Chapter 111 – Avos School 10
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The students were starting to leave the class when Edna was leaving. They had their own activities or projects which need their focus. That’s why most of the students were leaving the class while leaving some of the non-serious students behind.

Those were Naomi’s group. Or rather, Naomi, Topaz, and Millie were the only ones left in the classroom.

Topaz stood from her seat after picking her bag and walked between Millie and Naomi as she put her hands on their table.

“Hey! Which café is good for us to hang out?”

Naomi picked her backpack that she hung on the table and said. “How about Lunar café? I’ve been there a few times and the food was delicious. Not to mention, their environment is clean and beautifully arranged.”

“I’ve heard about them from outside the Island! The reviews on the internet were all positives, so I was curious about them.” Said Millie as she clapped her hand. “I heard that their interior was beautifully arranged.”

“Then let’s go there! How about your friend, Naomi?” Asked Topaz as she walked to the door.

“I will call her when we have arrived. She said she would join immediately.” Said Naomi as she stood up from her seats.

“Then let’s go.” Added Millie.


Arrived at the café, Naomi’s group took a seat outside the café because Millie said that she wanted to look at the sky while drinking a coffee. Naomi and Topaz agreed to her suggestion and they took a seat that was prepared outside the café.

Naomi called Mischa when she was on her way here and Mischa answered that she will go to the café as soon as she can.

They ordered a variety of dishes in the café. Topaz ordered a strawberry shortcake and latte, Millie ordered pasta and black tea, while Naomi ordered her usual sandwich and coffee.

Naomi also took off her glasses and put them on her backpack, surprising Topaz and Millie.

“I thought you didn’t want your face to be seen clearly so you use the glass, but am I wrong?” Asked Millie while looking at Naomi.

They had sat around a circular table with Millie sitting across from Naomi while Topaz was sitting on Naomi’s left.

Naomi just looked at Millie with a smile and said. “I never said that. I just wanted to divert the boy’s attention from me so I wear the glasses. I had some bad experiences in middle school.”

‘They always bugged me when I wanted to do something. They are too troublesome.’ Thought Naomi.

Topaz and Millie understood Naomi wrong though. They thought that Naomi maybe was attacked by some boys in middle school, that’s why now Naomi has trauma about them.

Millie covered her mouth with both of her hands while Topaz approached Naomi from behind and hugged her.

“There there, it’s okay Naomi.” Said Topaz which made Naomi confused.

She didn’t understand why Topaz suddenly approached her from behind and hugged her. She was looking back at Topaz and asked. “Why did you suddenly hug me?”

“No reason? I just thought that you maybe wanted a hug.”

“Is that so? You can release me now, Topaz.”

Topaz released her hug as Naomi said that and took a seat again on her chair. At that moment, Millie decided to ask something.

“Naomi, why did you reveal your ability in your introduction? Are you not afraid of… nevermind.” Millie's words were warding off from her track had made Naomi curious.

But before that, Naomi decided to answer Millie’s question.

“I’m the curious one. Why did everyone hide their ability? The student called Ken Lopmus was correct. We are attending the school to train as an Esper. If they hid their ability, then that means that person can’t trust their comrade, is what I thought at that time.”

Millie looked at Naomi a little before averting her gaze. Naomi seeing her reaction quickly added. “I won’t say that everyone is like that though. I’m sure some of the students have their own reason for hiding their abilities.”

Millie just nodded her head and said. “You’re correct…”

“Me me! I was planning to tell both of you my ability today as I had considered the two of you as my friends! Do you want to hear it?” Asked Topaz as she raised her hand.

“Sure, I’ve told the class about my ability, so I would like to hear yours.” Answered Naomi.

“I guess it’s not a problem. But I’m sorry if I can’t reveal my ability yet. I need some time.” Said Millie.

“Don’t worry about it, Millie!” Shouted Topaz, drawing the attention of Millie. “You don’t need to force yourself. My goal to tell you my ability is because I didn’t want to hide anything from my friend. Just take your time, we can wait as long as you wanted to, right Naomi?”

Naomi nodded her head and said. “That’s true, just take your time.”

“…Thank you.” Said Millie with a smile.

“Now, unto my ability. Shall I tell you right now?” Topaz said and paused a little to give a dramatic effect. Not that it works though as Naomi and Millie just nodded their head in response.

“I think both of you will be surprised. My ability is considered rare in this world, almost no one has this ability other than me!” Topaz stood up and spread her arms.

“Really? How can you be so sure of that?” Asked Millie.

Topaz put her hands on her waist and puffed her chest. “Fufufu, I’ve been told by the officer that recruited me. He said that my ability is rare and he wanted me to join the Avos School!” boasted Topaz.

“They told me that too…” Said Millie.

Topaz’s eyes went wide and looked at Millie in disbelief. Millie nodded her head a little at Topaz and Topaz turned to look at Naomi.

“No, I was not told that. The office that came to my house told me that I was a genius and invited me to join the Avos School.”

Topaz sighed in relief when Naomi said that. If the Officer told Naomi who had the Telekinesis ability the same thing, then the office must’ve lied about her ability being rare.

But seeing Naomi was not told that Naomi’s ability was rare, Topaz was relieved. She thought that maybe Millie’s ability was rare like her.

Topaz managed to recover and put on a smug smile as she said. “W-well, into the main thing. My ability is…”


So, cliffhanger. I know, it's a cliffhanger

Because, I wanted a cliffhanger. So it's a cliffhanger.

Don't comment cliffhanger, because it's obvious.

So, Enjoy the cliffhanger.

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