door and closes it.

I roll up my sleeves and taking my black top off. 

I looked through the mirror fascinated with the work I did. All those years working out was not for nothing huh. A toned six-packs due to all that training, my body was muscular at the same time I had the curve that would make others certainly envious. 

However I don't think my body would count as envious anymore. 

My hand traveled to the unsightly scars of mine. If Rose saw these... I'm kind of scared of what she'll think of it. 

Since magic no longer works on me, meaning I can't be healed and I can't just remove scars that easily now. 

There were about twelve different cuts and sizes of scars. 

"I don't mind them but... I hope the real Kein won't be mad at me for having her body like this." I sighed trying to ignore all these shitty thoughts. I rubbed through my neck trying to stretch it hearing a satisfying crack. 

I took a towel and went inside the bathroom taking a short shower. I poured over a citrusy scented shampoo over my head feeling nostalgic. My hands worked through my hair smoothly as I got out of the bathroom, drying myself.

I wore some inner clothing before heading over to my armor. Through many practice I managed to wore them in under two minutes. The breastplate was light, the gauntlet was a little uncomfortable but I have the grip of it, and I have a golden branded battle skirt that makes me move freely in battle.

It had a really unique design, it was light, easy to love around in, and the blacksmith definitely deserve a round of applause for this. 

Once I wore all of my armor looking through my sword on the display.

I first took my cursed sword that I got for free in a store. When I gripped its handle I can already hear the thousand voices of the women that was slaughtered as sacrifices  by the tyrant noble that owned this centuries ago in [Winshern]. Somehow it ended up in [Puronia] and I always wondered why but I never dared to find the answer.

They said whoever touches this unwisely for more than a day would break their mind. 

However I was an exception. 

The sword uses magic to break the user's mind. Magic doesn't work on me and now I own this little cursed sword. "Even though father has told me to be careful- its already been two years and heck I can still think normally."

Although... the sword also whispers some weird compliments from time to time-

I-I really don't wanna say what thirst comments it gives me when I use it and I ignore these ninety nine percent of the time. 

It was a longsword with a double-edged blade. It's scabbard was black with strong golden metal for its locket and chape.

The length of it was just right for me, however two years ago I can hardly carry this thing because it was like the sword is telling me to fuck off like it had a mind of its own making itself heavy as hell.
I managed to win the sword over by never leaving its side for days and keeping a promise.

The blacksmith called it, "[Nirvana]."

I placed [Nirvana] on my right waist and my other holy sword onto my left.

The holy sword that I got from a dungeon exploration party on accident with some adventurers that were raiding the area.

I actually met Natasha that day too after the whole slime incident. That was awkward, the holy sword was my score so the academy let me have it. [Silverlight Blade]

I sighed for all this sword has caused me trouble. The church got involved saying it's a relic left by the goddess, weirdly enough this sword pairs well with my dark magic despite it being a holy sword. I'll explain next time but for now I must go.

I left my room noticing Alfred waiting on the hallway. 

We walked together in sync my armor making a small clanking noises as we passed through the countless portraits of father's late wife.

"What's on my schedule today?" I asked holding the two swords on my waist trying to focus and keep myself away from the headaches from drinking too much last night.

Alfred takes out a clipboard from his [Storage Ring] and his reading glasses reading everything on the list. "Since you have overslept I'm afraid you'll have to settle for packed breakfast, young miss." 

Ah packed breakfast. Its not that bad actually- I quiet enjoy them. "Alright what's next."

"We have gained permission from the Duke, scholars, and the royal advisor to build an academy for basic learning for the commoners youth has been approved after major backlash by the nobility." (Alfred) hands me the clipboard containing a letter. I took it, the waxed seal had a lion crest symbolizing that it came directly from the royal family.

I wonder... have Rose heard that I'm building a school for her? Just as promised?

I opened the envelope taking out the paper containing the approval seal of the king. Now, I just need to hire the staff, acquire the blueprints for the building, and enchant it with protective spells. 

As well with adding [Elemental Stones] for emergencies.

This would cost a lot but I don't care. 

