Chapter 108: The Scorched Sea War (2)
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"That brat Dragon has been shaken up with your words for years now!" Garp said with some irritation. "Let me give you what I gave him…

My signature 'Fist of Love'!"


Damien's eyes narrowed in seriousness.

The boy had fought many enemies now.

He clashed with 2 Overlords, duelled the likes of Whitebeard and Shiki, defeated Big Mom and even took down an Admiral!

Yet in all these fights, he had never fought a man like Garp.


The reason was what Garp did not have - Fruit powers!

Damien knows how to fight even Awakened fruit users, but never has he ever equally clashed with a non-fruit user of this level.

It was something he had been waiting for.


"BWAHAHA!" Garp laughed out.

He wore an open white shirt and navy-blue trousers while fashioning a goatee.

*Crack* *Crack*

The Vice Admiral cracked his Haki-infused knuckles as the sound echoed in the atmosphere, rather loudly.

He gave out his usual grin.


The air popped like a balloon as Garp used Geppo to launch himself towards Damien who was roughly 150 meters.

The marine had little strategy involved in his charge, just a simply rocket-like rush with his right hand pulled back, ready to crumble everything.


Damien changed his Ryushi into a more aggressive form - The Vanquisher.



The air vibrated as the newly configurated weapon seemed rather annoyed by being sent back from before.


Damien twirled Ryushi in a red circle as he too blasted on ahead.

Tornadoes of red energy swirled around the youth as his body built up huge amounts of momentum.


"Crimson Comet!"


His entire attire was now a flash of red that went fast enough to leave streaks of broken air behind.

Garp saw the oncoming Damien and gave out a grin of pure glee.

A red bubble was coated around his right fist as it met the red meteor.


A flare of crimson energy arcked all over the seas as shockwaves with enough power to push the nearby marine ships tens of meters away.


Torrents of air currents were generated as the 'Sin Incarnate' and 'The Fist' pushed forth.


Damien's attack was naturally infused with Conqueror's Haki though they seemed to be countered!

Garp let out a green aura that had a wild aspect to it. It was like Kaido… the very battle spirit of a fighter. It was an extension of their will and materialized outside their bodies.


'This Armament is ridiculous! He uses his fist to push back Supreme Grade Weapons like it's not the hardest steel in the world!' Damien thought in his head, a smile followed on his face.

Garp gave out a chuckle as well.


A secondary explosion went off as the pirate and the shot back 20 or so meters.

Both uninjured.


"That weapon is as hard as Roger's sword! It makes for a nice nail clipper!" Garp joked with little seriousness.


All the while a screen appeared in Damien's eyes.


[Monkey D. Garp]

[Age: 39]

[Height: 9'5]

[Devil Fruit: None]

[Skills: Incredible inborn strength, Exceptional Armament Haki, great spirit, fearless.]

[Haki: Mastered Observation, Grandmastery (III) for Armament, Strayed Conqueror's Haki.]

[Strength: Middle Stages of Top-Tier Yonko]


Damien's strength was intrigued.

This was his first encounter with a Grandmaster of Armament.

Something even he has yet to attain!


"Take this Fist of Love!" Garp roared out, his fist coated in absurdly thick Haki.



Damien readied Ryushi once more as his body was then covered in plates of armour with crimson mist that exuded out.


Boom! *Clang!* *BAM!*

Under the eyes of the marines, the 2 men went off at great speeds with collisions that occurred every few instances.

Streaks of red and green flashed throughout like a fanfare as the fight continued.


[Ox Llyods' Warship]


Sengoku stood as firm as a mountain. His pure white marine coat draped over his shoulders with his seagull hat mounted on his head.

A black snail in his hand.

Basara was there as well, the one-eyed Admiral.


Sengoku looked around and saw the chaos.

On one side was Big Mom against Zephyr. The 2 had already led to many deaths on both sides from their fight.

Linlin used her Ultimate-Class Fruit as her versatile attacks rained down on the 'Black Arm'.


The other side had pockets of air that exploded at constant intervals, booms of clashes went off as Damien's Ryushi added with Garp's armament would release great amounts of shockwaves.

And of course, in the middle was a pure moshpit of marines and pirates.

Bodies swam lifelessly with rubble and broken ships every here and there.

The cries of tens of thousands of men in fights and injuries were the only thing that seemed to persist.


Sengoku raised his black snail as it was connected to the ones with the higher-ranked marines in the war.


"We will begin the plan, all troops, being a slow retreat!" He ordered.


Upon his words, visibly, the functional marine ships started to immediately pull back, cannons stills went off in order to mask their moves.


Ten minutes passed as the marines had put a gap of at least 300 meters in between the ships. A naval battle ensued.


"Now, Basara-san!"


The Admiral exchanged a nod to his fellow marine as he slowly rose his hands.

Basara's movement was quick and swift, yet the result was felt all over the sea.


