Chapter 39: Dreams of others.
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Kein's POV

Today before I escort the second princess, I will get to meet my squad to lead.

By that I meant the soldiers that will be under my care.

I equipped my armor after I got out of a nice shower.

I looked in the mirror seeing myself in full armor feeling myself but it all went down after I saw the top priority danger folder that I set on the table on the other night.

"Rose will actually get married soon." I muttered to myself picking up the folder holding it into my hands like it was a delicate piece of glass. I'm sure whoever that person is, he'll be one lucky bitch that's for sure. "I should be happy for her."

I stored the folder inside my [Storage Ring], walked over to my sword displays and took out [Nirvana] my cursed sword, and [Silverlight Blade] my holy sword.

Two years ago when I carried these two swords at the same time. I felt the magic disrupting each other every time I train, adding weight into them.

I strapped them over to my waist.

But now they learned how to get along at least.

I sighed in relief starting another new day in this decent morning. I already see Alfred standing by the side of my door the moment I opened it. "Young Miss. Vanilla is ready. However, I would like for you to discuss the blueprints for the commoner school building with Sir Peter Lim." (Alfred)

Oh right I almost forgot about that.

Apparently Peter also works as a blacksmith and as an architect.

Veronica recommended her husband to me after finding that I needed to build something that big and helpful. I didn't knew he was also like that but alright I took the advice and hired him.

Maybe we'll actually get to know each other more through this project?

"Alright lead the way." I scratched my head a little tired before following Alfred into the drawing room.

He opens the door, the both of us entering in I see Peter who was drinking his tea while his hands was shaking trying to swallow. I've always wondered what does Veronica see in him. "Greetings." I told him and that makes him jolt down a bit.

"G-Greetings to you too!" (Peter)

I found his nervousness amusing but I didn't want to tease him about it. Veronica would murder me. "No need to be nervous Peter. It's just me after all." I motion for him to sit again while Alfred drag a table for us both.

"Veronica has recommended you to me when it came to buildings and weapons of crafts. I trust her judgement after all she is your wife." I tell him and he stops for a moment looking down in his drink feeling flustered.

Peter stutters at his next response to me. "S-She did?" he asks looking in disbelief.

I nod. Of course she does. Knowing Veronica I'm sure she just won't pick just anyone everything has a reason with her I swear based of past experiences. "Yes so don't worry. I would like to talk with you about the materials and the blueprints of the general building for the school."

Peter listens seriously taking notes of everything in his mind when we talked about the materials. inlays of the classrooms, and the designs of it. "The most light but hard material we could use are golem marbles they could be used for tiles and with the right designs the children will love them." (Peter) says enthusiastically drawing in a piece of paper and I follow his work.

Not bad!

I nod agreeing with him loving the idea and the brainstorm and the fact that he's considering what the children would feel while being in school. "The general inlay of the building will be at least three floors and one base floor where the earth users can train all their might there." I add that to him and he writes it down.

"Oh and maybe a room where it's fire proof because you know how fire magic users are. Really... enthusiastic... plus we might need a pond for water magic users, and an open area for wind users." I remember the orphanage damages with those kids the time they bloomed on their magic.

I hoped the school would teach them how to control it before someone could get hurt.

We both jolt down our ideas into the blueprint and boy does he draw so good with those hands. "How about people with non-elemental magic?" (Peter)

Hmm... right people who have either [Blessed Magic] or [Ancestry Magic] those special kinds that can only be given by a deity or special ones that can only run in the noble family but who would put nobles in a commoner school?

I tap my finger into the table finally deciding on something. "That's a problem they might need to hire a private tutor because this will only be a school for commoners. People with special magic it'll be hard to find a specific teacher for each of them but we might send a class for the common non-elemental ones."

Alfred will be the one in charge of staff hiring and I'll be right there with him.

We were finalizing the whole thing and I think in this whole meeting me and Peter actually interacted for more than an hour- who knew it was fun conversing with him!

"Alright so we'll have to build a cafeteria here. I want to purchase a lot of elemental stones and place them in the right places. The classrooms will have the advanced magic technology from [Winshern] and maybe a playground where they children can exercise."

Peter nods in silence once again drawing the playground in mind.

In a few minutes of sketching he shows me the final product and they were almost similar to earth's- I couldn't help smile at it nostalgically but still feel uneasy of how accurate it was.

"Nice sketch of the playground. May I?"

Peter blinks for a bit happily giving me the sketch of the playground.

I held it through my hand, the swings, the monkey bars, the seesaw, playhouses, there were a lot she sketched in under a few minutes. "Its so detailed and amazing. How did you came up with such a really cool idea like this?"

Peter scratches his chin shyly finger pointing to the sketch, "When you said playground I can finally use this design that I once saw in my dreams." (Peter) smiles staring at the drawing affectionately coming out from the memory.

Dreams? Right Rose did told me once that dreaming of your past lives was normal when I told her about my daughter but who knew- hold on Peter was someone from earth before? Or maybe another world similar to earth?

"A dream. Is this all that you dreamt before?" I gave him back his sketches and he nods.

"They're pretty random but they've been happening more often lately. Playgrounds, people I never met before in my life and weird clothes that I've never seen before." (Peter) laughs like this was all nothing to him because he doesn't know but...

It was something for me.

Who knows how many people I've met before that also was a past soul from earth.

I still haven't answered... why was I transmigrated into Kein's body?

Everyone else started off as infants so why was it that I had to occupy someone and take their life without their consent? Its making me feel guilty to the core.

