Chapter Forty-Three: A Clash with the Covenant
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MaliciousUnicorn gave a very angry frown.

“Seeker…” Meryl quietly tugged Seeker’s shirt.

“Umm… I think we all got off at the wrong foot.” Kristine began.

“No. It’s clear that some of your members don’t approve of how we got to where we are.” Seeker interrupted.

“Especially Ms. MaliciousUnicorn. I know the eccentric path I took. And it’s understandable that you won’t respect me because of this. Then allow us to prove you wrong. You pick any members of the Covenant excluding Arthur and we can have a three on three matches.” Seeker smiled.

“I’m in!” Danny laughingly announced.

Asterisxx raised his hand up high as well.

“Alright. Then its settled a three on three matches.” Dara didn’t even look back as she stormed off to the game room.

“Arthur…” Kristine whispered.

“Leave it. This is good for the team. It’s also a chance to see how good Seeker and his two friends are.”

Meryl and Lynd was shocked. While everybody was walking in towards their respective rooms, the two stood where they are petrified. They were going to fight the Covenant of the Strongest?

“Seeker,” Charles whispered.


“Is this a good idea? Can you win if you fight against the three of them?”

“No. I can’t. I’m fighting actual players here, not sequenced attacks. Not to mention you did tell me to cut down on my Unlocking at around 15%.”

“Exactly. You already fainted after the last fight. You cannot exceed 15%!”

“I won’t. Don’t worry.”

“Then why are you challenging them?”

“Because I’m certain we will win.”

“You just said you can’t handle them!”

“I just said that we will win.” Seeker smirked.

“Do me a favor and drag those two in the room.” Seeker pointed to Lynd and Meryl.

Charles sighed and went back to give the two paralyzed teens a little push.

“So what do we bet?” Seeker asked as he entered the lounge room. There was two separate gaming room. No doubt used by the Covenant for a practice match.

“Credits of course. How about 50,000 credits?” Dara dared.

“Nah. A little too boring if you ask me. How about this, if we win I get your spot at the 5-on-5 Championship matchup.” Seeker smirked.

Dara glared angrily.

“That way we know the Covenant is sending their best for the 5-on-5 Championship matchup.” Seeker laughed.

“What gives you the right to challenge me with that? Not even your sad credits can make up for that position.” Dara scoffed.

Seeker pondered for a bit. Then a devious smile emerged.

“How about this. I bet 30,000 Credits and if you win, Charles will be your boyfriend for a month. He’ll take you on as many dates as you want in that time period and is required to earnestly respond to you.” Seeker smiled.

“What?!” Charles asked in shock.

“What?!” Halley shouted in anger.

“What?!” Danny and Kristine exclaimed in surprise.

“What?!” Dara cried in delight.

“What?” Seeker asked in confusion.

“Are you serious?!” Dara asked immediately. Clearly, the unreasonable gamble awakened a beast hiding within her petite frame.

“Of course not! Charles is a respected Doctor! He doesn’t have time to spend with you, little kids!” Halley announced in anger.

“Charles, Agree to this.” Seeker commanded.

“Alright.” Charles sighed.

“What?!” Even Arthur was surprised at Charles sudden surrender. Everyone stared with mouth agape at how Seeker could control Charles.

“Zeek. This isn’t a good idea.” Meryl pleaded.

“Since we're putting relationships on the line, Danny, why not go out with Meryl if we win?” Seeker smiled.

“Seeing as how Doctor Lindmitt is agreeing, how can I disagree?” Danny gave a carefree laugh.

“Let’s do it,” Meryl announced as she positioned herself on the seat. The colors of her eyes started to have a subtle change in color. Seeker smiled as he noticed the very almost unapparent change. It was no secret to Lynd and Seeker that Meryl had a poster of Danny on her bedroom.

Lynd gasped at Meryl’s sudden change of character. He was alone. There were tears in his eyes and he looked pleadingly to Seeker.

“I’ll have Miss Alean take you out on a date if we win, Lynd. I think I can even make her kiss you on the cheeks.” Seeker smiled.

Lynd nodded with determination. There were tears of joy as he hoped for the best in this battle. His Unlocking immediately soared to Unbecoming Advent.

Everyone else stood in great surprise at the sudden turned of events.

Charles was chuckling at the sight of the two friends. Then his chuckled turned to a gulp of fear as he noticed an eerie look from his sides.

Dara looked at Charles like she was eyeing a cake coated and overflowing with chocolates and all the sweetness of life.

“Let’s go, guys!” Dara announced as she excitedly paced towards the first gaming room.

“Aren’t you worried? I must warn you Dr. Lindmitt, that Dara is not kidding. She’s a huge fan of yours and I’m afraid this could complicate your reputation! You shouldn’t have agreed to this!” Halley spoke to Charles with eyes full of worry.

“Don’t worry. Seeker seems confident that his team would win. I do have a feeling that his two friends would give you a nice surprise.” Charles smiled.

“Look. Even if Seeker could beat the game at record speed, any one of the Covenant could do just about the same. They are worlds apart from these students. I’ve seen Seeker’s stream and when Lynd played. I know he’s good but only that. They are both nowhere near a pro! It’s different when you fight the A.I and fight against players!” Halley continued to warn.

“Let’s just look at how this battle progresses,” Charles smirked.

“Lynd, use a tank build of Blade. Meryl, use whoever you feel using.” Seeker ordered.

“Oh. So Meryl knows how to play?” Charles asked curiously.

“You haven’t seen her play?” Halley asked in surprise.

“Yes. I assumed only Lynd and Seeker knew how to play.”

