Chapter 110: The Scorched Sea War (4)
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The pirates didn't necessarily need any morale-boosters but rather something to clear their minds.

Damien's words were sufficient.

The thousands of men raised their weapons in crazed smiles as their spirits soared into a glorious cry.

Many were blood-soaked or injured yet this wasn't their first rodeo. Spit sprang out as their yells merged into a symphony of resolve.


Damien had tasked the stronger forces with specific enemies, his goal wasn't to kill all the marines but rather to take out a single target.


Under the shutters of hidden cameras, the forces of both sides raged ahead once more.

Damien simply waved his hand as the tens of broken ships in his way were reduced to sizes beyond the naked eye, leaving behind clear seas.




Both sides started to trade endless fire as the cannons exploded with gunpowder.

Streaks of dust followed the countless cannonballs as the naval battle continued.

The ships in the front bore most of the damage as they once again reached the rocky field that Basara had created. The battle changed from overseas to on land.


Cries of pure malice rang as thousands of pirates jumped out of the ships and raged towards the sea of marines.

Under the fire of the ships from afar, it was truly a fearful spectacle and not for the faint of heart.

Pieces of flesh rained down as blood seemed more common than oxygen at this point.

The ground below had turned from a bronze colour to that of primal red.



Zephyr's seastone fist smashed upon a fruit-wielder as his entire body popped like a grape.

The Admiral Candidate was on a crusade as he vanquished great amounts of foes.

His black fist was about to clear another group of pirates, however…


It stopped midair!

A spiky-black club alongside 2 Haki-clad swords pushed it back.

Ripples of shock spread onto the ground below as the two sides clashed.


"That damn Damien!" One of the 2 men yelled out.

"He thinks he can order me around? I'll rip him apart soon enough!"


"Kaido, you wail a lot like a child but you still do as that Damien-guy said!" Gaban, his 'companion', laughed out.

The giant only growled like an angered beast as the thick club smashed harder on his marine opponent.

Zephyr was pushed back as his feet dug into the ground, his eyes squinted.


"I see," he said. "So the 'Sin Incarnate' sent 2 non-fruit wielders to deal with me, a good plan."


Kaido dropped his club haphazardly as he mumbled.


"Hah? If Damien could take your arm then I can take your life!"


"Damn pirates!" Basara roared out as he dropped large boulders onto the oncoming masses of men.

He moulded the earth far, far beneath the ground to his advantage, after all, he is a paramecia. With such a fruit, the pirates were quite threatened.


A large 60-meter wide rock that was about to fall upon a few ships was slashed in half with little resistance.

It was a clean cut that sliced and simply shredded the giant boulder.


"Mama-Ma-mam-MA!" A loud laugh went off.

"That Damien started giving orders… I'll take you down first Basara and then go and harvest that kid's seeds afterwards!"


Napoleon then descended upon the one-eyed Admiral as he clicked his tongue in response.

Giant parts of earth coiled in the air as they bombarded upon the buxom pirate.


Big Mom knew she was on the losing side in terms of firepower so she decided a shift of arms.


"Zeus, Prometheus, come to me!"

""Hai Mama!""


With explosions and shockwaves going off on all sides, it was surely quite the view.

Damien stood on the pirate side as he viewed the battle.


"That giant friend of yours works quite well with Gaban," Rayleigh commented from the side.

To which Damien scoffed.

"Kaido is not exactly my friend… but he's easy to work with. You just gotta punch harder than him and that gets him quite driven."


While the 2 chatted, a marine squad approached.

They moved at great speeds as they whizzed through the air.


They were the Special Forces - Cheetah Division.


"You're open, Sin Incarnate!" The cat-like Rear Admiral roared out as 6 other shadows flew around him.

Each one had a weapon drawn as they aimed at Damien.



A single shot went off as each fell dead; with the Rear Admiral barely breathing.


The wounds left behind sizzling steam as they practically drained into the bodies of the marines while explosion marks surrounded the area of impact.

"Black Death…," The last living marine growled in anger.


Shakky stood on Damien's side as her pistol sent out smoke from the muzzle.

