Chapter 22: The Great Escape
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The leader of the monkeys is in my sight. My target has been changed from the monkey in front of me to it.

The monkey leader realised it has been caught and immediately made its attempt to escape from the area.

Kyuki, don't let it get away!


A barrier was erected immediately. Trapping the monkey leader within it as desperately tries to break free by punching the barrier numerous times, despite the fact that its body is still on fire.

Super Speed.

I ignored the monkeys attacking me and sprinted towards the leader, who sees me approaching and roared. Causing a swarm of monkeys to immediately move to attack... not me, but Kyuki instead.

Kyuki, protect yourself!


«Proficiency Threshold Reached... Skill has Levelled Up: [Spirit Command LV 1] -> [Spirit Command LV 2]»

The barrier trapping the leader was removed, as it reappeared to defend Kyuki from the monkeys. Seeing that it is free now, the leader quickly tries to run. But it was too late, since it is now within my range.

Dark Domain: Tenta-Snare!

A tentacle emerged from the darkness underneath the leader and proceeded to coil around its leg. Pinning it down to the ground as I continue to dash towards it.


Looks like it wants to take me on, instead of running now. I commend you for that, but you should really look at the ground behind you.


The monkey leader turned around and sees a giant coffin emerging from the darkness, opening up to reveal countless spikes within it.

Dark Domain is a skill puts me in the very center of it all when deployed. So as I move, the domain moves along with me. And by being level 7 now, the domain's range is increasingly larger than before. Which means... by being this close, you are already in my domain and the moment you step into my domain, there is no escape for you.

Plus, with you being the leader and all, there's no telling what other tricks you have up your fur.

So, sorry but... this is the method I've decided to kill you with.

Dark Domain: Iron Maiden!

The monkey leader was forced into the coffin of darkness, which then closes on itself. I'm not sure if it is screaming in anguish right now, but that don't matter to me as I simply kept moving forward, in order to finish it off.

Dark Domain: Guillotine Strike! Dark Magic: Black Sabre!

Guillotine Strike appears from behind, whereas I, with the Black Sabre, approach from the front. At the same time, both attacks bypassed the Iron Maiden and went straight to strike the monkey leader inside.

There was a feedback, due to its higher Defense stats. But I continued to push forward and eventually, the attacks went through as the monkey leader was cleaved into three, when I removed the Iron Maiden.

«Proficiency Threshold Reached... Skill has Levelled Up: [Magic Combat Mastery LV 3] -> [Magic Combat Mastery LV 4]»

«Proficiency Threshold Reached... Skill has Levelled Up: [Persistence LV 8] -> [Persistence LV 9]»

«Proficiency Threshold Reached... Skill has Levelled Up: [Dark Magic LV 4] -> [Dark Magic LV 5]»

With that, the leader of the monkeys is dead. And as I turned to look at the other monkeys, I could their movements have stopped as they stare at their leader's corpse in pure and utter shock.

Kyuki, return to me now.


Kyuki used Spirit Return and reappeared by my side, as I observed the stunned monkeys on what their next move is.

Their leader is dead, but their formation surrounding us isn't broken yet.

Come on... Go berserk, run away... Anything to allow us to escape...

As the imaginary clock ticks in my head, I patiently waited for the monkeys to make a move.

It did not take long though, before the monkeys begin to act as they immediately broke the formation they had been holding for so long and came at us, all at once.

Kyuki, hold on tight to me.


I begin charging up every single once of magic I have in me. And as the monkeys drew closer and closer, I unleashed it all onto them.

Dark Magic: Dark Burst!

The monkeys were all blown away from us, leaving many gaps in their formation.

Now, Super Speed!

Seeing the many opportunities of escape, I immediately made a run for it while holding Kyuki in my arms.

We are out of there! We have escape the battlefield!

However, we have yet to escape from the monkeys as they are now chasing after us from behind.

"Kyuu! Kyuu!"

Don't bother with them, Kyuki. Look in front. I going to need you to do one more thing for me, if we are to escape from them.


I continued to run... and run and run... Currently ignoring the monkeys right on my tail, I simply continued to run with all of my might, despite being really exhausted after all the fighting.

Where is it? Where are they? I have explored this floor with Kyuki before our monkey trouble. And if my memories serve me correct, they should be around here somewhere.

«Proficiency Threshold Reached... Skill has Levelled Up: [Life Sense LV 1] -> [Life Sense LV 2]»

«Proficiency Threshold Reached... Skill has Levelled Up: [Life Sense LV 2] -> [Life Sense LV 3]»

I need to hurry up and find them. The monkeys are catching up to us, and I am getting more tired by the second. So where the hell are they!?

«Proficiency Threshold Reached... Skill has Levelled Up: [Life Sense LV 3] -> [Life Sense LV 4]»

«Proficiency Threshold Reached... Skill has Levelled Up: [Life Sense LV 4] -> [Life Sense LV 5]»

The Life Sense has been levelling up rapidly as I kept on spamming it while running. Eventually, upon arriving at a certain location on the floor, I have finally found what I have been looking for.

Now all I need to do is to draw them down. But after using Dark Burst on those monkeys, I doubt I can use anymore magic without fainting immediately.

Fortunately though, I have Kyuki.

Kyuki, use Fire Magic on the ceiling over there now!


Kyuki blasted multiple shots of fire at the specific location per my command. Immediately after that, screeches can be heard as a swarm of bat monsters proceed to descend upon us from the front. While an army of monkey monsters chases us from the back.

"Kyuu!? Kyuu!"

Don't worry, Kyuki. This is all according to keikaku.

I continue to run forward, waiting for the right timing as the two groups of monsters come closer to us. And when the iron became hot, I struck immediately.

Dark Domain: Shadow Sneak!

Without slowing down one bit, Kyuki and I dropped down into the darkness. Resulting in the attacking bats and monkeys to collide into each other. Forcing both parties to start an all-out war against each other, as Kyuki and I proceeded to get the heck out of there.

The monkeys... are they still chasing?


What about the bats? Are they after us?


Heh... hehehehehehe...

We did it...

We did it, Kyuki! We survive the encounter!


Now let's move up to the next floor immediately. Because no way in hell are we staying here after all of that!

«Conditions have been met... Title Acquired: [Survivalist]»

«Due to the Acquisition of the [Survivalist] title, the following Skill(s) have Levelled Up: [Survivor LV 4] -> [Survivor LV 5], [Persistence LV 9] -> [Persistence LV 10]»

«Max Proficiency Reached... Skill has Advanced to the Next Rank: [Persistence LV 10] -> [Perseverance LV 1]»

«Conditions have been met... Title Acquired: [Courageous Fighter]»

«Due to the Acquisition of the [Courageous Fighter] title, the following Skill(s) have Levelled Up: [Fear Resistance LV 7] -> [Fear Resistance LV 8], [Magic Combat Mastery LV 4] -> [Magic Combat Mastery LV 5], [Unarmed Combat Mastery LV 5] -> [Unarmed Combat Mastery LV 6]»

«Due to the Acquisition of the [Courageous Fighter] title, the Title that contradicts it shall be removed...»

«Title Removed: [Coward]»

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