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[If you could have a power, what would it be?]

"The ability to conjure illusions so strong, that they seem real."

[What is your name?]


[Are you positive you want to stick to that name?]


[Once chosen, you cannot change your name. Will you stick with your choice?]

"God damnit! Yes, just let me reincarnate, transmigrate, or whatever already!"

[Scanning DNA…]

[Rewriting history…]

[Uploading scenario…]

[Clans rise and fall, but the fighting never stops. Your clan is being hunted, and there are only a few remaining. Your territory was taken, leaving your clan without a home to call their own. You have started to learn what it means to be a shinobi, but do you have what it takes to survive? Will your clan rise or will it be forever forgotten in the annals of history?]