Chapter 141 – Do Nothing Day. Saved?
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Amara opened her eyes, looking at the unbelievably handsome face in front of her eyes. She stroked his cheek, closing her eyes as she buried her face in his neck, pressing her naked body against him. 

She put one of her legs on his body, taking in his scent, "mmm....big brother..." 

Jay turned in his place, sliding his arm to her back, "morning to you too...sweetheart." 

"Are you feeling better?" Amara whispered, nibbling on his shoulder, rubbing her body against his thigh, feeling the wetness as her clit rubbed against his muscular thigh. 

Jay chuckled, opening his scarlet eyes with a smile in them, "maybe...but I do know what you are feeling." 

Amara giggled, "what gave it away?" 

Jay stood up, picking her up with him, "how about you take a bath with me?" 

Amara rested her face on his bare chest, "yes..." 

Jay walked to the bathroom door, carrying Amara with him; the automatic door opened to the large bathroom, with three stairs on the others side before a bathtub. 

He climbed the stairs, putting his feet on inside the bathtub as it became filled with hot water. 

Amara closed her eyes, "big brother...put me down?" 

"Yeah," Jay let go of her, putting her body on his lap, kissing the back of her neck. He swept her silky way out of her neck as the movable shower above them moved, lightly raining water drops on their body. 

Jay stroked her back, moving his fingers through her tender back as he kissed her back, kissing her shoulder blades, licking the water drops from her back, "you are beautiful." 

Amara closed her eyes, moaning, holding his hard throbbing stick in her hand, swaying her hips to rub it against her slit, "big are the best." 

Jay kissed her neck, his fingers brushing her delicate waist, feeling her firm, round butts rub against his muscular waist. 

He held her body, stroking her medium-sized firm breasts, pulling her nipples, putting his finger in her mouth, "no, you are the best little sister a big brother could ask for." 

His fingers explored her soft mouth, rubbing against her tongue, breathing in, taking her scent, "you turn me on so much." 

Amara blissfully closed her eyes, arching her back as he pulled her clit, putting his fingers to spread her clit. He arched her body further, tilting it to the side, sucking her breasts. 

Amara groaned, wrapping her tongues around his fingers, desperately trying to put it inside her. She froze as soon as the tip touched the slit when Jay rammed it in her, making her squirm in pain, "ughhhh!" 

She held his hand, her nails digging inside his skin, moaning, "I love it...I love this pain!! Big brother!! Give me more!!!" 

Jay put his hand on her shoulder, shoving her down, even more, putting his hand over her mouth. She started shaking his hips, making Amara moan in his mouth. 

Amara held onto his strong arm, feeling his cock ram her over and over. He was too big for her, but she loved the pain that came with it, the pain that her big brother gave her every time he enjoyed her body, and she enjoyed his cock. 

She widened her eyes, having the hard orgasm that left her body shaking and numb before he filled her womb. 

He let her rest her body against him, removing the hand covered in her saliva, which he used to massage her breasts. 

Amara breathed heavily, putting her hand on her stomach, feeling his cock in her and all hot cum in her womb, "big brother...why won't I get pregnant?" 

Jay stroked her wet hair, "because I don't want you to." 

"Why? I want to be pregnant with big brother's child," Amara made a sad face, making Jay kiss her head, "sorry...I am not ready for another child." 

Amara kissed his jaw, pulling her head back, swaying her hips, "What do you want to do today?" 

"Nothing," Jay whispered, "today is my do-nothing day. And I am bringing Emma back, and Emma is back." 

A Few Hours Later, 

Emma was lying on a clean bed, on her stomach, watching the face of her father as he slept. 

She raised her tiny hand, poking his cheek, once, twice, and he shifted, making her take back her hand, giggling. 

She rolled over, climbing on his waist, crawling to get in front of him, closing her eyes. 

Suddenly, her eyes opened, and there was a shine in her silver hers. She wrinkled her nose, sitting up, turning around to stare at the place in front of her. 

After five minutes, there was a ripple. And Emma raised her hand, causing another silver ripple to cover the invisible ripple and crushing it. 

She proudly raised her chin, curling her lip, lying down on the bed with her father. 

In Mirror World, 

Ilona stood up, feeling the burns and cuts on her body that weren't healing. She looked towards Kaneko Hikari, who was in the same condition as her, "how are you?" 

Kaneko Hikari dragged her body up, coughing blood, "not good...I am bleeding. The only time I ever bled was during my periods!" 

Kritida was on her knees, breathing heavily, "I didn't even think I could get hurt through this armor! Did he get that strong in just one month? No wonder Sasha was against waiting." 

Ilona let out a breath using wind to stop their bleeding since it wasn't healing, "'s not Jay...this attack more irresponsible...more..." 

She narrowed her eyes as a face flashed past her eyes, "Avery." 

A calm voice came from behind her, "yes, it's what you think." 

Ilona looked towards Avery, and the darkness covered their wounds, "I can't counter them fully. It would take about a month to heal. Don't create trouble before they do. Or they would get worse." 

In the Evening, 

Jay opened his eyes, looking at the little girl sleeping beside him. He stroked her cheeks, making Emma move and hold his finger with her tiny hands. 

He poked her cheek, once, twice and she broke in a giggle, opening her eyes, "Papa!" 

Jay pulled her cheeks, "Papa? You hurt Ilona, Kritida and Hikari!" 

Emma stuck out her tongue, "but they were going to disturb Papa..." She made a sad face, "and Papa is tired...and upset." 

Jay ruffled her hair, "silly kid...Papa is not sad. But I was a bit thank you."