Chapter 24: Floor 80
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We made it...

We made it, Kyuki! We've found the stairs to the 80th floor!


It took a very long time as we had to explore the each floor before this one, in order to find the stairs up to the next floor and so forth. While doing so, we found some lone wolves and killed them to garner some points before moving on.

So, after god knows how long, we are finally standing before the stairs to the 80th floor. Which, I would like to say, is a whole lot wider than the previous stairs we took before.

This can only mean one thing...

Whatever is on the 80th floor, it must be something big. I can feel it in my guts.

«Proficiency Threshold Reached... Skill has Levelled Up: [Intuition LV 4] -> [Intuition LV 5]»

We should have our meal first and get some rest. Who knows what awaits us on the 80th floor. Besides, we have most likely spent somewhere close to an entire day, skipping past every floor to reach here. At this point, not just me but Kyuki is obviously exhausted, despite the fact that it possesses the Stamina Restoration skill.

Let's have our dinner and rest first, before heading up there. Alright, Kyuki?


«Proficiency Threshold Reached... Skill has Levelled Up: [Spirit Telepathy LV 3] -> [Spirit Telepathy LV 4]»

We had our meal of wolf meat skewers and then got our rest. After taking our several hours of sleep, we did some exercise, had another meal, and are now looking up the many steps of the stairway to the 80th floor.

Alright... We don't know what the 80th floor have in store for us. So, are you ready, Kyuki?


Great. Then, let's go.


Haa..... Haaa..... Haaa.......

Holy hell... Why are there so many steps up!?

"Kyuu...? Kyuu!"

Sorry, Kyuki. Let me take break...


This demon body, which I have reincarnated into, has a lot of stamina. Possibly even more than my human body on Earth. And I considered myself to be quite the athlete back then, despite spending most of my time in my room.

But even with this body's stamina, climbing up this stairway is still so tiring. Jesus Christ! This is way worse than climbing up the longest stairs in Japan... And that one has a lot of steps up!

Argh... If only I have Kyuki's Stamina Restoration skill. That would've helped a lot.

Hold on... If I recall correctly, wasn't there an Athletics skill on the skill list?

Yup, I'm right. It is there. It's no Stamina Restoration, but it should be easier to climb up the stairs if I get it... right?

«500 Points Spent... Skill Acquired: [Athletics LV 1]»

Alright, I got it. But... I don't feel any less tired. Maybe it will only work if I start moving again. In that case, I shall devote all of my energy into resting for time being. Afterwards, we shall continue the march!

And while I rest... Come here, Kyuki. Let me pet you.


Ahh~ How soft and fluffy you are. And now that you have two tails, it just makes you extra fluffy!


I continued petting Kyuki to my heart's content. Before I knew it, my fatigue was more or less gone as I proceed to climb the stairs up again, with Kyuki on my shoulder.

Hey, the Athletics skill is not bad! I'm climbing up the stairs at a faster rate than before now. Sweet!

«Proficiency Threshold Reached... Skill has Levelled Up: [Athletics LV 1] -> [Athletics LV 2]»

Alright! Even the skill has levelled up already! If I continue like this, I might just reach the top of this stairway soon enough!

But then... I realised that I was an idiot once again...

Why did I even bother climbing up the stairs with my own two legs? I could've just used Dark Domain: Shadow Sneak to climb the stairs without ever becoming tired...

Gosh! I'm a fool! I even acquired the Athletics skill for the sake of climbing the stairs physically, when I could have just done that!

I mean the skill costed 500 points, which is not much when I still have a lot left. Heck, the skill might even be useful for more situations in the unseen future, so it's no biggie I guess. But still... why though, why...?

Why must I be so stupid!?


Argh... You know what? At this point, I might as well just carry on with the physical progress. It is great workout after all. Plus, I can increase Speed stat and my skill proficiency as I climb. So hey, why not?


Hold on tight, Kyuki. I'm about to start sprinting up, so try not to fall off, alright?


Huh? What? Kyuki jumped off my shoulder?

"Kyuu! Kyuu!"

You want to run with me? That it?


Alright then... Race you to the top, Kyuki.


And so, we begin running up the stairs instead of walking now.

«Proficiency Threshold Reached... Skill has Levelled Up: [Perseverance LV 1] -> [Perseverance LV 2]»

I had the speed advantage. But Kyuki had the stamina advantage. Plus, it is also using its Short Range Teleportation skill while running. Eventually, we both reached the top of this stupidly long stairway at the same time, with our skills levelling up to a higher degree.

And now, what stand before us are...

Giant metal doors?


It is big... Really big. And really rusted as well. Looks like it hasn't been opened for centuries. Hell, it might not have been opened at all since its installation!

I don't know what awaits us beyond this door. But it's not like standing around here will do us any good. So...

Are you ready, Kyuki?


Ok. Then let us enter...

Kyuki climbed onto my shoulder, as I placed both hands onto the rusty doors (which feels disgusting by the way!) and pushed as hard as I can. Activating Super Strength as well for the sake of it.


Gah.... Holy hell, this thing won't budge! Has it been so rusted that it won't even move?

Well, how the hell are we supposed to escape then!?



Oh? A note from Evil God-san. What does it say?

"Try pulling." ~Evil God Dionix.

Ah... right... Should've thought of that too, huh?

Ok, let's try it.

I placed my hands in between the gap of the two doors and...

It moved...


Kyuki, I'll ask you once again. You ready?


With a hint of anticipation and nervousness, I took a deep breath in and out, before Using Super Strength once again to force open the doors with all of my might.


And within the next moment, a ray of blinding light is shone into our faces.



We were totally not expecting that at all. What the fuck!?

"Oh my, now this is rare..."

Huh? Who said that?

My eyes slowly begin to adjust to the light, and once it did, the first thing I saw was simply...


The 80th floor is a singular wide space room, filled with various assortment of flowers planted throughout the corners of the area, as well as a stream of river flowing through the room. But most importantly, at the center of it all, a large single maple tree stands tall and wide above everything else. Looking really majestic from here.

All in all, the 80th floor is simply a beautiful sight to behold.

"Fufufu... To think you call me 'beautiful' at first sight. You must either have no fear or is simply a fool to say the least."

Wait, what?

I then looked down at the base of the maple tree. There, I finally noticed the presence of a lewd plant-like woman sitting right in front of me. Basking in the dungeon-light above.

"Still... To think there would be a person entering my area through the backdoor... Truly a rare sight to behold. What's more with a spirit no less."

Wha? Umm...

"Who... are you...?"

"Me? Why I'm just a monster with no name, my dear. Shouldn't that be obvious?"

A monster... Well, I guess she is. Seeing as how her skin is literally green in colour, and her lower body being a large flower...

But that's not the point! For awhile now, she has been speaking in an entirely different language. Yet, I can still understand her. How?

Additionally, I was speaking in Japanese to her. Yet, she can understand me as well. Seriously, just how!?

Is it due to some sort of skill she possess?

What's more, I sense no hostility from her. However, looking around the area, I could see no other monster besides her. Which could possibly mean that...

"You are... a floor boss... right?"

"A floor... boss? I'm not sure what that term means exactly, but I assume the answer to that question is: Yes, I am. And as stated already, I bear no name. However, if you so wish to address me by something, you may simply call me... Alraune."

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