Chapter 107 – Avos School 6
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The three of them exited the hall together. Because there are a lot of students going out of the hall at the same time, the entrance was crowded and Naomi could only barely see the meeting spot with Mischa.

They stopped moving and looked idly at the entrance.

“This is, rather bad.” Said Naomi which was heard by Topaz and Millie.

“Yes, the crowd is filling the entrance. We can’t even see the outside with the students crowded the entrance.” Added Millie as she looked at the entrance.

“That’s not what I mean, if the crowd was this big, I am worried about my friend.” Added Naomi.

‘Mischa was just talking in front of them after all. If she was seen by the students, she would definitely be crowded and be asked various questions.’ Thought Naomi as she imagined Mischa in the middle of the crowd, smiling wryly while refusing to answer any question.

“Is that so? Then it’s a problem.” Said Millie.

“Nee, nee, Naomi! As we wait here, can I ask you something?”

Topaz walked in front of Naomi and faced her while having a big smile on her face.

Naomi looked down on Topaz, mainly because she’s shorter than Naomi, and asked her. “Hmm? What is it?”

“You are Japanese right?” Asked Topaz as her eyes shine in anticipation.

Naomi was confused, why did Topaz suddenly ask her if she is a Japanese person? But, as she didn’t see any demerit of telling her, Naomi confirmed her question with a nod.

“Then, you must be heard about Mugetsu’s first appearance on the TV right? It was not aired in my country, so can you tell me about it?”

“Come to think of it, I was also curious about it. Can you tell me about it too, Naomi?” Asked Millie that was listening to their conversation.

Naomi thinks for a while before nodding her head.

“How about I tell you about it after school? The headmaster told us to go to our respective class because the story is a bit long, I think we will be late to class if I tell the story right now.”

“Oh! Sure! How about we go to a café after school, I think we can use this chance to know each other more!” Suggested Topaz as she raised her hand.

“What a good idea, I am definitely will go with both of you.” Answered Millie with a smile that looked like an angel smile.

Her smile was so gentle, that even the crowd looked at her for a moment before they resumed their walk to the class.

As they are talking about their plan after school, Naomi’s holo phone ringed and she took it out from her backpack. She looked at the screen and saw that it was Mischa who called her.

She looked at Millie and Topaz and said. “I’m sorry, I will take the call for a moment.”

Millie nodded her head while Topaz answered Naomi with a high spirit.

“Sure! Take your time!”

Because almost all the students were exiting the hall, the lobby was not as crowded as before, although there were still some students walking out of the hall.

Naomi walked away from her newfound friend and took Mischa’s call.

“Hello?” Said Naomi as soon as the call connected.

Soon, a voice answered Naomi from the speaker of the holo phone.

“Ah, Naomi? I’m sorry but it seems that I can’t meet you right now. The Headmaster asked me to do something, so I can’t leave for now. I’m truly sorry!”

“Don’t worry about it. How about we meet after school? I meet new friends so I wanted to introduce them to you. They also asked me to introduce you to them, although they didn’t know about your name yet. We planned to go to a café after school, how about it?”

“Sure, just text me the location when you arrive at the café. I will go to find you immediately.”

“Then it’s decided, good luck Mischa.”

“Yes, good luck, Naomi.”

Naomi ended the call after that and put her holo phone back in her backpack. She walked back to Topaz and Millie and said.

“It seems that my friend can’t meet us right now, she said that she was busy with something. But, she will meet us after school when I told her that we will go to a café.”

“I see, then, we should go to our class now. The crowd of students has lessened, so we should be able to find our class easily.” Said Millie while looking around the lobby.

“Don’t worry about that! I found our class before the orientation started!” Topaz put both of her hands on her hips and puffed her chest. “Fufufu, you can praise me!”

“Truly reliable, thank you, Topaz.” Said Naomi as she looked at Topaz with a smile.

“Fufufu, it’s good that we have a reliable one here.” Added Millie.

“Huhuhu, you can leave it to me!” Topaz said, turned towards the entrance, and pointed her finger to the exit. “Both of you can follow me from behind! Let’s go!”

“”Ouu!!”” Naomi and Millie decided to play along with her and raised their hand to the air.


The three of them were walking in a hallway of the school. While they were walking to their class, Topaz used this chance to explain the school layout to Millie and Naomi.

“So, there are 2 separated wings in this school. The left side is the side for operator division while the right side is for Esper division. Each building has 3 floors, the ground floor, where we are walking right now is for D and C class, while the second floor is for B and A class. In Esper division, the third floor is specially made for S-Class, where the top genius gathered from across the world. I bet the girl earlier, Mischa was in S-Class too with her friend that saved her.”

Topaz explained the layout of the school while rotating her index finger and having a smug smile on her face.

“The second year’s building was behind our building, the layout remained the same so you just need to remember this one!” Said Topaz while looking over at Naomi and Millie.

“That actually makes sense. If she’s SSS-Ranked Esper, then she will certainly be in the S-Class. Her friend, maybe she’s older than us? She could save SSS-Ranked Esper from a fight with Moon of Akasha and Mugetsu, so she definitely a high-ranked Esper.” Added Millie while touching her chin and looking at the ceiling. “But that’s just my guess. Her friend could be a man too, maybe it’s her boyfriend?”

Naomi, the friend of Mischa that both of them were talking about has a wry smile on her face. Mischa’s boyfriend? Naomi couldn’t imagine it. After all, Mischa didn’t know any man, or at least that was what Naomi knows.

Because Naomi didn’t want them to make a wild guess, Naomi decided to give them a hint.

“I think she’s the same age as us. And, Esper's strength isn’t measured by their rank. Maybe her friend is in our class?”

“That’s also true!” Exclaimed Topaz. “Even if we are not ranked that high, the way we use our power is that matters the most!”

Millie has a smile on her face as Topaz said that and nodded in agreement.

They resumed their walk in silence until finally, Topaz stopped in front of a door with a metal sign above it. On the sign, it was written ‘C Esper’ with black paint.

“We’ve arrived! This is our class!” Said Topaz as she looked back at Millie and Naomi.

Naomi was focused on the sign on top of the door and thought. ‘So this is the start of my school life? I hope this will be interesting.’

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