51. Is This Coincidence Or Fate?
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The next morning.

Misaki was able to get up on time for breakfast and do a checkup after the doctor who treated her came.

She was given medication to relieve her headache and some physical examinations as well as brain wave scans.

Misaki was doing well in all of that even though she was exhausted by her current state.

Also, she had to strongly persuade Kazuto to go to school. He insisted on staying in the hospital because he wanted to be with her. However, after a bit of arguing, and Misaki's said that she would never talk to him if he didn't leave managed to make him to gave up.

Now, only Misaki and Natsu were in the room.

Natsu just quietly watched beside her and sometimes came over to play if Misaki seemed bored. It made her giggle because he was like a parent who watching over his children.

Staring blankly at the roof wall, Misaki kept thinking about how this happened.

The headache she was experiencing was clearly not coming from normal things. It happened after she tried to dig into her memories to change the future of the Shirogane family. She had racked her brain that made so weighed it. At first, the headache wasn't that bad. But after doing it one more time, as time slowly passed, the headache grew more and more to the point where it affected her body, and this was what was happening now.

"Hahh, to think that there would be a side effect like this even though it's not a life cheat... This isn't fair at all."

if you have to say, Misaki's brain is like a computer that holds all kinds of information. However, there are clear drawbacks to it, where the ability to process large amounts of data is not sufficient because the processor is not able to handle all of it, until it finally breaks because it is too forceful to open all thing .

That's what Misaki is experiencing now. His brain's ability to deal with the memories he was trying to see back then was insufficient and too pushy to the point of extreme exhaustion. What he was doing back then was probably like making his head work for 3 weeks without rest, so it was natural that he was in the hospital now. No, he should be in a coffin in case his brain function doesn't work anymore.

"Ugh... This is probably going to be one of the most terrifying experiences of my life."

He muttered as he massaged his forehead in pain. The medicine he was given was not working well.

The conclusion he could reach at this point was not to, and never again to force himself to do that. After all he did it because he was helping someone, and he probably didn't need to do it anymore now. Moreover, trying to remember all the events at one time was too burdensome.

I guess that's all I plan to do for now."

Misaki's vision slowly grew blurry as her eyelids closed.

"It's happening again..... I get sleepy easily now... Maybe this is also the effect of my brain fatigue..."

He had just woken up and it hadn't been long enough for him to have to go back to sleep. But the sudden exhaustion he experienced forced him to sleep.

With her eyes completely closed and her consciousness scattered, Misaki finally fell asleep.


In the afternoon when most students have finished school.

The sun is still shining brightly because of the summer which makes the days of the day longer.

In front of the hospital gates, a taxi pulled up with the sound of squeaking tires. The door opened and out of it, a group of people who seemed to be a family consisting of mother, father, as well as a 12 year old son, and daughter around the age of 8, descended on the side of the road. They went walking towards the hospital after paying the fee to the driver.

Among them all, the boy was the one who stood out the most. With very rarely seen white hair, and deep blue eyes, and a gentle smile plastered on his friendly face.

"Uuu.... It's all because Onii-chan keeps feeding me cake so my teeth are cavities."

Hikari, who was his younger sister, complained with watery eyes as she rubbed her puffy cheeks.

Shirogane laughed at his words.

"Haha, I've said many times before that don't eat all those cakes. The me who bought it didn't even get a share, you know."


Hikari groaned as this was indeed her own fault.

That's right, they were the family Misaki had met at the marine park the previous Sunday.

They came to the hospital today to patch Hikari's aching tooth. His teeth had been hurting since last night from eating too much sweets, and that was what happened. His teeth are cavities from eating sweet things during this month.

Shirogane actually felt guilty for making his sister a victim here, but on the one hand he was also laughing at him for being too stupid and having to face the consequences.

"Shirogane, stop teasing your sister. It's also your fault that Hikari is like this."

Said his father.

Shirogane nodded silently as he stroked his sister's head in sincere apology.

