Chapter 85 What exactly is Su Yi’s purpose!
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"Brat, can't you see that I'm the one who's hurt the most?"

Zhao Wuji looked at Oscar, who had farted to Su Yi's side, and scolded in no good humour.

"Hey, Mr. Zhao, no matter how you say it, you are a Spirit Saint. Boss Su is only a Spirit King, so we have to see if Boss Su is hurt first."

As Oscar said, two large recovery sausages appeared in his hand and handed them to Zhao Wuji.

After Zhao Wuji ate Oscar's recovery sausages, he said, "Hurry up and kill this Crested Cockatoo Snake and absorb the Spirit Ring, so that you don't have to dream too much at night."

When Oscar heard this from Zhao Wuji, he nodded there.

With a dagger in his hand, he stabbed down at the red fleshy crown of the Crested Cockatoo Snake, after which a purple Spirit Ring floated out from the body of the Crested Cockatoo Snake and landed on Oscar's body.

As he watched Oscar begin to absorb the Spirit Ring, Zhao Wuji also did so and began to recover from his own injuries.

As for Su Yi, he looked at the three corpses of the dragon male and snake woman as well as that young girl and walked over.

"Su Yi, what are you doing there?"

Ning Rongrong looked at Su Yi walking towards those three corpses and asked with a curious face.

"Not doing anything, just looking at these three guys being an eyesore here and throwing them away."

Su Yi said, carrying the corpses of the two Dragon Lord and Snake Woman towards the depths of the Great Star Dou Forest, throwing the corpses of these two out.

Afterwards, returning to the crowd, he grabbed the young girl's bare feet with one hand and dragged the young girl's corpse with him, similarly heading out.

"Alright, don't pretend, no one is following."

Su Yi loosened the grip on the bare foot in his hand straight away, and the originally dead girl opened her eyes.

Looking at Su Yi with a hint of pique in her eyes, "You guys, don't you know how to treat girls more gently?"

"Talking to me like that, be careful, I'll really make you unable to get up."

Su Yi said here, smiling and laughing at the young girl standing in front of him.


The young girl looked at the Dragon Lord who had originally been stabbed to death by Su Yi and ran to the dragon male's arms for comfort.

The Dragon Lord was followed by the Snake Woman, and the two of them knelt down when they saw Su Yi: "My subordinates have met Your Highness the Saint Child."

"Get up."

With this cry from Su Yi to get up, the two stood up.

"Let the Master send you here just to check on Xiao Wu. Long Gong, as a Spirit Douluo, did you find anything abnormal in Xiao Wu's body?"

Hearing this from Su Yi, Long Gong looked around and released his Mental Power, feeling that there was not a single person around, he looked at Su Yi and said with a grave face, "Your Highness, Saint Child, according to my observation, that Xiao Wu, should not be a human being."

"Not a person? Then what is it?"

Su Yi faintly froze when he heard this from Lord Long.

"Have you heard of a 100,000-year Spirit Beast?"

"Of course, I know."

Hearing this from Su Yi, the Dragon Lord spoke, "When a Spirit Beast becomes hundred thousand years old, it undergoes a qualitative change. A Titled Douluo can kill Spirit Beasts that are 90,000 years old, but once a Spirit Beast reaches 100,000 years old, there is a qualitative change. Even a Titled Douluo could not kill a 100,000-year-old Spirit Beast without four or five of them. This is why, among Titled Douluo, it is clear that they can absorb a hundred-thousand-year Spirit Ring, but it is extremely rare to see a Titled Douluo with a hundred-thousand-year Spirit Ring."

"However, when some Spirit Beasts break through the 100,000-year Spirit Ring, they will choose to transform into a human body, scatter all their cultivation and shed their bones."

"Dissipate all their cultivation and shed their bones?"

Su Yi frowned slightly when he heard this from the Dragon Lord.

"Since you are already a 100,000-year-old Spirit Beast, why do you need to dissipate your cultivation and take on a human form?"

Hearing Su Yi's words, the Dragon Lord's eyes also showed confusion as he spoke back, "I don't know about that, but the Supreme Pontiff will definitely know."

"Good, when the time comes, I will ask my Master about this matter."

Su Yi finished speaking and turned to leave.

The young girl looked at Su Yi's departing back, and a trace of curiosity flashed in her eyes.

"Grandpa, why did this “Saint Child” kill you and grandma in front of everyone, what was the reason for him to do so?"

Hearing this from the young girl, Lord Long doted on the young girl's little head and smiled, "Still, this matter, it would not be for us to guess. All that we have to do has already been done. The play we put on with the saint is also done. Wait, help you find a suitable Spirit Beast, and we will leave this Great Star Dou Forest immediately."

"Mm, grandpa, got it."


"Boss Su, what took you so long to leave?"

Oscar had already finished absorbing the Spirit Ring and looked at Su Yi who had returned and opened his mouth to ask curiously.

"Nothing, throw those three guys a little farther away to save bad luck."

When Tang San and Xiao Wu heard this from Su Yi, Tang San frowned slightly and looked at Su Yi and asked, "Su Yi, why did you choose to kill the opponent?"

Hearing this from Tang San, Su Yi smiled slightly and said, "Why? Do you know how the son of this so-called Gaijin Dragon Snake killed my parents and sister in front of me in the first place?"

"If the Master hadn't struck their son down in the first place, I should have taken my revenge myself."

"Their son?"

Zhao Wuji faintly froze when he heard this from Su Yi.

He had never really heard of this Gaijin Dragon Snake's son.

"Back then, if it wasn't for my Master telling me that the person who killed my parents was the son of the Gaijin Dragon Snake, I wouldn't have known ........"

Su Yi once again made up a lie in front of the Shrek crowd and Zhao Wuji.

The crowd who heard this from Su Yi fell into silence one by one.

And Tang San and Xiao Wu looked at Su Yi with a hint of scruples and fluke in their eyes.

Luckily, when they met this guy, they didn't start a fight.

Now that he thought about it, Tang San felt that if he had really chosen to fight Su Yi at that time, he and Xiao Wu would have definitely been killed by Su Yi.

Of course, he was also confident that after they were killed by him, Su Yi would also die of poison.

This fellow was really not a man with a penchant for killing.

It seemed that it was really him who had misunderstood him.

Thinking of this, Tang San looked at Su Yi and said, "Su Yi, I'm sorry, it was me who misunderstood you at first."

Hearing this from Tang San, Su Yi smiled slightly and said, "Misunderstood what? Is there any misunderstanding between us?"

When Tang San heard this from Su Yi, he faintly stared, and then laughed out.

"Alright, Oscar, what's your third Spirit Ability?"

Zhao Wuji looked at Oscar and opened his mouth to ask.

Oscar looked at the crowd of people looking at him and his face showed embarrassment, "Forget it, let's talk about it later when we get back."

"Just say it when I tell you to, big man, grumbling, like a pussy, hurry up."

Zhao Wuji said, showing his sandbag-sized fist to Oscar.

Seeing this, Oscar spoke up and said, "Forget it, I'll give you a demonstration, but you can't laugh."

"Don't worry, no one will laugh at you."

When the crowd heard this from Oscar, they all spoke up.

Oscar looked at the crowd and said, "Okay then, I'll show you guys how to do it."