53. Summer Vacation
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It took a week for Misaki to be discharged from the hospital. Her health was also getting better, so it was fine for her to go home. But the overprotective Kazuto always watched over her during that time until she felt bored. But it was also funny to see him act like that, because Kazuto always acted cautiously around her with a worried face like she was a fragile doll. Though the situation is not that bad.

On the one hand, she was always thinking about the mysterious child who had entered her room at that time. If that person was indeed the person she had thought of, she could have asked directly, but she was too hesitating to do so. But she also couldn't avoid it all the time. With that, Misaki decided to ask him later after taking care of the matter that was haunting her. For now, she will live as usual.

And so, this how summer goes. Starting with going to school, answering exam questions, occasionally having a fever and being replaced by her alter ego, helping Sakura whose grades are below the standard. Honestly, she couldn't help but must to do it, seeing how much the girl begged with teary eyes because she wouldn't be able to enjoy her summer vacation. She really knows how to play with her feelings.

After that, she also sold books she didn't need at the bazaar that was usually held in the park. All went well thanks to the help of Shinomiya and Sakura, who enthusiastically helped her, and thus managed to earn extra money to buy new books. Her friends couldn't help but smile wryly because she was selling books to buy the same thing.

(Honestly, everything I wrote above should be written in different chapters and have their own story for the summer period. But I'm too lazy to do it because it's tiring. Besides, the summer arc is already too long in my opinion, and I want to finish it quickly volume 1 of this novel because my memory is also getting worse)

And Misaki's summer vacation starts now.

Stepping off the platform, Misaki with shrewd eyes looked around as if looking for someone. Following closely behind, Kazuto chuckled as he watched Misaki's cute actions.

Misaki's eyes immediately lit up when she managed to find the people she was looking for, who also noticed her and started to approach her.


"Hohoho, who else but my cute little Misaki."

Feeling a warm embrace when she just got off from the train, Misaki become happy.

"Gosh, look at our grandkids. They're all grown up."


This summer they had promised to visit their grandparents' house during the holidays.

Their house is in a rural area, and it takes 3 days to get there by train and bus.

By the way, they had to leave Natsu under someone's care at home. Himiko's grandmother was willing to take care of him for her, besides that, she also wanted to take care of the flower garden in the backyard so they didn't have to hire anyone. What a tough and passionate grandma as always.

"And our little Misaki seems to have grown taller now. Kazuto is also getting more handsome by the day."

Said her grandmother while stroking Misaki and Kazuto's head lovingly.

Feeling the softness of her hand, Misaki laughed happily.

"Hmph. He should be thanking me for being able to take care of him like this."

She said proudly.

"I wonder who's bothering whom when she has too much fever this summer."

Kazuto replied by rolling his eyes.

"Then who yesterday was sick with a fever and made others worry!"

"Say that when you miraculously stopped your fever from just one drop of rain."

Seeing that there was a small argument, their grandfather with a wry laugh interrupted them.

"Hohoho, you two seem still get along very well and take good care of each other."

"Now, let's go home. You must be tired after traveling to come here for 3 days."

Added him.

Misaki and Kazuto obediently nodded as they were indeed exhausted. Staying on the train and bus for a few days and just taking a break to eat at the stop station had obviously piled up their tiredness.

After that, they left the station and went home by using the truck that his grandfather drove to the station.

The sight of the rice fields and the smell of the vegetation wafting in their noses made Misaki and Kazuto feel relaxed. The chirping of birds and the sound of noisy insects add to the peaceful village atmosphere. There are no tall buildings and the sound of many noisy vehicles. This kind of paronama is impossible to find in a crowded city area. Their tiring trip for 3 days seemed to be paid off with a comfortable feeling here.

Secretly smiling, Misaki looked at her grandparents with a gentle look.

Seeing them made her feel nostalgic about the past. Even in his life as Kazuto, he was still cared for by them very well, even when they knew he was not part of their family. On the other hand, he also remembered that Misaki once threw tomatoes at him so that the vegetables war happened. It made them punished by their grandfather for destroying the harvest even if it wasn't much. It made him laugh to himself because they were dirty and full of vegetable smell.

Then she looked at Kazuto beside her who had apparently fallen asleep. Maybe he couldn't contain his tiredness anymore, so his heavy eyes had closed involuntarily.

Hmm, do I have to throw the tomatoes too for that to happen again? Misaki asked with an evil grin.

Misaki shook her head at the thought of just throwing away food, as well as being punished by her grandfather. It all just ended badly.

While enjoying the summer breeze from inside the truck, Misaki slowly closed her eyes and thought about the fun things that would happen in the future.

Arriving at their destination, Misaki saw a simple traditional house that looks good to see. Beside the building, there is a garden planted with various kinds of vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplants, pumpkins, and others.

Walking towards the house, Misaki looked at a bell installed under the roof, and made a sound when it was blown by the wind.

"Furin bells, huh. We have them at home too, but they don't ringing very often because the wind doesn't blow too much there."

Misaki said with a sigh.

In areas that clearly have dense buildings, the wind will be difficult to enter and only blow past their roofs. That obviously disappointed her because the summer atmosphere made her feel like something was missing without it.

Her words immediately got the attention of her grandfather who was laughing warmly.