I tried to smile hiding the utter disappointed expression I was holding back. I snapped my fingers, Alfred takes the contract out of his [Storage Ring] and presents it to Peter. "Thanks Peter I think that about covers much about the blueprint for work. You'll receive the payments monthly and we'll hire construction works to be a part of the team you'll be leading."

Peter slowly reads over the contract before signing his name over the signature line.
"Of course the material cost will be covered by the Hills family. It will be a pleasure working with you, I hope you can help me make a school that could help the commoners of this kingdom strive."

I offer him my hand and Peter takes it in utter delight shaking it still I can feel his body being stiff from being nervous. "T-Thank you. I-I'll do my best."

Alfred escorts Peter out of the mansion while I went ahead to the stables where Vanilla was impatiently waiting for me and by that she was looking to left and right all over and over. "Hey silly I'm over here."

When Vanilla heard my voice her eye's had stars over her pupils immediately neighing and then flapping her wings jumping over the fence lock flying over to my side. "VANILLA NO! STAY- URK!"

Vanilla didn't stop flying to my direction her head hitting mine slightly thank goodness I have fast reflexes and that I managed to avoid her in time. She trots over to my side ignoring my angry glare before licking my face as if asking for an apology. "Vanilla you little rascal- stop licking me."

Vanilla neighs sniffing over me trying to find a treat. I sighed taking some treats from my ring before scolding my Pegasus some more about safety and reasons why you shouldn't fly over your master. "Vanilla I'm not invincible you know. I can't heal that easily because healing magic or light magic won't work on me."

Vanilla blinks for a moment before licking my face once looking guilty. Pegasus horses are smart, good at detecting emotions so they know what their riders feel. Vanilla always knew what mood I was in when I was riding her for work or a stroll. "Fine you're forgiven just don't do that again come on I need to meet the people I'll be looking over for now at work."

Vanilla nods in understanding my heart can never get mad at this Pegasus for long.

She's too adorable always running before thinking and her soft white mane was really fluffy and nice. She reminds me of- Never mind.

I held her leash before hoisting myself up into Vanilla's saddle minding her wings. I turn to the direction of the capital before kicking off. "Tsk tsk hyah!"

Vanilla spreads her wings flapping it strongly creating some strong breeze before her body began flying off into the distance with me.

I tried to focus where today would lead me into.

Feeling the wind over my face, my hair scattering I felt free every time I was with Vanilla.

When I arrived through the headquarters where I would meet my squad- it would contain of six to ten soldiers but- when I got there I only saw two of them.

I didn't hold Vanilla's leash anymore because well she's a really well mannered Pegasus so she decided to wait for me in the corner right there where she'll be watching me torn these soldiers apart on why were there only two people here?!

I gave them first a salute before calmly- and I mean calmly asking why were there only two people standing there and now that I noticed it these two were girls. No man in sight.

They saluted back holding their hand over their chest nervously looking at their empty sides.

I smiled being professional about my work and rank. "So do you know where the other's are before we start?" I asked the two of them.

The two girls look at each other before one of them responded raising their hands. "They... went off after knowing commander was a girl."

Misogynistic bitches- I tried calming myself down some before looking at the other two girls who looks down clearly nervous. I sighed but still I cannot believe such treatment were given after all that progress.

The thing is on the three human kingdoms.

[Sprivanto] is the most equal and peaceful of them all. There is no such as gender roles, everyone is free to be whoever, love whoever, and the racial discrimination is less compared to here and [Winshern].

Commoners were allowed to study there.

[Puronia] is trying to catch up with [Sprivanto] with the progress of what they have but with some set on limitations.

It took me a long while before I can even gather votes to build a school for commoners but thanks to my father's influences we managed to just barely do it by just him being a baron.

As for the whole women are not fit to have jobs due to the whole bankruptcy of the kingdom everyone needed to pitch in with how the taxes were slowly rising up day after day and now its now seen as normal for women to try and find a job.

However, in [Winshern] where Natasha is from... I've heard rumors but actually hearing it from a person was horrible.

When I saved her from the slime she was escaping her family to live here because of women oppression.

Well to ignore or let them have it. I cross my arms. "Do you know where they are?"

The two girls nod replying. "Answering Commander- they usually hang out in a bar. I believe that they will be ordering beer and steak."

The girl answers without even thinking I mean- I did not need to know what was on their order menu but I have to admit. This one was funny and she was the only one that was answering me this whole time. "Can I have both of your names?"

"S-Sarah and um Minerva can't answer you right now because she hasn't heard anything we talked about. She's deaf and I'll have to sign every thing to her after this commander." (Sarah) explains and I nod in understanding.

I look curiously at the other girl who stared at me back.

Well time to use my sign languages to see if we learned the same thing.

'It's nice to meet you.'

Sarah stares at me in bewilderment as well as Minerva who signs back. 'You can do signs?'

'I had to study for a student and now I'm thankful that I did.'

Minerva was taken a back but she looked like she was smiling at from my sign.

I remembered the third princess whom I met before. I didn't realize she was Cecilia and Rose's little sister not until when I saw her having a tiara on her head one time- it was awkward but nonetheless I got to ask about her other book projects from time to time.

"Wow- commander is so cool!" (Sarah) compliments me her eyes staring at me with admiration.

"Thank you for your praises but... I need you to lead the way where that bar you were talking about were."

Sarah and Minerva nods leading me the way to the bar.

And this place... is definitely not a bar.