"Has father said anything about the matter?" I turn to Alfred who shakes his head. I see so he hasn't said anything about it. "Please tell him about the good news. We'll need to hire a lot of construction workers and teachers that would be willing to teach children well." I give him back the clipboard. Alfred scribbles down the notes that I said and bows. 

"The only thing you'll be doing now young miss, is going through your usual patrol around the capital and outside the walls." (Alfred) 

I stretch a little arriving through the stables. I could hear the horses neigh realizing my presence. I pat one of my father's horse brushing my fingers through its soft mane. It snorts a little making me a little surprised. On the weekdays when I have no other tutors father would let me clean the stables and spend my time with the other horses. I've grown quite fond of them.

However, I won't be riding normal horses today. "Is my steed ready?" 

Alfred walks over to a separate cage dragging a leash with my loyal Pegasus that father gave to me. "Yes, I believe Vanilla is ready." (Alfred) hands Vanilla over to me outside of the stables. 

Her white wings could certainly be mistaken for an angel's. 

Father has gifted Vanilla for me when I was seventeen and was close to graduating the Royal Academy. 

"Vanilla how have you been since I was away at the academy?" I asked scratching her muzzle. She neighs happily licking my face before sniffing my sides. I laugh knowing what this little Pegasus was looking for. Vanilla gives a little whine when she couldn't find her treat. 

"Don't be sad. I have it here." I took out an apple from my [Storage Ring] offering it in my palm.

Vanilla looked ecstatic immediately chomping on the apple like she has never seen one in her life. She made some satisfying crunching noises before licking my face again. 

Now my face is literally covered in horse saliva. Alfred coughs having something in his hands, "Young miss, I knew this would happen so I have brought you fresh hot towels." (Alfred)

I reach out to grab the hot towels feeling eternally grateful to Alfred or else I might go to work covered in horse saliva. I gave back the towel to Alfred. 

I hold Vanilla by her leash before jumping to ride on her special saddle that's minding the wings. "Alright. I'm off to patrol the capital. I'll be home before ten in the night. Tell father that I'll complete work once I've finished the patrol."

"Certainly, young miss." (Alfred)

"Vanilla, tsk tsk." I kick Vanilla's stifle gently before she spreads her wings. 

Vanilla flaps them around majestically flying through the air, moving fast seeing the trees blur, the wind blowing into my face, and I smile feeling nostalgic of motorcycles. 

This is the same feeling when you're riding one just- it doesn't need petrol and it doesn't make any loud noises like vroom vroom.

"Uwah the freaking breeze is nice. I wonder if-"
 I stop my words when I almost said her name. Alright slow baby steps we'll get over it. "Vanilla come on let's go enjoy the wind!"

Vanilla neighs feeling the flap of her wings growing stronger. "Fuckkkkk yeahhh! The wind feels so nice!!! Whooooo!" I yell feeling so free up in the sky. 

Thank you father for giving Vanilla to my life! Imagine owning a flying horse! On earth these are only a freaking myth but on a magic world like [Devalion]?! Man you can have these as your personal bestfriend!

I hug through Vanilla's neck for a second before looking through her amber eyes. Her white fur, and silver mane was really beautiful and smooth. 

I know I could've picked a better horse name but I think Vanilla suits her better. 

"Ah. We're close to the city. The headquarters are not far too." I muttered leading Vanilla into the Royal Knights office. 

Vanilla lands down gently her hooves making contact with the bricked path. I pat Vanilla's forehead, she neighs happily as if thanking me for the pat. I laugh softly going off her back. "I'll be back. Behave here for a bit alright?" I told Vanilla and she nods in understanding. 

The reason why Pegasus horses are special and rare. They can actually understand human emotions and are fast learners in learning new things. She could escape her own stable if she wanted to because the lock there was rather simple. "Thankfully little Vanilla here is a sweet heart aren't you?" I cup the horse's cheeks booping her nose. 

I could see Vanilla's tail wag so fast at her back flowers were blooming at the background. I smile running up quickly through the stairs wanting to be with Vanilla to patrol after I give my superior the reports. 

I saluted to the other knights that walked by, pressing a hand to my chest before placing it into the side. "Salute."

The other knights did the same their armors clanking. "Salute to you too newbie. Haven't seen you here at all- oh I recognize you- you're the first rank for this year's graduates." (Random Knight) laughs after giving a quick glance at me. 