"There's some truth to that too. I should have kept the other half hidden so that Hikari wouldn't take it secretly."

Shirogane said in a joking tone. Hikari was grumbling to herself that she probably wouldn't get many free snacks in the future.

"I want to blame you for buying too many sweets, but never mind. Besides, what have you been buying cakes for the last few weeks?"

His father asked in an interrogative tone as he looked at him.

Obviously he could see the strange behavior of this child.

As his father, he saw Shirogane as a special child. Because when he was born, he didn't cry. In addition, his white hair was extremely rare, as well as his calm nature since childhood and being able to take care of his younger brother at that time gave him an indescribable feeling. Moreover, recently he noticed that there were many 'coincidental' events happening around him.

Especially on last Sunday where he accidentally bumped into someone with suspicious movements who turned out to be a thief and had a similar case, so he was arrested by the officers right away. And over the past few months, he's also been helping out with a lot of ongoing investigations with a childish look on his face. For example, when investigating a case of drug trafficking. He said to his father with an innocent face as he happened to read the file.

"Ehh? Isn't that the market then? I mean, the best hiding place while being able to easily spread it around is the one that's most commonly visited, right?"

Hearing his son's innocent opinion, he could only ponder while secretly investigating this… And as it turned out, what Shirogane said was true. And the peoples who operating the shop were arrested and detained after receiving further evidence.

Not only that, Shirogane also helped him in other cases, and almost all of them came to light. Therefore, some members of the police also began to recognize him. And seeing his deductive abilities, he was even allowed to cross police lines to hear his opinion. They just pretended to see it like a passing wind while they were there.

And..... Because of that unlawful act, and the higher-ups who know about it resulted in the police officers involved receiving verbal punishment as well as physical training with push-ups on the spot for letting a small child do a task that was supposed to be theirs... But that will be a story for another time.

For now, Shirogane just smiled as usual without answering his father's question. After a short pause, he said "I just like that cake, Dad. Is it not natural for me to like something? Besides, Hikari also likes it so I often buy it. Well, that's why she has cavities."


Hikari couldn't help but exclaim with a sigh due to the current state of her teeth. She actually wanted to say it was his fault that he had made her like this, but she was afraid that he would stop buying the cake.

His father stopped pursuing this matter because there was nothing too suspicious about it.

Slowly, they walked towards the hospital building. Shirogane's eyes swept across the view of the building in front of him as he looked at a certain angle while continuing to smile faintly.

"This is the second time and it hasn't been a week yet..."

He muttered in a low voice.

He then goes inside while chasing his family when they call because he was left behind.

His father came to the front of the reception desk to inquire about Hikari's treatment as he had previously made an appointment with the doctor, and it didn't take long before they were called and asked to move through the hospital hallway into the dentist's office.

While sitting outside and waiting for Hikari to finish, Shirogane spoke to his parents.

"May I go away for a moment?"

His father slightly raised an eyebrow while his mother was confused by his attitude and said worriedly that he might get lost. Faced with those emotions, Shirogane laughed to calm them down.

"I'm just going to take a short walk. Besides, the hospital atmosphere makes me a little uncomfortable, so I want to get some fresh air."

After thinking for a while, they allowed him to leave.

"Okay. But don't go too far, and hurry to get back."

Said his mother firmly.

His father was silent because his son really likes to hang around. Even at his house, he wouldn't return or stay there after school unless night fell or Hikari whined to play with him. Even sometimes, he also came home late at some point which made him feel confused and worried. However, since he always came home safely and didn't seem to get along with some kind of delinquent, so he had secretly agreed to let him roam around here.

"I'll go then!"

Shirogane then ran off with a cheerful smile after receiving their approval.

"Don't run down the hospital corridors!"

Hearing a nurse's warning, Shirogane stopped running and lowered his head in apology, before running again....

"Oh my, kids always made worry an adults."

His mother complained when she saw that.

