Chapter 108 – Avos School 7
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"Let’s enter the class! I think we are the last one to arrive.” Said Topaz as she opened the door, or at least tried to open the door.

The door didn’t budge and didn’t have any sign to open when Topaz tried to pull the handle.

Topaz stepped back and looked at the door while putting her hand on her chin and tilted her head in confusion. “Eh, why didn’t it budge?”

Millie was giggling because of Topaz's behavior while Naomi stepped forward and pushed the door. The door easily opened and Naomi looked back at Topaz while having a smug smile.

“You have to push it. Not pull.” Said Naomi as she pointed at a small arrow-up sign under the handle.

“Ah! So that’s why!” Topaz said as she smacked her fist on her palm. “Hehehehe, I didn’t see that sign.”

“My, I think we should enter right now? I can feel a lot of gazes directed to us from inside.”

Naomi looked inside the classroom and saw that almost all the students in the class were watching them. Two or three students were busy with themselves so they didn’t look at Naomi and her group, but more than half of the students in the class were watching them.

With an attitude that was full of confidence, Topaz stormed into the class and made a greeting.

“Good morning!” Shouted Topaz as she raised her right hand.

None of the students were answering Topaz and made her slump her shoulder. Naomi on the other hand, think that greeting was necessary and so she made a greeting too.

“Good morning.”

Following Naomi, Millie entered the class and made a greeting too. “Good morning, I hope we can get along well.”

Even with the followed greeting from Naomi and Millie, none of the students were answering them. Even the boy that Naomi met in the line only looked out the window of the room. They were put in an awkward situation and Naomi just decided to look around the class.

There were a total of 20 seats, with the usual chair and table that were used in an average school. In front of the class was a teacher podium, with a set of tables and chairs on the corner, on the opposite side of the door.

The student’s seats were made in 5 rows with 4 seats in each row. Behind the class was some kind of locker, Naomi guessed that they are the students’ personal locker if this school implemented the same rules as the usual Japanese school.

Naomi also looked at her new classmates and most of them were having mixed expressions. Most of them have a nervous expression while the confident one was having a relaxed one. The majority of her classmates were nervous, and that was visible from their stiff gesture of not answering Topaz’s greeting.

‘So Millie and Topaz are an unusual bunch in this school. I guess they just treated this school as a normal school instead of a special school like the other students here. Well, that includes me though, did I just make myself stand out without me realizing it?’

Naomi looked at the empty seats in the class and saw that the last three seats on the back were empty.

“I will take the left!” Said Topaz as she walked towards the seat in the corner of the class.

“Then I will take the right, Naomi could take the middle.” Said Millie with a smile.

Naomi nodded her head, they took their seats, and now they are waiting for the teacher to enter the class to start the homeroom.

Naomi hang her backpack on the bag hanger on the table, and she sits comfortably while resting her head on her hand.

“Nee, Naomi…” Topaz called Naomi from her left with a voice lower than normal. She put her hands beside her mouth to prevent her voice to be heard by someone other than Naomi.

Naomi looked at Topaz and imitated her gesture and said. “Yes, Topaz?”

“Do you think that anyone in this class would agree to be my friend? They had such scary look on their face as if they think that everyone is their rivals!”

As Topaz said that, Naomi looked around the class once more. She saw that some students were occasionally looking at the other student with some vigilance as if they are afraid of them.

Naomi looked at Topaz once more and said. “That’s true, but at least you have me and Millie, right? And I will introduce you to my friend after school.”

“That’s true!” Said Topaz as she smiled at Naomi.

“Ara, why do both of you leave me alone in your conversation?” A voice from behind made Naomi looking at the source of it.

On the source of the voice, she saw Millie pouted at her, as if she was angry because she was left in the conversation.

“Nothing, just about the gaze of the classmates. They were too vigilant towards their own classmates, and Topaz thought that it was weird.” Explained Naomi to Millie with a low voice.

“I see, that’s indeed true. But it’s normal in a school like this right? Even in my middle school, the atmosphere was similar to this class. Well, give a month or two and they will open their heart towards the other classmates.”

“That’s true. I hope so.” Answered Naomi.

Although Millie said that, her tone contained uncertainty. She herself didn’t believe or was rather skeptical about her classmates. She hoped that they will open their heart and befriend others. But, she thought that’s almost not possible.

Naomi on the other hand, looking at the situation of her classmates with interest. She thought that maybe a situation like this is for the best. They will go through thin and thick together and finally, they will be bound together to fight the stronger opponent.

Inside Naomi’s mind, she began to think what’s the best course of action to put her classmates, or rather all students in Avos Island in danger? She can’t move her organization as she just make a move to let the Esper Association believes that Mugetsu was leaving the Avos Island.

Then Naomi remembered something. She remembered a certain organization that her organization investigated for the last month.

Naomi rested her head on the table, making her face not visible to anyone. A smile crept on her face as she thinks about her plan. The plan to make Smiling Sun attacks the Avos School.

Her best bet is herself, she would put herself as a bait for them. But, she needs to collect the information about Smiling Sun from her organization first.

‘That’s settled, then let’s enjoy the first day to the fullest.’ 

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