Chapter 11 – Lost together
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Kermit chased after the wolf for ten minutes, but when he realized he couldn't catch up he found himself lost. None of the trees looked familiar to him, nor did he recall there being a pond.

He was a bit scared, afterall this was a world full of ninjas. This era was one were people killed on a daily basis. Kermit had very little to protect himself.

He did not panic though, he just took in his surroundings and tried to retrace his steps. It did not work out that well for him as he found himself going in circles.

"This place is strange. No matter where I go or how I turn, I always seem to end up back here." Kermit said to himself as he sat in front of a Boulder.

"Am I trapped in some sort of gentusu?" Kermit asked himself as he scratched his head.

He could not recall how a person was supposed to break out of genjutsu. Even if he knew, that did not mean he was capable of doing so.

"Are you lost too?" A voice asked him.

Kermit turned and found a young child hiding behind a tree. She was wearing black clothing that matched her short black hair and eyes. In her hand was a scroll.

"Who are you?" Kermit asked while remaining on guard.

"I'm Izumi." She answered him.

"I'm Kermit. Asago Kermit, what are you doing here and do you know where we are?" Kermit asked her.

Izumi shook her head. "Not exactly, but my dad called this place the forest of lost dreams. I was looking for a pink flower and ended up here, what about you?"

"I was chasing a wolf. It took my rabbit from me. Do you know how to get out?"

"If I knew that, I wouldn't have been stuck here for a day. I need to get home soon, my dad is worried sick." Izumi said with her head down.

"We'll make it out of here. I'm sure of it."

"I hope so, I'm starving." Izumi's stomach growled right on cue.

"I saw some berries... but I'm not sure if they are there still." Kermit replied as he turned his head to look in a certain direction. "Everytime I go somewhere I always end up back here. If I knew what was happening, maybe I could solve it."

Izumi did not say anything, she just slid down to the ground with her back against the tree.

"Want to play a game?" Izumi asked Kermit after a moment of silence.

"Now? I thought you were hungry."

"I am, but if I take my attention off of food it will help. Maybe it will help you as well."

Kermit thought about it for a second before he nodded his head. "Alright, what's the game?"

"Have you played Pyo-shi before?"

Kermit shook his head. He's never once heard of a game named that.

Izumi jumped up. "Here, I'll show you. It's easy and so much fun!" Izumi picked up a round pebble from the ground and let it drop to the ground. Before the pebble hit the ground, she kicked it with her feet.

"You just keep kicking the pebble keeping it afloat. Whoever can hold out the longest wins, ok?"

This game was familiar to Kermit, but it was called something else. He just couldn't remember the name.

"Alright, I'll play."