Chapter 7 – Our Bloodline
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Kermit sat cross-legged with his eyes focused on his index finger. More specifically the small pebble that looked attached to his index finger. He was proud of himself for accomplishing something that defied common logic in a normal world. With his finger outstretched, the pebble was just touching his index finger and nothing else. He was honestly surprised it did not drop yet.

Granted, he has only been holding the pebble in place for twenty seconds, but that was still something.

It took a great amount of skill to do this and from what his brother told him, this was how a person could increase their chakra control.

When Kermit first tried to do this, he failed constantly. It was not only until a few minutes ago did he finally get a feel for it. Not using too much chakra or else the pebble would fall instantly. If he used too little, it would not stick to his finger.

That was not all, he still had to keep the flow constant. A rush would cause the pebble to fall, and limiting the flow too much would also cause the pebble to fall.

"Wow, I'm impressed. How long can you keep it up?"

Mishimoto asked Kermit as he squatted down next to him.

"Maybe thirty seconds?"

Kermit said not sounding confident at all, even questioning his own capability.

Mishimoto nodded his head but said nothing, instead he waited patiently by Kermits side. Watching to see how long Kermit could keep this up.

When thirty seconds went by, the pebble still showed no sign of falling.

However, it did fall after forty seconds passed.

"Dang, thought I could last longer."

Kermit said as he shook his head with a smile. His face was full of sweat showing how hard he worked.

"It's a lot better than most. When I first started I could only hold it for ten seconds. You'll catch up to my strength in no time."

"Really? Then what about Yuri?"

Mishimoto thought over Kermits question for a second before answering.

"She's a bit like you in a sense, a fast learner. Might also have to do with who her father is though, she's been trained since young."

"Aren't we the same?"

"Not really the same. Take you for instance, you know very little about the ninja world and the charka system. She was taught that since she could talk. Her training period started younger than us."

Kermit secretly rolled his eyes believing that his brothers comment about him not knowing much of this world was total bullcrap. Kermit knew a lot it was just that he could not bring it up without causing suspicion.

"Why weren't we taught that way?"

Mishimoto shrugged his shoulders and looked off towards their father.

"I guess it's what dad wanted. Anyway, you should get back to training I'll let you know when breakfast is ready."

"Wait! What kind of movement did Yuri use the other day? I've never seen anymore move so fast."

"You'll be able to do that too once you gain more mastery over your charka and if you blessed with the ability."

Kermit titled his head whilst showing how confused he was.

"Err... Our clan is a bit weird. Some of us are able to use a certain jutsu others cannot, they are just blessed that way. It has nothing to do with training or anything, it's just how our Bloodline works."

Kermit understood that his brother was talking about a Kekkai Genkai. However, Kermit already had one, and it did not sound the same.

"Are you talking about Phantasm Release?"

Mishimoto shook his head.

"No. That's the founders jutsu, we have his blood in us but we also have his wife's. Unlike him who conjured weapons to help him fight, she was fast. The fastest person to live too. We called it the Swift Release, but I think there is a problem with us."

Mishimoto sighed.

"What problem?"

"Its... as I said. Only a few gifted ones are able to awaken that ability. As for the founders, no one has been able to awaken his. I'm not sure why, but I think it has to do with us."

"That cannot be the case. It might just be harder to show up the stronger it is. Maybe we will see someone with it in the future generations."

While Mishimoto and Kermit were chatting, the three adults were also having their own meeting.

Ai stood with her arms crossed looking down at the ground.

Neja held a long thin stick In his hand as he drew a picture on the ground and Denji just watched.

"From what the kids have told us, we are currently here. This is what surrounds us here, and this place is where they encounter those ninja."

"And that road must lead towards a village of some sort."

Ai added.

Neja agreed.

"Right, the road has to lead to a village or clan. But the question is do we approach?"

As Neja said those words he turned to Denji.

"Could be complicated. If that kid they saw is someone in the clan that belongs there, then things could be tricky. Especially if there are more like that child."

"That is true, but we also do not want to step on anyone's turf. If we really settle here and a conflict arises in the long run, what will we do then?"

Ai asked.

Denji had no answer for her.

"I can go, introduce myself and see what this land has to offer."

Neja brought up a solution. One that may not turn out the way any of them would hope. It was a gamble but something they had to do.

"It's too risky. We should wait a month or two before we make any moves. Your injury needs to completely heal and Kermit still needs training."

Neja thought over the words his wife said and it sounded good to the ear. But a month, a year it made no difference. They needed to set their intentions straight and make sure they would not have any enemies.

To do that, he had to follow that road and meet whoever or whatever was at the end of it.