Chapter 16 part 2
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There was pin-drop silence in the Watchtower. 

" WHAT!!! THE!! ACTUAL!!! FUCK!!! " Flash shouted with everything he had. He doesn't know what to say or how to react for seconds. His whole body was shaking in anger. 

" Barry, Calm down," Superman said while a sigh escaped his mouth. 

Other members of the justice league were still in shock. 

" Calm DOWN! HOW? is the situation not clear to you. Batman betrayed our trust. He spied on us in every possible way and what is his reason? BECAUSE HE WAS FUKING PARANOID.  And because of that paranoia, he gave our weaknesses and our strengths to one of the most dangerous villains we have ever faced and he hasn't shown his powers yet. He just TOYED with us. 

And it doesn't just end there, Batman also has information about our identity and the people we are living with. Our partners, our parents, our friends, everyone. And now because of one person's fuking paranoia, they all are in danger. 

AND YOU HAVE THE GALL TO TELL ME TO CALM DOWN. "  Barry's every word was laced with venom and he was seething with rage. 

Everyone was looking at Barry. Everyone agrees with Barry because they all have families and they all have enemies. Enemies that wouldn't even think for a second before slaughtering a whole city if it amuses them. They don't even need a reason to kill everyone in their sight. There was just one wall between them and innocent civilians and it was them. They were risking themselves to save others and thus they became a target for villains. 

And now just imagine if somehow they get to know about their loved ones, They will do everything to kill them, just so they could harm the heroes. 

Everyone knew how dire the situation was. 

" Barry, Calm down. But he is right, you know. You have fucked us all Batman. " Green Arrow said with such coldness in his voice that it even sent chills down Cyborg's spine and he was a robot. Even Black Canary was shocked as she has never seen her husband this angry. 

Batman was silent through all of this. And you could see that he doesn't regret his decision one bit. 

" You have backstabbed us, Bruce. You have put everyone's life in jeopardy because of your paranoia. That's very cowardly of you and I never expected it from you. I might be from Themiskyra but even though I have friends here and now all of their lives are at stake. " Wonder Woman sounded betrayed and sad. Not angry But sad because she doesn't believe that Rudra was strong enough to launch an attack on her homeland, the gods will kill him before he even sets foot there. (A/n:  hahahahhaahahahahahahahha ) 

" STOP!! IT!! " Superman shouted. 

" It is not like none of you are a SAINT. You all have spied on everyone at least once. You all have measures against most of us if any of us go rogue. 

The person that you are questioning has saved you and this planet countless times. " 

Everyone was again shocked to hear Superman. 

" What did you just say? " Cyborg asked as if he had heard something wrong. Cause among everyone present Superman has the biggest family. Both of his parents were alive, Lois was his wife and he has friends. So, yeah, he has everything to lose.

" You heard what I said. " Superman said in a tone that leaves no room for any argument and his stand was clear he was with Bruce. 

" So according to you, it is okay to spy on friends? "  Green Arrow said with his fists clutching. 

" Like you are the one to talk, " Superman said with an accusing tone. 

" What did you do Oliver? "  Barry asked with little hope in his eyes that what he was thinking might not be true. 

" He also has contingency plans for all of us." Superman said, crushing Barry's every hope that his friend hasn't betrayed him. 

" You are baselessly accusing me, superman."  Green Arrow said but all that were present there knew enough that Superman had certainly hit a nerve. 

" Oh, Really, then will you mind telling me why you covered the Arrow Cave with the lead right after the day I told everyone that I can't see through the lead. 

Or what about the kryptonite that you have in your stash or those dangerous mother and father box viruses that you get from the sky father. 

Or what about that speed force siphoning device that you had stolen from reverse flash.  

Need me to go on. "

Everyone was shocked and especially Barry, Oliver was his first superhero friend, and even he betrayed his trust. 

" How could You, OLIVER? " Barry shouted at him and Green arrow looked down at the floor. 

" He destroyed the Device and the viruses were just in case Darkseid has developed some new tech that can hack Victor's body. So that we can have some time to find a solution. And as for kryptonite and lead, it is not like none of us doesn't have that except Barry. How many of your clones have we fought? And it's not like Diana and Victor are any good. They too have measures in case you go, rogue. And I am damn sure Arthur has weapons made specially to harm any of us." Black Canary comes to his husband's support. 

Everyone was looking down at the floor as they all accepted the fact that they all have betrayed Barry's trust.

" So, You all are just some backstabbing bastards, who don't even trust your friends? "  

" It's not like that Barry. '' Batman who was silent all this time spoke.

" At first, I admit that it was a contingency plan of mine. But with time I came to trust you guys and then I destroyed everything. But then we all got to know various new beings, we fought with the evil version of the Justice League, and many more. And then there was a question in my mind, What If? 

And I did what I think was necessary to make sure that all of us were safe. " 

" Yeah, so easy for you to say. It's not like you listed your weaknesses there. " Barry said and looked at Batman with anger in his eyes But when he looked at Batman. Batman was giving him The stare. 

Barry took a step back " No way " 

" Bruce, did he do something? " Superman asked with a worrying tone. 

" Yes, He killed my father. " Bruce dropped the bomb.