"Yes, I am Kein Hills, sir." 
I responded to the knight who shrugs at me clearly not interested. "Hmm... Since you're new here do you need help with directions?" (Random Knight)

"Where can I find the office to our superior sir?"
 I asked breaking the salute. 

They gave me a grin. "Oh yeah it's just right there. Turn left, right, left, you'll see a vase then jump over it. See ya." (Random Knight) tried to cover up their laughs with their other peers leaving me alone to stand in place. 

You know I won't fall for that shit right? I rolled my eyes at these idiot's attempt to fool me. I really don't wanna waste time and spend my time with Vanilla. 

"Ugh of all the things-" 

Someone tapped my shoulder and I immediately turn back around. "Kein it seems that we meet again."

It was Natasha with who crosses her arms clearly pissed off glaring at me with those emerald eyes of hers. Ah shit right- the night that I got drunk- I clasped my hands together bowing in the Asian way. "S-Sorry about getting drunk. You and Vincent had to carry me back to the estate." I told her and she just let out a disappointed noise.

Natasha holds my collar close to her face raising me up in the ground a little. "You. Called. Me. A. Gorilla. You think Natasha can forgive you for just having a pretty face when you apologize?" (Natasha)

Ah shit how can she carry all my weight like this. Natasha seemed pale red when she looks up to meet my eye, sighing she puts me down harshly I almost lost my balance and I had to swallow the lump on my throat. I thought I was going to die for a second I swear I could've sworn an angel calling my name. "I'm really sorry, Natasha." I told her again my voice sincere. 

Natasha replies by clicking her tongue and glaring at me annoyingly. "Natasha have heard what those other knights have said. Do you need me to punch them to get their brains working?" (Natasha) lifts up her clenched fists and I pulled it down.

"No need for violence." I told her taking a breath of relief when she no longer looked pissed when I held her hand. "Anyways why are you here by the way?"

Natasha holds my hand tighter staring at it in fascination. "Natasha is here to file a report. There has been an S rank monster roaming about nearby the hunting grounds in the forest. We have lost track of it since this morning. I was not expecting to be able to meet you here too." she stares at me but I was excited on what kind of monster it was!

So that was her complaint. "What kind of monster is it?!"

Natasha let's go of my hand looking pissed before walking down the hallway. Ah wait! I wanna know what monster is it! I ran after her. "Natasha wait I need to know!"

"No need to know. Natasha already suspects the three heroes will be there to dispose of it." (Natasha) replies walking even faster. 

Eh? The three heroes all of the human kingdom summoned a year ago? I thought they were sent to travel all over the world to defeat the demon king or some bullshit like that. 

"So where are you going then?" I finally caught up to her. 

"Where you were heading. The office, Natasha has her connections. Natasha knows where it is and you do not need to jump over a vase to get over it."
 (Natasha) smiles faintly that I almost missed it. This is the first time in a while that I saw her smile honestly it's cute.

I covered my mouth to hide my laugh. "Natasha you know you rarely smile. I like it when you smile like that." I told her and she immediately changes her expression. 

Her tone suddenly becoming serious. "In my home. Women are not allowed to smile. They are merely to stand beautifully by the side of their husbands like porcelain dolls. Smiling... what did Natasha look like." (Natasha) asks so randomly I got caught off guard.

I scratch my neck hoping to answer honestly. "You were definitely cute, you know. Wish I could see it one more time someday." 

Natasha suddenly stops at a furnished wooden door. She turns towards me, "Here, Natasha will wait for you to finish. Natasha want to learn how to smile more." (Natasha)

Wait what- before I could even speak Natasha goes to an empty chair her face looking serious but her eyes were shining excitedly- I cannot understand how can an expression exist- but... that's definitely cute. 

I opened the door and talked to my superior. 

I gave him a salute placing my hands to my chest before returning it to my side. "Salute. Duke Tristan Wolford." I greeted Vincent's father. Apparently I'm going to be working under him for a while.

Duke Wolford nods seriously at me motioning for me to sit in front of him. "Commander Hills. Welcome now let's talk about work shall we?"