Chapter 2
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W-what's happening to my body? 

Why am I seeing things, no, it's more like a silhouette it's still dark but I can somehow "see" them it's like they're bouncing and lighting it up

As Yuno was wondering what happened to his body, a clear, deep voice ringed inside his head

"Looks like you're finally awake!"

"Who's there! Wait, your voice is unfamiliar, who are you?"

"A curious one aren't we? Hmm, well you can call me god"

"god? You mean the powerful and omnipotent beings that can create anything and fulfill any wishes?!"

"Pfft hahaha, I can't hahaha. you're good kid, been so long since I laughed this hard. And my amswer to your question is that those gods you're talking about aren't real, they're not omnipotent, they also can't grant any wishes because if that's true then I wouldn't even know what will happen to this world"

"Eh" a confused remark was fired "are you saying they're not true? The priest teachings about those gods are false?"

"Hahaha, yes kid they aren't true, if it's true then your parents wouldn't have died and you won't be suffering till now"


Yuno's aura suddenly changed the moment he spoked about his past

"How did you know about that?!" Yuno asked angrily and ready to pounce anytime

but a split second later he immediately calmed down "nevermind, you're really a god because you can't just get inside without having the required papers and even if you're a spy who had gotten in, you wouldn't even get past the 1st door"

"You're pretty clever and wise!"

"I needed to, without having a vision, I could at least improve other aspects of myself and I also need to for my revenge"

The man paused "you must be curious right on why I'm here and talking with you"

"Yes, but you'll probably explain it to me right?"

"Indeed, anyway I'm here because I've chosen you to be my avatar or in a gamer's term a "character", pretty neat right?"

Yuno clearly surprised, asked "why? I'm blind and doesn't know how to fight"

"Hahahahaha, that would have been the case if that fucking loki didn't distracted me. Well it's my fault for getting deceived like that" 

"But don't worry, we'll be getting out here soon anyway"

just as the man said that a woman's cold voice was heard 

"beep! the process is now complete, now transporting to the heroes hall"

after that we were ingulfed in a blinding light...