The woman just winked as she shot elsewhere, one hand busy with a cigarette while the other shot endless bullets.


Damien just rolled his eyes as he saw her go off in a frenzy.

All the while the golden-haired man nearby was left speechless.


"What a woman…" Rayleigh muttered as his eyes were glued on Shakky's silhouette.

He was lost in thought as he subconsciously fixed his posture and seemed to stand quite tall.


Damien saw the distracted pirate and gave out a wry expression.

"Oye, Rayleigh," He called out. "Stop dawdling and get a move on."

The Dark King just nodded as he loosened his collar a bit and fixed his hair.


He then whizzed forth in a flash of silver rather flamboyantly.

3 Rear Admirals fell as his saber went forwards to his target.


In an explosion of gold and silver, Rayleigh clashed with a giant Buddha.

The Dark King was rather energetic as he seemed to go beyond the necessary as he fought the Admiral.


Damien deadpanned as he heard Shakky giggle from the side.

'Is he seriously trying to impress a girl 14 years younger than him?' He thought, rather jaw-dropped.


"Shakky-nee, I'll let you hold the fort," Damien announced. "I still have an unfinished duel with someone."








Cannons continuously fired as warships traded fury over the giant rocky field.

A shadow flashed.



The captain of the ship saw a rocket of a punch before the very floor beneath his feet was annihilated.


The sails fell, the wood broke apart, the frame collapsed.

A single punch.


Garp was on a mission.

He had made up a quick mini-game in his head; destroy as many ships within a single minute.

Every ship destroyed = 100 bags of rice crackers from Sengoku's pocket.

And naturally, the deal was not previously discussed with the Sengoku.


He was about to destroy another ship, until…


A blazing red trail of air current went off as Garp was lifted off his feet and tossed meters away.

Like a stone skipping over the sea, the Vice Admiral eventually was smacked onto a marine ship.


'This air cannon isn't half bad,' Damien thought as he tried out his 6 Supreme Arts.

A move with enough power to leave a hole through a mountain.


Rocks cluttered about as Garp stood up; lacking even a scratch.

"Bwahaha!" He laughed. "I was wondering when you'd come back, Damien-boy."


"I hear you have a very special way of teaching the young: a punch to set them right," Damien said. "I respect that."

Garp's eyes brightened like stars, "To appreciate my 'Fist of Love' Teaching Technique, you are even better than I thought!"


Damien gave a knowing nod as he recalled the effectiveness of the Fist of Love that he used on Kuzan and Mihawk.

"It works wonders," He said. "It instills both discipline and a sense of measure. Very effective."

"Bwahaha!" Garp let out a boisterous laugh and gave Damien a thumbs up.


Damien's eyes then sharpened as a certain dread filled the scene.

"Hehe, that aside, we still have an unfinished contest, Garp. You showed me your crazy Armament so now it's my turn."


Garp raised an eyebrow as he saw the red-eyed youth.


A soft hum of metal plating went off as black armour coated Damien's body.

The plates then started to bond and ripple about.

The armour on the back was coiled in unison as they creaked out in a mailable shape.

Seconds passed as feather-like blades pointed out from the newly made black wings.

Red mist bubbled around the Haki-clad humanoid that now remained.


"Hadean Release."


Garp hummed, "Oh? I wonder how many fists it'll take to break that armour."

Damien grinned as he set his Ryushi to Ravager Configuration.




The wings behind Damien suddenly exploded into endless wings as they sliced through the air in a razor-sharp fashion.

They hailed down on the Vice Admiral as the man simply raised his hands in an x-shape to shield himself.


The wind blew as Damien appeared 2 meters away from Garp, using 'Blink' of the Supreme Arts.


The wind grated along with the blades of Ryushi as it erupted with great power.

Damien's single left hand held the sword as it raged upon the marine's chest.


It was like a gong made of thick metal that had gone off as the supreme blade smashed onto Garp's Haki-ed body.

*Groan* The Vice Admiral let out a painful grunt as he smiled in return.

His single left palm pushed at Ryushi while the other was reeled back.


A thick coating of Armament boiled around the man's fist as a bubble of crimson energy materialized upon it.