“Hoho, then you will be able to hear it here now until you are tired.”

They went inside after that and packed their things there. Being too tired, Kazuto chose to sleep again, meanwhile Misaki chose to help out in the garden with her Grandpa there.

The summer weather wasn't as hot as before so Misaki could now endure at least this level and only have sweat.

While she was in the garden picking ripe tomatoes, her grandfather went behind and put the basket of other vegetables on the truck.

While wiping his sweat, he looked at Misaki with a worried look.

"Shouldn't you just rest. You just got here, you need to relax."

Picking a rosy tomato with her hand while humming, Misaki answered cheerfully from behind the straw hat she was wearing.

"It's okay! After all I had rest earlier, nor do I feel tired!"

Seeing his excited grand daugther made him laugh wryly.

"If that's the case."

"Oh, yeah. By the way where are all the vegetables going? I've seen people who own gardens do the same thing."

Putting another basket into the truck, his grandfather replied.

"A small festival will be held to celebrate the upcoming harvest. These are all held to pray to the gods. Also, the festival will be held near the shrine."

Misaki let out a voice of admiration and at the same time couldn't wait to enjoy it when she heard it. Even though she had known that information for a long time. But it's still fun to experience this festival.

"When will it be?"

"The day after tomorrow night. Today until tomorrow we prepare in advance."

"Hey, is that so!"

While smiling happily and putting the tomatoes into the basket, her grandmother suddenly called from the house.

"Misaki, come here for a second. I have something to give you."

She said while waving lightly.

Misaki's smile froze right then and there. There was a scene she remembered when her grandmother called his sister like this in the past.

Ahaha... I should have just gone to the river earlier. Thought she with sweating while walking towards her grandma.


"Mmh... It's getting late, huh."

Muttered Kazuto who woke up while staring at the ceiling of the roof that was exposed to a reddish yellow glow.

His travel fatigue had disappeared after sleep, and now he felt more refreshed. But he didn't move since he opened his eyes because he was still affected by the laziness from waking up. Moreover, sleeping on a soft futon made his back feel sore as long as he sat while sleeping on the train seat, which made him want to stay there.

"Ohh. Are you awake, Onii-chan?"

The voice alerted Kazuto that there was someone sitting beside him. Looking at her, he was surprised by Misaki who was smiling at him.

"Feeling better?"

Misaki asked.


Kazuto was just stunned silent as he continued to stare at her.

He wasn't surprised that there were ghosts, or evil spirits, and such beside Misaki. But because she looks different than usual.

Her brown hair was left loose and it was decorated with a red flower-shaped hair clip. The kimono worn has a floral pattern shaped like an exploding fireworks. Her brightly colored cloth obi (belt) ties Misaki's body in a butterfly shape behind her, causing her to appear even smaller due to her size. In her small hands, there is a stuffed wild boar that is round and cute looking, which adds to the impression of how cute she is.

She's wearing a kimono!

Kazuto felt like he had seen spring again when the cherry blossoms had bloomed in his mind. He could only stand still and enjoy the scene in front of him.

Seeing that reaction, Misaki's smile turned sour.

"What? Is it too big."

"No. It's just that my sister looks so charming that I think you'd be a good fit as Yamato Nadeshiko."

Hearing Kazuto's unexpected answer, Misaki giggled.

"If I am Yamato Nadeshiko, then my mother is the Goddess of Nature."

Kazuto nodded in agreement at her words while laughing along.

"By the way, why are you wearing that. I never thought you'd be wearing it."

He asked confusedly. However, Misaki's progress in getting used to wearing her dress so far has been good. But it was clear she still had some discomfort deep in her heart. So  there must be a reason why she's wearing a kimono here.

At his question, Misaki immediately let out a tired sigh while complaining to him.

"It's because grandma asked for it. She suddenly called me to her room and then started dressing me up. She said her granddaughter should be able to wear her own kimono and yukata. She even prepared me a yukata for the festival the day after tomorrow night."

Misaki added to how her grandmother's expression was so bright when she put her on the kimono, and started talking about how her mother was like this when the first time too because she found it difficult. She definitely couldn't complain to her grandmother who was like that!

Hearing her complaint, Kazuto was made to laugh again. It was clearly because he felt satisfied seeing Misaki who couldn't refuse her grandmother's request. After all, if it was him who told her like that, Misaki would definitely not listen.

Misaki couldn't help but stare at him sullenly and turned to sit with her back to him.

"Hey, don't be mad. You should know how happy I can be to see my cute little sister being beautiful."

He said as he approached Misaki while patting her head.


The pouting Misaki gave a small snort, and let Kazuto do what he did. She wasn't really that angry. But responding to her complaint with a laugh annoyed her a bit.

"Festival, huh. It'll be fun."

"What we can be certain of is."

Misaki replied smiling faintly. However the arches of her lips slowly curled downwards as her expression slowly gloomy. But Kazuto didn't pay attention to it because he was behind.

"At least I'll be able to have some fun at this summer vacation..."

That small mutter was not heard by anyone, not even for Kazuto who was very close to her.

At the same time, the chirping a group of pigeons flying in the darkening sky seemed to welcoming the night.

And that's how their first day in the village.