Chapter 13 – Barrier
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Denji analyzed the area and found fallen leaves, blood, and small prints in the grass. "Doesn't look like he was hurt, so where did he go?" Denji asked himself as he looked in the direction the blood went. He found some more blood on a bush.

Quickly he sped forward, hoping this would lead him to Kermit. After a minute of running at his top speed, he was in a different area. The scenery changed, but he knew this was not a place they have explored yet.

Before going any further, Denji knelt down and placed his palm on the ground. He scanned the area to see what was nearby, and who was nearby.

He could feel the presence of two small kids, at least going by their height they were small. A bit further away he could feel two more figures, both male.

The two adults were further away, but seemed to be searching for something. The kids were closer to him and they were moving in a funny way.

Going forward, Denji was forced to stop in his tracks. There was something here. "What is this?" Denji asked as he could feel something in front of him. It was a sixth sense type of feeling.

As he reached his hand out, he found it hard to move. "A barrier? What is this doing here?" Denji was shocked and surprised.

Punching the barrier did not work. He even attacked the barrier with rock bullets, but they just bounced off of it. This was not a barrier he has seen before.

He was so absorbed in the barrier that he did not notice the presence of the two adult males approaching.

"Are you the one who put up this barrier?" A man asked Denji drawing his attention away from the barrier.

Denji's head snapped as he saw both men. Black hair, black eyes with black clothing. These men seemed to favor that color, and on their right shoulder was a metal shoulder guard. There was a Thunder bolt insignia drawn on it.

"No. Just trying to get in and retrieve something." Denji replied to him as he stood guard.

Both men looked at Denji with caution.

"Best stop trying, we've already searched the entire barrier. Don't see a way in, and whoever put it up knew what they were doing. It's impossible to break." The man with long black hair said.

"Why are you here?" Denji asked them.

The short black haired man snorted. "Same as you, trying to retrieve something."

As much as Denji would like to take their word for it, he couldn't. He merely smiled. "I'll check for myself. You could have missed something."

The short haired one laughed. "Have at it. Took us a whole day to circle this thing."

Denji's eyes narrowed. Were they walking?

Both men saw his expression and laughed. "We only walked the last quarter."