The very sea that was bathed in fire and war trembled as ripples of waters slowly grew in intensity.


The fight paused for a second as the pirates saw what was to come.


"Pit of Despair!"


Basara's deep voice echoed all over the region as a huge shadow engulfed the ships on the outer edges of the naval battle.

Rocks fell down as a giant structure rose all around the battlefield.


It was a mountain that seemed the entire warzone!


The seas shook continuously as the circular dome grew and grew.

500 meters.

This is how high the range had become!

Basara then made a few more hand gestures.


"Justice Arena!"


The seas shook as well as the ships as the water below was slowly displaced.


Wood cracked on the hull of many pirate ships as they started to lift up.


Basara moulded the earth to make a full landmass!

It stretched all over the battlefield.

Not only that, on the pirate half of the arena, he used jaggedy earth as it scarred the ships while on the marine side, it was as smooth as a newborn's rear.

By now, a multi-kilometer-wide land had been erected that encompassed the warzone and beyond.


"Seek shelter!" Sengoku's voice was heard from the snails in the hands of Vice and Rear Admirals.


Basara then brought both arms up as the world was moulded by him.


Beyond the circular mountain around the battlefield were even more pieces of earth that swirled around.


The air screamed in agony as the large boulders slowly floated to the skies above the pirate ships.

They materialized into even shapes and seemed to encase the entire sky zone.

"..." A deafening silence took over as the forces eyed the rocks above.

They were around 3 meters wide with a sharped edge, floating with little movement.

Tens of thousands of them.


"Showered Justice!"


Under the command of Basara, slowly but surely, all the boulders in the sky fell with the embrace of gravity.

Picking up speed, generating loud whirls as they neared their objective.


The pirates gulped as they saw the attacks rain down.


[The Suicidal Rambo]


Shakky clicked her tongue as she saw the free-falling from around 500 meters in the sky.

At this rate, the boulders would crash down with around 375 km/h speeds!


"Admiral Sengoku - also know as the 'Resourceful General'," Shakky muttered. "Renowned for his tactical and strategic genius by marines and pirates alike."




Shakky's eyes drifted to the side as she saw the navy fire endless cannons on her fleet. An exponential amount of bullets also went off as the marines unloaded their rifles.

With the incoming boulders and endless gunfire, this was surely problematic.


Shakky used her Roulette-Roullete Fruit and changed the rounds in her pistol.

*Pew* *Pew* *Pew*

Tens of bullets went off as they hit the broken ships nearby.

A weird scene ensued as the small bullets sucked up all the rubble into a portal.


By now, the Rocks Pirates had regained their wills and opened fire at the boulders above in desperation to somewhat lessen the range of attacks.

"Charging Radon!"

"Inferno Storm!"

"Paper Tornado!"

"Devil's Parade!"

"The Great Depression!"

"Infernal Venom!"

"Mace of Atlas!"

"Twin Cry!"

"One Sword Style - Dance of the White."


Damien's Division mates continued with their attacks that wiped out great amounts of the boulders.


Shakky then aimed her pistol.


A single bullet flew out as it split apart into 50 pieces.


Air was displaced as the giant rubble pieces that were shot at recently appeared out of nowhere in the sky, acting as a shield.


All the while thousands of bullets shot upwards mixed in with many sword attacks and whatnot as the pirates pushed back.



The air howled as the marines' attacks neared as well. The thousands of cannonballs exploded on the ships as many pirates were thrown into the air, their bodies popped from the attacks.

BOOM! *Rumble*

The boulders that were reduced to about a fifteenth of their original count crashed down.



"My leg!"



Meat paste splashed around as the blood of thousands of pirates leaked out. Broken bones and shattered bodies everywhere.

Howls and moans of injured men resounded throughout the seas as only a mess of red was left behind.

The hundred-some ships were cracked and destroyed with only 40 still functional.


The Rocks Pirates Fleet had taken great amounts of damage!


From 30000 pirates, they were reduced to nearly 16500 in the matter of a few hours!

The marines were still around 19000 strong.


*Shaking Earth*

With the wide platform risen by Basara below, the marines charged forth, their morale sky-high.


"Meet their attacks!" Indra's stern voice bellowed out as the pirates.


The pirates that survived showed no fear. They just growled in anger as they jumped off the ships with little care, weapons raised.

They were practically animals.


Like 2 tides, the armies clashed.

Bodies swam together as tens of thousands of men began a melee on slaughter.




3 Ancient Zoans appeared!

Bozo as a Pachycephalosaurus, Obazoba as a Titanaboa and Bazoon as the new user of the Ankylosaurus.

[A/N: Ankylosaurus Image.]


Yet their appearance was met by another force!


A loud metallic sound broke off as each Ancient Zoan was attacked!


Marine capes floated around as powerful presences stood tall.

6 Rear Admirals!


Pascal and Heath were a team of fire and alcohol that mixed rather well but were too, stopped by more marines.

