Chapter 9 – Kermit is having fun
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It's been a week since Neja met two ninja from the Hyuga clan. After talking with Denji and Ai, they decided that it was best to stay put. They had a two year plan and as long as they could see it completed things could change for them. Their family could head anywhere they wanted and be able to handle themselves. This time would allow them to gather more information about the surrounding area.

Kermit was outside holding two shrunken in his hand. In the distance were two targets on separate trees.

His hands moved as he snapped his wrist forward letting the two shrunken fly. The right one flew in an arc as it curved heading straight for its target. The left one too curved, but it was not even close to its target.

With a thud, the right shrunken embedded itself into the tree. The target unharmed. It was off its mark by seven inches.

The left one hit the tree to the far left of its intended target.

"Again!" Neja shouted at Kermit.

Sweat rolled down Kermits face as he was already huffing and puffing. His arms felt heavy. He's been at this for over an hour already, when was he going to get a break?

"Dad, let him rest its been an hour already. He can't continue." Mishimoto said as he pointed at Kermit.

"I'm fine..." Kermit struggled those few words out as he picked up two more shrunken.

"It's been days and he still can't hit the target! How is he supposed to manage himself in a fight?" Neja asked as he glared at his first son.

Yet, he shook his head. "That's enough for now. Head back and go eat." He commanded as his body blurred.

Kermit seeing his father vanish dropped down to the ground. He was exhausted and wondered why was he being worked so hard.

Still, it was invigorating and his stats were increasing.

Name: Asago Kermit

Status: Shinobi-in-training

Ninjutsu: 10 Physique: 25 Chakra: 100

Nature Type: Unknown

Kekkai Genkai: Phantasm Release

He was still weak but much stronger than before.

"I don't know what's going on with dad, he's more on edge lately." Mishimoto said as he sat beside his younger brother.

"It's fine, this is the world we live in. I have to get stronger!" As Kermit said that, he clenched his fist as he could see a future others could not.

"No its not! This is too intense, even mother is worried about you." Mishimoto revealed.

Kermit smiled. "This is nice you know. I've never been pushed this hard before, it's tiring sure, but it's so fun!"

Mishimoto did not know what to say. His brother did not react the way a normal child would. He found this fun when others would cry and be annoyed at the fact they were being worked so hard.

Why? Where did his brothers motivation come from?

Kermit jumped up. "I'm starving! You think there any more pig left?" Kermit asked.

Mishimoto smiled but said nothing. This brother of his was something else.