Chapter 1
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A sound of fingers smashing through the keyboards can be heard, swift and hard but sometimes smooth

"What was my password again?... ah right, I remember"

A user logging in...

Successfully logged in...

Welcome user23518...

"Finally" muttered the man "now then, they said that I should just go and find the application named D&D here"

After looking for a bit the man finally found the desired app

"Right-click and open!" While he was navigating his mouse he suddenly screamed



What he saw on the screen was the avatars he could currently pick and right now ALL of the good ones have been already picked by the other gods

"Damn that Hermes!!" 

"If I ever see you, I'll fucking cut that leg of yours, no wonder he kept talking with me and taking me to different places! So this was the reason"

Hays, he sighed softly "well there's no use crying over spilled milk"


Sounds of clicking, typing, sighing, and screaming was the noises that currently drowned the room he was in

"This one is a defect! How can I start with a person with no arms?! Heck, he won't even get to get this avatar to the tutorial!"

"And now the last entry, hais, I don't even have any hopes for this one now, whatever let's take a look"

"This must be the day that I sighed so much"

[Name: Yonu Excav

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Status: Healthy...

I was happy that I finally found a decent one but the next sentences immediately broked my hopes

Afflictions: permanent blindness


STR: 32/50

AGI: 38/50

DEX: 40/50

WIS: 21/50]

"Whoa!... Wtf, it's... already perfect if not for... for... this fucking affliction of his! And rubbing salt to the wound they even made it permanent?! Even if I were to give my divine power, it won't fix a damn thing!"


The small part of the table was smashed "Fine then, his stats are already good, I'm even surprised it's very high"

Ah oh yeah, the readers must be confused, let me explain it: a person's average stat is only 79/200 and an adventure's average stat is about 125/200. And this man's stat is higher than an average adventurer's stat when this person is only a fucking civilian!

PS: A person's stat limit can be increased when they're the god's avatar

[Backstory: Yuno Excav, an orphan who was adopted by a kind couple and took care of him, but after the couple provoked a noble the couple was killed and the little boy was sold as a slave, there on his life became worse and worse and was forced to work day and night till on a fateful day a chemical was thrown right into his eyes making him blind for good, the other people made fun of this and forced him to fight against his will for their amusement and was beaten up again and again]

"Hmm, I see, so this is his backstory, anyway no wonder his stats are high because he was forced to fight, but! Ain't his stat way too high? Look at the average adventurer stat, while this man... wait a minute!"

Schriik... scrolling the mouse down he read the final note

[Has a martial body: can learn any kinds of martial arts and the learning speed is increased to 4× and stamina consumption is reduced to half]

Click... you have successfully chosen your avatar, you may now proceed to the next stage... 

I struck it rich! Those moron gods must have just skipped this man's info after they saw that he's blinded permanently 

And didn't even read till the end hahahahaha!

I won't have to worry anything anymore except that fucking blindness of his

Ding! Successfully integrated, now you may give your avatar a blessing from these randomly chosen blessings!

1. Eidetic memory

2. Bull's strength

3. Echolocation

Without waiting a second he immediately picked the last blessing

"Now the problem is fully solved, let's just wait for the next day to pass and we would be ready to go"

rewritten on 2021/07/29