The worry on Halley’s face grew more.

“Doctor Charles. You need to talk to Seeker to stop this bet. This is crazy! You’re putting too much at stake here.”

“Seeker knows what he's doing.” Charles sighed.

The Piercing series was so famous as an RPG that when it released a multiplayer online battle arena version, it immediately became the top e-sport that everyone followed.

The standard competitive game style was the 5-on-5 deathmatch with the goal of destroying the enemies main supply building. However, its popularity rose as the amazing game features a very complex set of controls and diverse freedom of control. Due to this, Precept Gaming even released a specialized controller having 12 buttons, a d-pad, and two analog sticks. This very complex set of commands allowed players to control their characters precisely.

All characters of the Piercing series had specialized weapons, its own playing style. Adding from that was how players can assign the skills of their selected character to create a build. This ensured that no single character was similar. Even if two players used one character, its general playing style may be vastly different as players could tweak the skills of the character itself.

Lynd selected a character wielding a large broadsword. Meryl selected a female character wielding a pair of Sai which emitted electrical sparks. Seeker used the leading character of Piercing: Edge who carried two large handguns which could turn into a blade.

The fight began.

“Let’s kill the two first and focus and Seeker later!” Dara announced.

Their characters dashed towards the main base of Seeker’s team. And very soon the avatars of the Seeker’s team were on sight.

“Let’s show these twats what it’s like to mess with pros!” Dara screamed.

The battle didn’t take long. It was a one-sided massacre. Barely 10 minutes since the game started, Seeker’s team had already won.

Lynd was unhittable. Not even the fast hands of Asterrisxx worked against Lynd as the harassment of Seeker’s handguns kept him from synching with Danny and Dara. Meryl played her usual playstyle which Seeker and Lynd were very comfortable with. Meryl kept ambushing and continued with her sneak attack as the three were already busy with Lynd and Seeker’s combo.

The clashes and battles eventually moved towards the base of Dara’s team and eventually, the main supply line was destroyed.

Halley was tongue-tied in her surprise. He never expected her team to lose so badly against Seeker.

Seeker stood up from his feet and started flexing.

“That was easy. Let’s go and have lunch somewhere.” Seeker smiled.

Arthur and Kristine was in their room the entire game. Kristine had a bewildered look on her face while Arthur looked as if he expected this result.

“Amazing! The three of you are so good!” Kristine exclaimed.

“Indeed. I knew Lynd had pseudo Millisecond Reaction, but now I’ve met another one.” Arthur stared at Meryl.

“Looks like bringing Seeker into this team is a good thing. We paid for the price of three.” Arthur spoke candidly.

“I trust, that you will put me on the Champions match.” Seeker smiled as he spoke to Arthur.

“We will need to sort some things out first. I request a private meeting.” Arthur announced.

“I believe that my two friends and the good doctor should join.”

Arthur’s eyebrow raised. But consented.

“Alright. Kristine, please join us as well. Would you be so kind as to keep everyone out of the room, for now, Miss Halley?” Arthur asked blankly.

Halley nodded and went out of the room. Arthur closed it and locked it

“This place is soundproof. We can talk openly.” Arthur immediately spoke with a serious tone.

“Who are you and what exactly is it that you want?”

“Down to business I see. Just like my old pal little Arthy.” Seeker laughed.

“I’m from the future Arthy. And I bring tidings of terror. Right now, with the way you are, you will die. You need to run back home and train with your old man if you want a shot at surviving.” Seeker spoke plainly.

Arthur frowned.

“This is a waste of time.” Arthur turned around and was about to leave the room.

“You haven’t found your sister yet, have you? I know where she is.” Seeker smiled.

Arthur froze. Suddenly, Arthur immediately dashed towards Seeker. He punched out his hand but his fingers we stiff and straight as if his very arm was a blade and wanted to pierce Seeker with it.

“Relax.” Seeker spoke. A massive pressure enveloped the room.

Kristine dropped to the floor and was gasping for breath.

Arthur managed to keep his footing though his movements drastically fell down. Seeker casually evaded the thrust and delivered a powerful punch on Arthur’s chest.

Arthur was sent flying back but managed o remain to stand and immediately adopted a fighting pose.

“Disgusting monster. I see what you mean, Zeek.” Charles spoke jealously. His legs were shaking but he managed to withstand the pressure.

“Wow. He managed to stand after all that.” Meryl admired.

The fear that gripped Arthur’s heart clenched his throat. But despite the danger, Arthur did his best to turn his head around and check on Kristine.

“Will you behave now? If you do, I’ll stop this and Kristine will feel better.” Seeker smiled.

Arthur did his best to open his mouth. But to no avail. After a bit of struggling Arthur then nodded his head.

Immediately the pressure disappeared.

Kristine and Arthur were now gasping for breath. Kristine couldn’t stand up. She remained on the floor shivering. Arthur, on the other hand, kept breathing until he stabilized his condition.

Arthur stood and glared angrily at Seeker.

“Nutterballs. Ranked Heroes are awesome. He’s got to be on the Advent rank now!” Lynd admired.

“No. He’s not yet on the Advent rank.” Seeker smiled.

“How? I had to get used to your pressure and this is Arthur’s first time! How did he manage to remain standing at the full force of your pressure?” Charles spoke angrily.

“You haven’t met his father.” Seeker laughed.

“Anyways Charles, the reason I asked you to join is this Arthur. One of three eccentrics of the unlocking. Those who broke through by studying and reading books. One of three people allowed to use a Nuke Emitter. Ranked Hero Arthur Humphrey. The Atomic Thresher."

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