"Let him. That's a nature child should have."

replied the father, while reading the daily newspaper placed on beside the seat. It contained in the headlines about the death of a suspected murderer, and was said to have died by heart attack while trying to get out of his apartment. It is said that he died during a storm. On the other hand, also found a group of bodies in a building. Based on the investigation, they are a gang connected to a criminal group that usually sells illegal drugs or sale illegal of human organs. Until now it is not certain how they died because they looked like they had a heart attack after going through the post-mortem. Further research is needed because this could be caused by a mysterious disease.


Meanwhile, Shirogane who had stopped running after passing the corner of the corridor, started walking leisurely as he returned to the reception desk.

"Mmm, excuse me."

The receptionist immediately looked at Shirogane when she heard his voice.

"Ohh, the boy from earlier. Is there anything you need?"

She asked with a hint of surprise on her face.

"Yes, there's actually something I wanted to ask you."

The receptionist was confused about what the boy wanted to ask, but nodded wholeheartedly.

"Please just ask then."

"It seems that one of my friends was treated here yesterday. If possible, I would like to know which room she has been in."

"Hmm, sure. Say her name."

"Her name is Misaki Tomoe."

The receptionist nodded once while searching for the patient's name that he mentioned. After finding it matched and not having a similar name, she told Shirogane where her room was, as well as the directions so he wouldn't get lost. Shirogane thanked to her before walking away towards the indicated direction. Although he seemed to know where it was without having to be told.

"Right here, huh."

He said as he stood at the door.

"Well, although I don't really need to ask where the room is, it's necessary to leave evidence."

He slowly opened the door, and stepped inside with light steps. However, her eyes, which were blue like the deep ocean, slowly turned red like rubies.

"Oh, hello."

His eyes widened slightly in surprise, because he was greeted by a cat sleeping on a chair. And when the cat saw him enter, he immediately stood up and looked alert.

It was Natsu, who was taking care of Misaki... Even though he was just about to fall asleep because of the comfortable atmosphere.

Who is this kid, Why did he come in, is he lost? Natsu was filled with many questions as he stared intently at the child who suddenly entered in front of him.


He became alert not as a result of his shock, but rather the aura coming from that kid. His vertical pupils constricted as his small body also trembled.

Instead of seeing the innocent face and warm smile of the boy, Natsu saw something that made him shiver with fear. He seemed to be seeing an illusion where the child had grown up, had a cold and expressionless gaze, accompanied by an ominous oppressive aura as wings like a holy angel with white swan-like feathers extended from his back.

He shook his head feeling like he was drunk, and what he saw just now disappeared like a gust of wind.

Too terrible. The strange feeling I had earlier was like my heart would freeze when I looked into his eyes. This child... This child is not ordinary human!

What is the status of this child, shaman? Guardian of the 12 Zodiacs? Kal El's successor? Stand User? Or a descendant of Seiya? I hope he's not someone who likes to scream when his hair slowly turns yellow, because it would be too noisy...

Natsu has had a supernatural experience where he has died and been reincarnated as a cat. So he wouldn't find it strange if in this world there were ghosts, aliens, or children who were hit by trucks and go to another world. But it was the first time he had experienced anything like this and it certainly surprised him. Moreover, he had yet to confirm anything about this child because even though he felt strange, he had yet to show any other abnormality as like he was normal, other than his aura which was too suppressive for him.

Or maybe he is also a reincanator, just like me, but his constitution is different from mine so he has hidden changes? Natsu continued to analyze the child in front of him while remaining silent. Be aware of what the child is doing.

"Hoo, I just found out they have cats."

Shirogane who didn't know the fluctuation in Natsu's heart looked at him curiously as he came to him, then bent slightly to adjust his height.

He stared back and forth between Misaki who was sleeping and Natsu with his crimson eyes. He slightly arched his mouth as like understanding something.

"Interesting, this is the first time I've seen it. It's quite strange to see your souls connected, even though the age of change hasn't happened yet."

