Chapter 113 – Avos School 12
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“Why don’t you sit now, Mischa? The seat on my right is empty.” Said Naomi to Mischa.

“Sure, I will call a waitress to order a drink before that, I will be back in a minute.” Mischa walked away from Naomi’s table and went inside the café to order a drink.

Naomi then turned to look at Topaz and Millie who were looking at her, waiting for her explanation.

“Shoot your question.” Said Naomi as she have a smug smile on her face.

“She’s your friend?” Asked Millie as she put her right hand in front of her mouth.

“Yes, it’s been a year since then. We met in Tokyo.” Answered Naomi.

Topaz raised her right hand and stood up from her seat as her right hand leaned against the table. “So, the friend of Mischa that saved her is you?”

This time Naomi paused for a while before shaking her head. “No.”

Millie sighed as she covered her mouth using her hand and exclaimed. “Oh god, it’s you.”

Topaz looked at Millie in confusion. Naomi had said that it was not her, but why did Millie say that it was Naomi?

Naomi also tilted her head and said. “I said no though?”

“O-oh right. I’m sorry, I didn’t hear it clearly because I was still nervous about meeting with Mischa Belyaeva.” Millie quickly said that and took a sip from her tea.

She was holding the cup in a refined manner with her right hand on the cup’s handle and her left hand was holding the saucer below the cup.

‘Strange. Millie said that clearly. She definitely believed that I am the one that Mischa said as her friend.’

Naomi was looking at Millie with an interest. Why did Millie didn’t believe what she said? Another problem that needs to be solved.

Topaz was looking at her in amazement and voiced it out. “Your way to drink is so refined! Can you teach me?!”

Millie slowly put the cup back on the table and smiled at Topaz. “Sure, anytime you want.”

They talked about not-so-important things and Naomi ate her sandwich in silence. After a while, Mischa was back from the café bringing a disposable cup in her left hand, and sat beside Naomi.

“Ah, I think an introduction is necessary, right?” Asked Naomi.

“Yes, I didn’t think that you would bring 2 other friends to this café. So I would appreciate it if you introduce them to me, Naomi.” Answered Mischa

“Then…” Naomi looked at Topaz and introduce her. “The girl with a short bob cut and unbuttoned uniform is Topaz Garcia.”

“I-It’s nice to meet you! My name is Topaz Garcia!” Said Topaz with full of energy as she smiled at Mischa.

“Nice to meet you, Topaz. As you know, my name is Mischa Belyaeva.” Answered Mischa.

“Yes, I know! It’s an honor to be able to talk to you like this!”

Mischa was frowning when Topaz said that. She was unhappy when a girl on her age was saying something like honor or something when they meet her.

Topaz and Millie didn’t realize that yet because they are too preoccupied with their thought.

“Topaz, you should say ‘I hope we can get along’ instead of that. Mischa is also a girl of our age, you know?” Fortunately, Naomi catches on Mischa’s expression quickly and said that to Topaz.

Topaz also realized what she said and she quickly bowed her head. “I’m sorry about that! I mean, I hope we can get along from now on!” Topaz raised her head and give Mischa a wide smile.

Mischa also smiled when Topaz said that and looked at Naomi in gratitude.

“Yes, I hope we can get along.”

“Now, for the blond-haired girl over there, her name is Millie Taylor.” Said Naomi as she pointed at Millie with her hand.

“It’s nice to meet you, Millie.” Said Mischa.

“It’s nice to meet you too.” Answered Millie.

Their greeting was short, but maybe that’s because their personality was almost the same as each other. Or we should say that Mischa’s previous personality was similar to Millie's.

She had changed since she met Naomi and become more cheerful and confident. When Naomi first met Mischa, she was empty. A robot would be the perfect definition of Mischa if she didn’t meet Naomi and open up to her.

They are talking to each other and laughed occasionally. Naomi also joined in their conversation and they spent a few hours sitting in the café and getting to know each other.

At the same time, Millie’s curiosity was also growing and she asked Mischa.

“I’ve been curious about something since the orientation, but can you answer my question?”

Mischa looked at Millie and said. “About my friend, right?”

Millie nodded her head while Naomi was listening to their conversation as she called a waitress to refill her coffee.

“Hmm, should I tell them, Naomi?” Said Mischa as she looked at Naomi with a playful smile.

“As expected…” Muttered Millie in a low voice that can’t be heard by the other.

Naomi turned to look at Mischa and tilted her head. “What?”

“About that, you know?” Hinted Mischa as she looked at Naomi while bending her body a little.

Naomi had a look of realization before slamming her hand on her palm. “Oh! About your friend? Sure, tell them.”

Millie was bewildered, she didn’t believe that Naomi just said that. She was focusing on Mischa to hear what she will say.

Topaz also looked at Mischa with excited eyes and waited for Mischa to tell her who was her friend that saved her. Topaz thought that Mischa’s friend must be in S class or A class because her friend was managed to save her.

“Well, the thing is. Do you know the other SSS-Ranked Esper beside me?” Asked Mischa to Topaz and Millie.

They both shook her head. The identity of the SSS-Ranked was kept a secret, that is until Mischa appeared. That’s why lots of students were looking up at her and wanted to get close to her.

Millie and Topaz were lucky, they get to know Mischa because of Naomi. They are thankful towards her, but Millie was still a bit disappointed because Naomi told them a lie earlier. She understand that sometimes a person would tell a lie when they wanted to hide something, that’s why she was not angry.

But now, Mischa was here and she was about to tell them about her friend. She was confused by the question Mischa, but she just answer her honestly.

“That SSS-Ranked Esper was in this town. She resides in the same hotel as me and Naomi, the Starlight hotel.”

“”Really?!”” Topaz and Millie exclaimed at the same time. Topaz slammed the table and leaned towards Mischa while Millie covered her mouth in surprise.

“Yes, and my friend who saved me was that SSS-Ranked Esper.”

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