"Nuh-uh, not taking that hit again," Damien said offhandedly.


The air was pulverized as Damien's open right hand was raised open as crimson energy whirled around.

A fist-sized red pyramid of black patterns formed.


"Atomic Fracture."


The object then blazed out in a cone shaped-attack as it directly rammed onto Garp's face.


Blood shot out of the Vice Admiral's mouth as he felt his very face being crunched up and dismantled.


He was then sent flying back with great force, ripping and tearing the lands in his wake.


He crashed on a marine ship hundreds of meters away as debris rained down in great amounts.

The nearby marines rushed to the fallen hero as they were left dumbfounded.


The Fist who regularly clashed with the likes of Shiki, Newgate and even Xebec to a point was thrown back?



Wood was displaced as a shadow stood up.

Garp let out a low chuckle as he wiped the blood from his mouth.

"I let my guard down…" He muttered as Haki boiled around him.

"I'll stop treating you like a kid now," He said. "Here I come!"


Dust was the only thing left as the marine shot out as the air screamed from the sheer momentum around the man.

Damien appeared a few meters above.


His body started moving faster than the eye could see as tens of Damiens seemed to materialize around the Vice Admiral.

Each floated with a gentle wind, prepping an attack.




Like a cannon, tens of attacks landed down from every angle as it was nothing but a flurry of black and red streaks that lit up the air.

It was a Gatling gun of endless attacks that made their way down to the chosen target.

Garp's eyes flashed in concentration as his blackened fists smashed every single attack in absolute counter.

Wherever there was an attack, there was a fist to meet it.

BOOM! *Pop* BAM!

Air pockets exploded from the constant collisions as Damien moved once more.


Floated around 7 meters in the air, gently spinning in impatience as its wielder raced ahead.

In an impulse, Damien tries a more hands-on approach.


The Hadean Form held on as the fists molten fists raged forth.



Garp's eyes glowed red as his punches grew heavier and heavier, each attack filled with endless Emission Haki.

Damien responded with equal passion.


The people that watched nearby were left flabbergasted as they felt the shockwaves reach their very bones from every collision that took place in the air.


Damien's Haki of Arms was weaker than Garp so he used his Pulverizing fruit powers as they seemed to reach a new high.

Crimson atoms rolled in that seemed different than the others.

They possessed the quality to break things apart at atomic and even sub-atomic levels!


Every punch sent out currents of every-powered blows that drilled into Garp's fist and even shook his bones, leaving them slightly numb.

Damien also felt mountains of force as his body took in the strength of the man grant the title as 'The Fist'.


The clash ensued as time passed.


The rest of the war was nothing but death and pain.

Damien's division mates clashed with Rear and Vice Admirals as the newly arrived supports did the same.

Roger's crew faced strong foes as the casualties piled on.


The pirate side had dropped to around 14000 and the opposition sat at around 16000.


"Perorin~♪" A young voice went out. "Mama put me in charge, let's go, you all!"

Perespero, Oven, Daifuku & Katakuri stood at the helm of a smaller ship of candy galore.

The ship had detached after Big Mom had clashed with Zephyr. Obeying an order directly from their loving mother.


"Apollo Island, it's where Sol keeps all his gold," Perespero said. "Kukukuku, Mama needs a lot of it to work on Totto Land. Let's go."

Katakuri remained silent as a form of agreement.

"Hmph, let's hurry before the other losers get there!" Oven announced in a frenzy of warm air as his fruit power was released.


"Don't forget what Mama said, we move quietly so don't make too much noise," Daifuku grumbled from the side.

"Set sail, Perorin~♪"


"Indra-kun, the last portion of Damien-chan's plan is left to you," Shakky called out as she rained down fire on a horde of marines.


The brown-haired man just nodded as he stood with something glowing in his hand.


4 ginormous feet slammed onto the ground as Wang Zhi's jumped from his ship to Indra's side.


In a breath of silver was Silver Axe as he too appeared.


"WAWAWAWA! Let's do it, 'Swift Death'!"

Andor's axe shined in the sun as he spoke up as well, "We shall clear the path for you."

The pirate in question gave a solemn nod, "Then let's not waste any more time."