He said something strange which confused Natsu, but he didn't bother to continue because he never thought Natsu would understand what he was saying.

He then turned his attention to the bag under Misaki's bed and found her snow crystal bead.

Shirogane nodded in understanding in his mind and corrected his posture, then walked over to Misaki who was sleeping.

"Someone once said, if the first meeting was a coincidence, then the second meeting is called fate. Well, even though this is the third time we've met. But I wonder why we've been seeing each other so much lately."

Shirogane said in confusion.

Even though he could know where Misaki is with thing that he gave, he had to be close enough for that to happen. So, what happened yesterday and now is indeed a fateful coincidence.

He didn't want to bother with that as he stared intently at Misaki.

With her furrowed brow and pale face, he could feel the distorted feeling within Misaki with his eyes.

"Her spirituality is drained. How can she be like this..."

Shirogane muttered with a serious face while holding his chin with his finger as he thinking why this happened.

"Did she have a pale face yesterday because of this? Then I should have 'saw' her so I knew this could happen. But how can she be like this?"

Shirogane had many questions he wanted to ask, but none of them would answer his questions.

"This might happen again later if someone like me doesn't pay attention to it. But that's a matter for later, I can find out more when talking to her in the future. For now, I'll fix it."

Stretching out his arm, he was about to hold Misaki's hand. But soon he stopped when Natsu jumped onto Misaki's bed and blocked him. There was a clear trace of hostility in his eyes. After all, he was a stranger. And seeing he was about to do something strange to Misaki, of course he would try to stop him at all costs even if it was just a cat.

Heh, don't underestimate me. Even though I'm a cat, I've had a lot of practice hitting and fighting with other cats! I'll hit you with a 'Nyan-nyan Punch' if you dare touch this kid!

Seeing his attitude, Shirogane chuckled at being too funny.

"Relax mate, I won't hurt her. I'll just take care of her. Don't you want her to get better?"

Hearing his question, Natsu gasped. He glanced at the pale Misaki with worry. Of course she didn't want to see her like that. If there was a way to heal her quickly, it was clear he would really want it.

He then looked back at the unknown child in front of him. He was definitely not an ordinary human. And seeing that he had absolutely no malicious intent, Natsu backed away slowly as he continued to watch him.

"Good choice."

Shirogane has now confirmed that the cat understands the language which is a bit surprising. But he didn't show it.

"Now, let me get started."

He then stretched out his arm again to gently hold Misaki's hand. After that, he closed his eyes.

A faint white light flashed between their hands, and it felt pleasant as if dispelling the bad aura around them.

Natsu was surprised and confused by the phenomenon in front of him.

This continued for several minutes, during that time, Misaki's distorted face also softened with a calm breath before stop as the light grew fainter and finally disappeared.

Shirogane slowly opened his eyes and released his grip.

"With this it should be fine."

He nodded in confirmation that he had finished when he saw that there was no abnormality.

He smiled gently as he looked at Misaki's face, which now looked calmer.

"But she shouldn't move too much because her body is still weak even though I've taken care of it."

he added as he lightly tapped Misaki's forehead twice.

His gaze turned to Natsu.

"Please tell her that."

Natsu shuddered a little because his secret to communicating with Misaki seemed to be known to him. Although he himself also didn't know how the kid could understand his words.

Shirogane stared out the window where the view of the summer sky between the buildings filled his vision. It was only a moment that he stood still and did so before turning around.

"It would be too bad if I still here. See you then."

Shirogane didn't standing in there for long. Kazuto or even Misaki's friends could have entered right now through the door, and it would be too suspicious to see an unknown child here.

"See you again."

So, he quickly left from there with one last glance. Leaving Misaki still sleeping, as well as a confused Natsu. The door closed, while the line of his eyes turned blue again. After that, he walked with light steps without sense of urgency.

In a certain corridor, his steps crossed with several children who were not much different in age from him.

He pretended not to care as he glanced at their uniforms that were similar to Misaki's while smiling faintly.