Chapter 1
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Just a reminder Avis and Altair are the same person and so is Shiloh and Ansel. Altair and Ansel are their fake names.


Chapter One

“So you two are really leaving.” said Justice with a disappointed expression.

“Well yeah, I was forced to join the military while Ansel was someone we picked up during the war. I don’t want her future to just be more military like a certain someone.” said Avis, however this time she wasn’t wearing a mask or hood, instead she was wearing clothes of a regular foot soldier and of course so was Ansel.

“Well yeah, what’s more it’ll be harder to find a partner now that I’m a public figure and I don’t want someone to get hurt because of me.” Justice replied.

“Well of course the handsome that is me won’t have any trouble finding a partner, but Altair you’re 25 and that’s not very young either” said Keely with the usual voice.

“Ahaha, right, time sure does pass by fast.” Avis laughed, seemingly not bothered by Keely’s previous statement. “Well anyway this is goodbye I guess.”

“Hey wait, you forgot the reward. It’s $500,000 total, so 50,000 each.” Altair turned to leave but was stopped by Justice who gave a bag of cash to each Avis and Shiloh.

“Tsk, tsk, how cheap of the military” Avis said, smiling.

“Well, the war drained everyone’s pockets including the military as well. Actually I plan on giving half of the money that I earned back into the military” Justice smiled wryly.

“Right, right, same as always, anyhow, bye.” Avis turned to leave, this time however no one stopped her. And Shiloh soon followed.

“Well, are you going to keep following me?” Avis asked Shiloh.

“But I don’t know what to do.”

“Well why don’t you travel around, I mean safety is not a problem and well although $50,000 is small for ten years worth of work, really small but it could still last you for a year or two, granted prices didn’t skyrocket and you don’t spend wastefully.”

“I see...”

“Well, see you in the future”

Shiloh nodded


POV, Caelan

As soon as the news came of our victory against the monsters everyone started celebrating and of course hoping that their loved ones survived and returned safely. I was no exception, my friend who was living with my family since the monsters killed her family joined the military. What’s worse she didn’t even tell me about it, nor did she send us any news that she was alive. Suddenly I heard a knock on the door and a female figure came in. Somehow she seemed familiar, but I had no time to waste after all a random person just came into my house. I glanced around and saw a bowl to my right and didn’t hesitate to pick it up and throw it at the stranger.

“Woah, woah, hey, can you not throw things at me.” said the female figure.

“Who are you?” I asked while reaching for another bowl.

“Ehh, how hurtful, you don’t remember me anymore” despite her words her tone is rather up-beat. Wait, up-beat? Don’t tell me …


“That’s me, so glad that you remember me, I mean it has been about 10 years.” No way that’s really her, she changed so much that I barely recognize her. “Hey what's with that face, it’s really me you know. How should I prove it to you? Oh I got it!” Before I could react she moved closer and kissed me on the forehead, “I’m home” she said with a smile.

“So it’s really you” as I said that tears started to roll down my cheeks.

“Yep and this time I won’t leave again without telling you. At least I hope so.”

“Right, welcome home.”



Was this chapter a little too heavy? Also the average annual income is about 30,000 (at least in the US) and they received 50,000 for ten years of service, what a rip off huh. Anyhow hope you didn’t lose any brain cells while reading and if you did, my apologies. Also be sure to mention any mistakes or suggestions in the comment. Thank you for reading.