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I’m hungry but, wait…

What is going on?

Silence and darkness I don’t even know where I am and what am I doing here.

My head feels heavy and I think there is a thing attach to both side of my shoulders and two sharp things behind my back and one long thing on my lower back.

It sounds weird but; they are all connected to my body as if they are parts of it.

Ow ow my stomach hurts. OK, ok calm down I will go to take some food from the refrigerator.

Ehh? my head hit something. Is that a wall? no it doesn’t seem like a wall and it not flat; It Surrounded me in all the area eh… am I trapped? no, I feel like it can be easily broken. 

my hands are so stiff for some reason I can’t even move it. What should I do-Owowo ok ok calm down stomach I will headbutt it to break it. jeez when did you become this aggressive?

Gya gy ggya! gyaa gyaa gayya… are you gay? Goa! Nothing happened. Ah aghhh I can’t hold it any longer just broke already you stupid gay something wall. GOA!

[Acquired the [Headbutt Lv1] normal skill] [Acquired the [Hunger resistance lv1] ability skill]

dafuq? rpg stuff? whatever, Goa goa GOA! *creak* oh it starts to break. GOA!

[headbutt Lv1 went up to Lv2, now headbutt deals 15% more damage]

I don’t care Goa GOOAAAA!

oh… OOOHHH!! I managed to let half of my body out… WOAH my neck is so long!? wha WHAT!??? there is a lizard head on both side of my shoulders? I-I think I’m just tired. now, what more important is to find food.

I can smell food I’m sure of it. GET OUT! GO GO! RUN! FOOD, FOOOOOD! IT’S CLOSE, WHERE IS IT, eh?

There is no food? just a dead bird? no way, but I’m sure I could smell tasty food just a moment ago. eh? It-IT’S COMING FROM THIS DEAD BIRD?? NO WAY!? I-I can’t even look away… NO!! It’s like my mind telling me no. BUT MY BODY IS TELLING ME YESSSSS!!!


I?!!!??!? I ATE IT??!??   


~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

gya gya gya


gya gya

Mhhh who the heck is saying gay near my ears? Oh, it’s just a lizard head.

Wait this isn’t a dream? Why am I in a forest? and why do I have two extra heads? and can you please stop saying gay already? stupid gay heads. wait why do I have a lizard body? wasn’t I a aa ahhh… a  refrigerator? no, I was a truck? the peepee poopoo man? ugh, I don’t remember anything.