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"This will be the last battle, so none of you die. If you do die then no one will mourn your death." said a tall figure wearing a hood and a mask. 

"Like we'll believe that, unlike you and Ansel, people actually know our faces. What's more, people can't even figure out your gender" said a muscular man wearing steel armor with a battle axe on his back. Sure enough the so-called Ansel was also wearing a hood and a mask. 

"Well of course who doesn't know the handsome Keely that is I, then again not many people know Justice either." Said Keely man. 

"Hey, sure I'm not as popular as you, who is a coward that hides in their vehicle all day all day. But I still have some fans, you know." said the man carrying a battle axe. 

"Then is Teri popular?" asked a girl. 

"Well... yeah, I guess so, you are the only confirmed female in the group. Since we have two of unknown gender" Justice replied. "Well changing the topic, we better start going; Altair it's your command, you are the leader after all." 

"Right everyone prepared for battle, after this we could finally go home." Altair said as they raised their fist in the air. 

"""Yeah""" and Justice, Keely, and Teri all raised their fists in the air. However everyone turned towards Ansel waiting for their reply. 

"Sure," Ansel said in an uninterested voice.

On September 9th, 3408 the ten year war with the monsters finally came to an end. The public held a ceremony to praise the heroes for their achievement, however two heroes seem to be missing.


Avis/Altair(Fake name) (Unknown)


Black hair, yellow eyes

The upbeat person

Bladed bow


Shiloh/Ansel(Fake name) (Unknown)


Brown hair, blue eyes

The person who ignores usually everyone with a few exceptions

Whip sword


Justice (Male)


Red hair, orange eyes

Your average gold-hearted protagonist (too bad he's not the actual protagonist here though)

Battle axe


Keely (Male)


Blonde hair, pink eyes

The arrogant noble character, even so he's still quite popular, also maybe a little chuunibyou

Air ship, turrets, drones, explosives (no I won't make him say the line)


Teri (Female)


White hair, blue eyes

Uses third person pronouns

Often not able to read the room nor understand people

Also get misunderstood a lot




In case you didn't already know this is a sci-fi story. If anyone has any suggestions and/or corrections please comment on it. I'll probably change this a few more times. My apologies if you lost a few brain cells while reading this.