Pablo and the other division mates went off against their own foes.


Indra walked ahead to the bow of the ship.

"Shakky-sama, I will go as well."

The woman nodded as she took down 20 or so marines with her gun.


Indra blasted ahead in incredible speed, even beyond Damien's masterful Rokushiki!

He was like a bullet that zoomed around.

*Slash* *Splatter* *Splash*

A company of marines were shocked as they were picked off one by one with a streak of black.

Blood rained down as they all fell one by one.


The secret to Indra's new speed was a fruit given to him by Damien - the Swift-Swift Fruit!


He zipped ahead as hundreds of marines fell in his wake, clean and merciless slashes accompanied the pirate.

Streaks of afterimages were left behind as he continued his slaughter.



His sword was suddenly met to a halt with a large broadsword.


Indra's black eyes remained bright as he muttered, "Vice Admiral..."


[In the Skies]



Damien in his Empyrean Form was bombarded with Garp's powerful fists as their fight continued.

It had been 2 hours since their fight began.

The pirate sighed as he saw his losing crewmates, not that he cared for them, except for a select few that is.


"Sengoku-san is as ruthless as always," Damien said.

Garp chuckled, "Hehe, Sengoku may be a golden statue but his mind is only a little sharper than mine!"

Damien's Ryushi slammed on Garp's fist.

Garp talked in between their collisions, "You grew a lot from that little fledgling at Mora Island to now. Kong-san's hair turned grey from your mess, Bwahaha!"


Damien slashed down as his attack was met with 2 fists.


"It's only the beginning!"

Garp grinned, "Even with you and that giant cake-lover, you stand no chance right now. Newgate, Shiki and Xebec are busy with their own fights."


A black punch drilled into Damien's stomach from a thin opening as he felt his ribs shake and his breath lost.

Damien was thrown 15 meters back before he regained balance.


"That usually would be enough to break a mountain..." Garp muttered as he looked at his fist in confusion. Perhaps it was due to him having missed his daily dose of rice crackers.


Damien grinned as a stream of blood flowed down his lips.

Garp wasn't wrong in his earlies statement.

With the pirates with little space to escape and under the attack of Basara and countless marines, their fall seemed inevitable.

Kurowashi also seemed as he was about to get involved and let's not forget Sengoku who had yet to even use his devil fruit.

Even with this, Damien had a few other thoughts in mind.


His eyes glowed red in Observation as he saw the coming future.

"It's about damn time..."


His gaze drifted to the side as Garp did so as well.

A black shadow could be seen from afar with many smaller ones around it.

Garp's jaw dropped.




Shock spread in the eyes of the marines and even the 3 Admirals as they looked to the far left of the circular mountain range.

A segment of the 500-meter wall seemed to have taken a huge amount of damage as cracks spread all over it.

Giant pieces of rocks slid down the slope as the attacked section shattered apart!


A 400 x 500-meter fragment of the mountain had collapsed into rubble as the tens of shadows neared.

Damien smiled as he looked at Garp, "5 marine powerhouses are quite powerful, but that's the thing, we aren't your only enemy."


The tens shadows cleared as they were ships! Flags reigned proud as the many foresails had words printed on them.


First, a few New World pirate crews:

[ I F R I T ]

[ G O O S E ]

[ M R .  N O I R ]

[B A K K I N S ]

And a few big names,

[W A N G  Z H I]


[ G O L  D.  R O G E R]


[ R O C K S ]


6 pirate crews alongside the Oro Jackson and the Titanic!

The latter was around 230 meters tall as it eclipsed the rest.


The newly arrived forces included around 800 or so New World pirates alongside the Oro Jackson's 50 or so battle-heartened Roger pirates.

A few powerful presences could be picked up as they were big names over the New World.


On one of the minor ships that sailed with an elephant figurehead stood an elephantine humanoid with a giant sword.

It was 'The Crisis' Wang Zhi  - Bounty of 𝔅 670,000,000!


On the Titanic stood a few men side-by-side.

A man who was drowned in the stench of saké, with a bounty of 𝔅 469,666,000, 'Pirate Bandit' Captain John.

Beside him was a large, armoured pirate, 'Blinding Light' Silver Axe - Bounty of 𝔅 830,000,000.


A loud shock spread over the Titanic as a black club fell upon its surface, the wielder was rather tall.

Kaido 'the Beast' - Bounty of 𝔅 1,161,100,000!

He gave an audible growl as he eyed another man that stood upon the nearby Oro Jackson.

It was  'Twin Axe' Scopper Gaban - Bounty of 𝔅 1,270,550,000.


And at the helm of the ship was a man with slicked-back golden and circular glasses that shined light which made it impossible to see his eyes.

He had a vertical scar across the left eye one seemed rather fresh, he had a bounty of 𝔅 2,408,600,000 on his head.

It was none other than the 'Dark King' Silvers Rayleigh!


The numbers had changed and yet the war only grew more turbulent.